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Eadgifu Sighelinesdotter of Kent b. before 890 d. 26 August 968

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Lineage Kent
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Eadgifu Sighelinesdotter of Kent

Sighelin of Kent [Kent] b. estimated 870 d. 902

Wiki-page wikipedia:Eadgifu of Kent
Reference numbers GEDCOM::IdavanBoulogne.ged::INDI @I80231@::Kjansen


before 890 birth:

about 895 child birth: Wessex, w Athelstan of Wessex [Atheling] b. about 895 d. 27 October 939

920 marriage: Edward I ? (of England) [Atheling] b. about 871 d. 17 July 924

922 child birth: Wessex, England, w Edmund I of Wessex ("The Magnificent", "The Just") [Atheling] b. 922 d. 26 May 946

about 932 child birth: Eadgiva (Eadgifu) ? (of England) [Atheling] b. about 932 d. 981

26 August 968 death:

burial: Canterbury (Kent)


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Sighelin of Kent
birth: estimated 870
death: 902, Battle of the Holme
== 2 ==
Edward I ? (of England)
birth: about 871
marriage: Ecgwynn
marriage: Aelfleda van Bernicia
marriage: Eadgifu Sighelinesdotter of Kent
death: 17 July 924, Farndon (Cheshire)
burial: Winchester (England)
Eadgifu Sighelinesdotter of Kent
birth: before 890
marriage: Edward I ? (of England)
death: 26 August 968
burial: Canterbury (Kent)
== 2 ==
Ælfweard of Wessex
birth: about 904
title: from 17 July 924 - 2 August 924, King of Wessex
death: 2 August 924
Adiva of Wessex
birth: calculated 902, Вессекское королевство
marriage: Charles III de France (Charles le Simple)
title: 10 February 919, Франковское королевство, Святое Римское царство, reine de Francie occidentale
immigration: after 15 June 923, Английское королевство, Elle se sauva en Angleterre, ayant appris la détention de son mari, et emporta avec elle le [[Personne:30368|fils]] unique d'elle avait de son [[Personne:8642|mari]].
other: from 938 - 951, Лаон, Франковское королевство, Святое Римское царство, Prisonnière, par ordre de son [[Personne:30368|fils]]
emigration: 938, Лаон, Франковское королевство, Святое Римское царство, reviens en France pour servir [[Personne:30368|Louis]] de ses conseils
marriage: Heribert van Vermandois
title: 951, Франковское королевство, Святое Римское царство, графство d'Ormos
death: 26 September 951
burial: Суассон, Франковское королевство, Святое Римское царство, Saint-Médard
Edred of Wessex
birth: about 923, Wessex, England
title: from 26 May 946 - 23 November 955, King of England
death: 23 November 955
Eadgyth ? (of Wessex)
birth: estimated 910
marriage: Otto I ? (Saint-Empire)
death: 21 January 946
burial: Magdeburg, Church
title: 926, Comtesse de Paris, Marquise de Neustrie
marriage: w Hugh Capet
death: 937
Boleslaus II of Bohemia
birth: about 932
marriage: Eadgiva (Eadgifu) ? (of England)
title: 967, Duc de Bohême
death: 7 February 999
Eadgiva (Eadgifu) ? (of England)
birth: about 932
marriage: Boleslaus II of Bohemia
title: about 950, Princesse de Bohême
title: 967, Duchesse de Bohême
death: 981
Athelstan of Wessex
birth: about 895, Wessex
title: from 2 August 924 - 27 October 939, King of England
death: 27 October 939
Ælgifu of Shaftesbury
birth: estimated 925
death: 944
burial: Abdij Shaftesbury
Edmund I of Wessex ("The Magnificent", "The Just")
birth: 922, Wessex, England
death: 26 May 946, Pucklechurch, England
burial: Glastonbury (England), Glastonbury Abbey
Elfrida Ordgarsdotter
birth: about 945, Lydford Castle
marriage: Edgar of Wessex ("The Peaceful")
death: about 1000
burial: Wherwell Abbey
Edgar of Wessex ("The Peaceful")
birth: about 943, Wessex, England
marriage: Elfrida Ordgarsdotter
death: 8 July 975, England, Westchester, Wessex
burial: Glastonbury (England), Glastonbury Abbey
Edwy of Wessex (All-Fair)
birth: about 941, Wessex, England
title: from 23 November 955 - 957, King of England
title: from 957 - 1 October 959, King of Wessex
title: from 957 - 1 October 959, King of Kent
death: 1 October 959, Gloucester (England)
Ulrich of Bohemia
birth: 970
title: 1012, Duc de Bohême
death: 9 November 1034
title: 1004
death: 4 November 1035

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