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Family: Ermengarde d'Angou + Conan I of Brittany

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Ermengarde d'Angou [Ingelger] b. 952 d. 992

w Conan I of Brittany (the Crooked) [Rennes] b. 944 d. 27 June 992


Ermengarde d'Angou + Conan I of Brittany

Judithe Bretanha (Bretagne) [Rennes] b. between 982 and 987 d. 16 June 1017

w Geoffrey I Beranger of Brittany [Rennes] b. about 980 d. 20 November 1008

Conan I of Brittany

Judicael de Poher [Rennes] d. 1037

Catualon de Bretagne [Rennes]

Urvod de Bretagne [Rennes]


973 marriage:

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