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Agnes de Cornouailles Canhiart b. 1020 d. 1056

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Lineage Cainhiart
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Agnes de Cornouailles Canhiart

w Judid Naonet [Naonet]

Alan Conde de Cornouaille Canhiart [Cainhiart] b. 970

Judith de Nantes [Nantes] d. 27 February 1063


1020 birth:

child birth: w Alain der Rote [Rennes] d. August 1093

child birth: Geoffrey I Penthievre [Penthievre] d. 1093

child birth: w Hoel III de Bretagne (Count of Nantes) [Cornouaille] d. 1156

marriage: w Eodon Pentevr [Roedon] b. 999 d. about 7 January 1079

1056 death:

1060 child birth: w Stephen Penthievre [Penthievre] b. 1060 d. 13 April 1135

From grandparents to grandchildren

Benedict de Cornuaille
death: from 1008 - 1029
Judicael de Nantes
birth: 979
title: 992, Kont Naone
death: 1004
Alan Conde de Cornouaille Canhiart
birth: 970, Britania
title: comte de Cornouaille
Budic de Nantes
death: 1038
Judith de Nantes
death: 27 February 1063
== 3 ==
Hoël II of Brittany
birth: 1030
marriage: w Hawise FitzAlan (Bretaigne)
title: from 1058 - 13 April 1084, Duke of Brittany
death: 13 April 1084
Eodon Pentevr
birth: 999
marriage: Agnes de Cornouailles Canhiart
death: about 7 January 1079
== 3 ==
Stephen Penthievre
birth: 1060
marriage: Hawise de Guingamp
death: 13 April 1135
Hoel III de Bretagne (Count of Nantes)
title: between 1148 and 1156, Count of Nantes
death: 1156
Alain der Rote
death: August 1093
Berthe de Bretagne
birth: 1114
marriage: w Alan of Penthièvre
marriage: w Eudes Porhoet
title: from 1148 - 1156, Duchess of Brittany
death: 1156
Alan of Penthièvre
birth: about 1100
title: from - 1141, Count of Cornouaille
title: Count of Tréguier
title: from 1135 - 1146, Earl of Richmond
marriage: Berthe de Bretagne
death: 15 September 1146
Geoffrey II Penthievre
title: comte de Penthièvre
death: 1148
Olivier II de Dinan
property: seigneur de Dinan-Nord
marriage: Agnorie Agnès de Penthièvre
death: 1150

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