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Otto I Liudolf b. about 851 d. 30 November 912

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Lineage Liudolf
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Otto I Liudolf

Liudolph of Eastphalia (The Red) [Liudolf] b. between 805 and 806 d. between 11 March 866 and 12 March 866

Oda Billung [Billung] b. about 816 d. 17 May 913

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about 851 birth:

estimated 860 child birth: Liudolf [Liudolf] b. estimated 860 d. before 30 December 912

between 869 and 870 marriage: Hedwig of Babenburg [Popponen] b. before 856 d. 24 December 903

about 876 child birth: Henry I the Fowler [Liudolf] b. about 876 d. 2 July 936

estimated 878 child birth: Uda of Saxony [Liudolf] b. estimated 878 d. after 952

estimated 880 title: Eichsfeld, count

estimated 880 title: dux

after 2 February 880 title: head of the Liudolfinger

888 title: count, Südthüringau

from 902 - 912 title: Bad Hersfeld, layman abbot (german: Laienabt)

907 child birth: Thankmar [Liudolfinger] b. 907 d. 30 November 912

30 November 912 death:

burial: Bad Gandersheim, church of the monastry


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[edit] Sources

  1. Tax list (german: Zehntverzeichnis) of the monastry of Hersfeld the latin titel dux in english duke -

From grandparents to grandchildren

Bruno I ? (van Engern)
title: Markgraf
death: 844
Hovding Billung (of Thuringia)
birth: before 780
title: Chieftain of the Obodrites
marriage: Aedha (Adelheid)
Bernhard I Peronne
birth: 797
title: roi des Lombards
marriage: Kunigunde van Laon
death: 17 April 818, Milan
burial: Milan, St Ambrosius
Liudolph of Eastphalia (The Red)
birth: between 805 and 806
marriage: Oda Billung
title: from 840 - March 866, Count of Saxony
death: between 11 March 866 and 12 March 866
burial: Bad Gandersheim, Brunshausen Abbey
Oda Billung
birth: about 816
marriage: Liudolph of Eastphalia (The Red)
death: 17 May 913
burial: after 17 May 913, Bad Gandersheim
== 3 ==
Bruno Liudolf (of Lorraine)
birth: between 830 and 840, Sachsen
title: ducem et fratrem reginæ
title: Sachsen, comes et fr(ater)
title: Sachsen, Haupt der Liudolfinger
title: Sachsen, Stammvater der Brunonnen
death: 2 February 880, In battle against the Danes
Hedwig of Babenburg
birth: before 856
marriage: Otto I Liudolf
death: 24 December 903
Otto I Liudolf
birth: about 851
marriage: Hedwig of Babenburg
title: estimated 880, Eichsfeld, count
title: estimated 880, dux
title: after 2 February 880, head of the Liudolfinger
title: 888, count, Südthüringau
title: from 902 - 912, Bad Hersfeld, layman abbot (german: Laienabt)
death: 30 November 912
burial: Bad Gandersheim, church of the monastry
== 3 ==
Mathilda of Ringelheim
birth: between 894 and 897, Enger
marriage: Henry I the Fowler
death: 14 March 968, Quedlinburg
burial: Quedlinburg
Henry I the Fowler
birth: about 876
marriage: Mathilda of Ringelheim
marriage: Hatheburg
title: from 912 - 936, Sachsen, Herzog von Sachsen
title: from May 919 - 936, roi de Germanie
death: 2 July 936
burial: Quedlinburg, Collegiate Church in Quedlinburg (the altar)
Gerhard van de Metzgau
birth: estimated 875
birth: between 890 and 910, comte de Metz
marriage: Uda of Saxony
death: 22 June 910
Zwentibold of Lothringen (Arnulfsson)
birth: between 870 and 871, unehelicher Sohn von Arnulf von Kärnten
title: from 895 - 900, König, Lothringen
marriage: Uda of Saxony
death: 13 August 900
birth: 907
death: 30 November 912
birth: estimated 860
death: before 30 December 912
Gozelo Verdun (d'Ardenne)
birth: 911
marriage: Uda (Voda) van Metz
death: between 19 October 942 and 16 February 943
Uda (Voda) van Metz
birth: estimated 910
marriage: Gozelo Verdun (d'Ardenne)
death: after 18 May 963
Hugh Capet
birth: about 898
marriage: - du Maine (Fille de Roger)
title: 923, marquis de Neustrie
title: 923, comte de Paris
marriage: w Eadhild
title: 25 July 936, Laon, duc de France
