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Arnold I, of Cleves b. about 1100 d. 20 February 1147

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Lineage Cleves
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Arnold I, of Cleves

w Dietrich I ? (of Cleves) [Cleves] b. about 1055 d. 1119

Wiki-page wikipedia:Arnold I, Count of Cleves


about 1100 birth:

child birth: Diederik II (Theodoric) ? (of Cleves) [Cleves] d. 27 April 1172

child birth: Adelheid van Kleef [van Kleef]

child birth: w Arnold II of Cleves [Cleves] d. 1201

1119 title: Comte de Clèves

1128 marriage: Ida van Louvain [Hainaut] b. 1100 d. 27 July 1162

20 February 1147 death:


this genealogy has been messed up! Arnoud was married to Ida van Louvain (Hainaut, b. 1100 d. 27 July 1162)

The numbering on the Counts of Cleves is in dispute amongst scholars; the disputation originates from the various divisions and reconciliations of Cleves and disparity in nomeclature between the various languages. ~~~~

[edit] Sources

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From grandparents to grandchildren

Удо von Hammerstein-Zutphen
birth: 989
death: 1034
Jutta/Guda/ von Zutphen vоn Bettuwe vоn Kleef
birth: from 1047 - 1062
marriage count: 2nd wife of Ludwig/a relative of his first wife/
marriage: Lodewijk I van Arnstein
death: 1118
Dietrich I ? (of Cleves)
birth: about 1055
title: before 1075, Comte héritier de Clèves
title: after 1076, Comte de Clèves
death: 1119
== 3 ==
Ida van Louvain
birth: 1100
marriage: Arnold I, of Cleves
title: 1128, Comtesse de Clèves
death: 27 July 1162, datum is 27 juli
Arnold I, of Cleves
birth: about 1100
title: 1119, Comte de Clèves
marriage: Ida van Louvain
death: 20 February 1147
== 3 ==
Diederik II (Theodoric) ? (of Cleves)
marriage: Adelheid de Sulzbach
marriage: Adelheid de Sulzbach
title: 20 February 1147, Comte de Clèves
death: 27 April 1172
Arnold II of Cleves
title: 1198, Comte de Clèves
death: 1201
Everhard I van Altena
birth: about 1130, Altena, Markischer Kreis, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
marriage: Adelheid van Cuyk-Arnsberg
death: 23 January 1180, Altena, Markischer Kreis, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Arnold II ? (of Cleves)
birth: estimated 1155
title: between 1198 and 1201
death: before 1200
Dietrich III ? (of Cleves)
birth: between 1160 and 1170
title: 27 April 1172, Duke of Cleves
marriage: Margaretha van Holland , Lisse
death: 1198
Arnold I Van Altena
birth: 1150, Altena, Markischer Kreis, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
marriage: Mechtid Van Holt (ze Styrum)
death: 1209

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