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Hovding Billung (of Thuringia) b. before 780

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Lineage Billung
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Hovding Billung
Other last names of Thuringia


before 780 birth:

child birth: ? (Grandfather of Billung ? (of Steussenscorn)) [Billung]

child birth: N. Billung [Биллунги]

title: Chieftain of the Obodrites

marriage: Aedha (Adelheid) [Carolingian] b. 798 d. about 826

about 816 child birth: Oda Billung [Billung] b. about 816 d. 17 May 913


An Anglo Saxon record, Codex Exoniensis 320-7, makes Billing the race hero of the kinsmen and neighbours of the Angles and the Varnians (Varangians) Billing veold Vernum

[edit] Sources

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  4. Jacob Grimm. Teutonic mythology, Volume 1, p. 374. George Bell and Sons, 1882 - The first historically certain Billing died in 967 and another above a hundred years older is mentioned The Cod Exon 320-7 (...Pilicart...House of Verina)
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From grandparents to grandchildren

== 1 ==
Hovding Billung (of Thuringia)
birth: before 780
title: Chieftain of the Obodrites
marriage: Aedha (Adelheid)
== 1 ==
Liudolph of Eastphalia (The Red)
birth: between 805 and 806
marriage: Oda Billung
title: from 840 - March 866, Count of Saxony
death: between 11 March 866 and 12 March 866
burial: Bad Gandersheim, Brunshausen Abbey
Oda Billung
birth: about 816
marriage: Liudolph of Eastphalia (The Red)
death: 17 May 913
burial: Bad Gandersheim
Hedwig of Babenburg
birth: before 856
marriage: Otto I Liudolf
death: 24 December 903
Otto I Liudolf
birth: about 851
marriage: Hedwig of Babenburg
title: estimated 880, Eichsfeld, count
title: estimated 880, dux
title: after 2 February 880, head of the Liudolfinger
title: 888, count, Südthüringau
title: from 902 - 912, Bad Hersfeld, layman abbot (german: Laienabt)
death: 30 November 912
burial: Bad Gandersheim, church of the monastry
Louis III Carolingian (The Younger)
birth: about 835
title: from September 852 - 15 October 855, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, König von Aquitanien, unter dem Namen Louis II
title: from 865 - 20 January 882, Fränkisches Reich, König der Franken
title: from 865 - 20 January 882, Thüringen, König von Thüringen
title: from 865 - 20 January 882, Sachsen, König von Sachsen
marriage: Luitgard av Lothringen
title: from 10 April 879 - 20 January 882, Lothringen, König von Lothringen, der 6 te
title: from 22 September 880 - 20 January 882, Bayern, König von Bayern, der 20.
death: 20 January 882
Burchard I Suabia
birth: 855
title: Margrave of Rhaetia
title: Comte de Thurgau
title: Comte de Baar
marriage: Luitgard av Lothringen
title: from 909 - 911, Duke of Suabia
death: 5 November 911
Bruno Liudolf (of Lorraine)
birth: between 830 and 840, Sachsen
title: ducem et fratrem reginæ
title: Sachsen, comes et fr(ater)
title: Sachsen, Haupt der Liudolfinger
title: Sachsen, Stammvater der Brunonnen
death: 2 February 880, In battle against the Danes
Lotharius van Stade
birth: estimated 840
marriage: Энда/Ода/ Саксонская
death: 2 February 880, Ebstdorf

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