marriage: Hadwig FitzHenry (Fowler)
title: 954, comte d'Auxerre
death: 16 June 956
burial: Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis), Abbaye de Saint-Denis
Hadwig FitzHenry (Fowler)
birth: about 910
marriage: Hugh Capet
title: 938, Comtesse de Paris, Marquise de Neustrie et Duchesse des Francs
title: 954, Comtesse d'Auxerre
death: 10 May 959
Адельгейда Бургундская
birth: 931, Hochburgund
engagement: w Lothar II von Italien
marriage: w Lothar II von Italien
marriage: Otto I ? (Saint-Empire) , Pavia, Kingdom of the Lombards
death: 16 December 999, Kloster Selz, Grand Est, Сельцский монастырь, Эльзас
Eadgyth ? (of Wessex)
birth: estimated 910
marriage: Otto I ? (Saint-Empire)
death: 21 January 946
burial: Magdeburg, Church
Адельгейда фон Лёвен
birth: 922, Франковское королевство, Святое Римское царство
marriage: Otto I ? (Saint-Empire)
death: 961, Франковское королевство, Святое Римское царство
Otto I ? (Saint-Empire)
birth: 23 November 912, Wallhausen (Saxony-Anhalt), Germany
marriage: Eadgyth ? (of Wessex)
title: from 2 July 936 - 7 May 973, Roi des Francs, orientaux (Germanie)
title: from 7 August 936 - 973, King of Saxony
title: 7 August 936, Aachen, East Francia, East Frankish king, Palatine Chapel
marriage: Адельгейда фон Лёвен
marriage: Адельгейда Бургундская , Pavia, Kingdom of the Lombards
title: from 15 October 951 - 973, Italien, King of Italy
title: 2 February 962, Emperor of the Romans
death: 7 May 973, Memleben, Germany
burial: Magdeburg, Germany
Juditha von Babenburg
birth: 925
marriage: Henry I Liudolf
death: after 29 June 985
Henry I Liudolf
birth: between 919 and 922
title: from 940 - 940, Лотарингское герцогство, Святое Римское царство, лотарингский герцог
title: from 947 - 1 November 955, Баварское герцогство, Святое Римское царство, баварский герцог, 27-й
marriage: Juditha von Babenburg
death: 1 November 955
Gislebert de Lotharingie
birth: between 885 and 900
title: between 925 and 939, Duc de Lotharingie
marriage: Gerberga of Saxony
death: 2 October 939, Andernach, noyé dans le Rhin, pendant la bataille d'Andernach
Людовик IV Заморский
birth: 10 September 920, Лан
other: Laon (02), Assiégea Laon, sur [[Personne:8678|Herbert II]]
immigration: 15 June 923, Angleterre, Fut élevé en Angleterre durant se jeunesse par le roi [[Personne:35697|Athelstan]], son oncle maternel
other: 936, Langres (52), Repris Langres
title: 19 June 936, Laon (02), Roi des Francs, [[Catégorie:Rois de France| 0936]]
other: 19 June 936, Laon (02), Sacré et couronné par Artaud, archevêque de Reims
marriage: Gerberga of Saxony
other: 940, Donna le comté de Reims à l'archevêque Arrtaud
other: 941, Vienne (38), Se réfugie chez [[Personne:139768|Charles-Constantin]], comte de Vienne
other: 943, De retour il se saisit de [[Personne:53361|Richard Ier]], duc de Normandie, sous prétexte de l'élever à la cour
other: 945, Gaillardbois-Cressenville (27), trompé par les Normans, il fut arrêté par Aigrod leur chef au village de Crescenville, entre Rouan et Lisieux
other: from 945 - 946, Rouen (76), Emprisonné à Rouen
other: after 946, Rouen (76), Montreuil (28), Assiégea Rouen et Montreuil, sans succes
other: 949, Laon (02), Repris Laon
other: after 949, Fit une trêve avec [[Personne:28221|Hugues le grand]], duc de France
death: 10 September 954
Gerberga of Saxony
birth: 913
marriage: Gislebert de Lotharingie
title: 928, Duchesse de Lotharingie
marriage: Людовик IV Заморский
title: 939, Reine des Francs
death: 5 May 984
Gottfried von Jülich
birth: after 900
marriage: Ermentrude
death: after 26 March 949, datum is 26 maart
title: from 958 - 964, comte de Hainaut
title: from 959 - 964, vice-duc de Basse-Lotharingie
birth: between 900 and 906
death: 28 July 938, Eresburg, Er wurde von den Männern des Markgrafen Hermann Billung in der Burgkapelle der Eresburg angegriffen und hinterrücks mit einem Speer durchbohrt
birth: estimated 880
death: 25 September 936, killed in battle

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