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Gautier I de Vexin b. before 925 d. about 987

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Lineage Vexin
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Gautier I de Vexin

Walram (Valeran) van Dreux [Vexin] b. estimated 890

Eldegardis (Hildegarde) of Flanders [Flanders] b. estimated 900

Wiki-page wikipedia:Gautier_Ier_de_Vexin


before 925 birth:

child birth: w Geoffroy Ier de Gâtinais [Vexin]

marriage: Adèle d'Anjou [Ingelger] b. estimated 935

estimated 955 child birth: w Gautier II de Vexin [Vexin] b. estimated 955 d. between 1017 and 1024

about 987 death:

[edit] Sources

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From grandparents to grandchildren

Walram (Valeran) van Dreux
birth: estimated 890
== 2 ==
Gautier I de Vexin
birth: before 925
marriage: Adèle d'Anjou
death: about 987
== 2 ==
birth: estimated 965
marriage: w Gautier II de Vexin
Gautier II de Vexin
birth: estimated 955
marriage: Adèle
death: between 1017 and 1024
Dreux Vexin
birth: 990
title: from 1024 - 1035, Comte de Vexin
title: from 1024 - 1035, Comte d'Amiens
death: 1035
Adèle Clermont (de Breteuil)
birth: estimated 1005
marriage: w Raoul III de Vexin
death: 11 September 1051
Oda de Vexin
birth: estimated 965
Geoffrey II Ferreol (Gatinais, Chateaudun)
birth: about 1000, Château-Landon, France
title: Count of the Gatinais
marriage: Ermengarde d'Anjou
death: between 1043 and 1 April 1046, Fleurey-sur-Ouche, France

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