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Lambert of Nantes d. 836

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Lineage Guideschi
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Lambert of Nantes

w Guy de Nantes [Widonide] b. about 750 d. before 818

Wiki-page wikipedia:en:Lambert I of Nantes


marriage: Théodrade - (d'Italie) [-]

child birth: w Lambert II de Nantes [Widonide] d. 1 May 852

about 800 child birth: w Guido of Spoleto [Guideschi] b. about 800 d. 860

between 818 and 831 title: Comte de Nantes

between 818 and 831 title: Marquis de Bretagne

between 834 and 836 title: Duc de Spolète

836 death:


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Guy de Nantes
birth: about 750
title: Comte de Nantes
title: Marquis des marches de Bretagne
death: before 818
== 2 ==
Lambert of Nantes
marriage: Théodrade - (d'Italie)
title: between 818 and 831, Comte de Nantes
title: between 818 and 831, Marquis de Bretagne
title: between 834 and 836, Duc de Spolète
death: 836
== 2 ==
Guido of Spoleto
birth: about 800
title: 842, Duc de Spolète
death: 860
Lambert II de Nantes
marriage: Rotrude de France
title: Comte de Nantes
death: 1 May 852
Guy III de Spolète (de Lombardie)
birth: 855
marriage: Ageltrude von Benevent
title: 876, Duc de Camerino
title: between 883 and 16 February 889, Duc de Spolète
title: between 889 and 12 December 894, Roi d'Italie
title: from 891 - 12 December 894, Empereur des Romains
death: 12 December 894

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