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Malusha b. about 944 d. about 1002

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Lineage ?
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Malusha
Other given names Малуша

Мал/Мстислав/ Лютый Древлянский [Древлянские]

Малко Любечанин [Любечанины]

Wiki-page wikipedia:Malusha


about 944 birth: Kiev, Ukraine

marriage: Sviatoslav [Rurikid] b. 942 d. March 972

958 child birth: Будутино, Псковская земля, Великое княжество Русское, Владимир I Святославич [Рюриковичи] b. 958 d. 15 July 1015

about 1002 death:


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Origin (from Wikipeadia)

As the chronicles are silent on the subject of Malusha's pedigree, 19th-century Russian and Ukrainian historians devised various theories to explain her parentage and name.

Alexei Shakhmatov considered Malusha to be the daughter of Mstisha Sveneldovich, son of Sveneld, a Varangian warlord. He believed that the name Malusha was a slavinized version of a Scandinavian name Malfried.[4] In this case, Malusha was of Norse origin.[5] The Primary Chronicle records that a certain Malfried died in 1000. This record follows that of Rogneda's death. Since Rogneda was Vladimir's wife, historians assume that Malfried was another close relative of the ruling prince, preferably his wife or mother.

The anti-Normanist historian Dmitry Ilovaisky managed to draw an opposite conclusion: that the Slavic name Malusha was turned into a Scandinavian Malfried. This claim received no wider support. Dmitry Prozorovsky believed that Malusha was the daughter of Mal, a Drevlyan leader. The same one that wanted to marry Olga of Kiev after she became a widow.

[edit] Sources

  1. Prince, saint, and apostle: Prince Vladimir Svjatoslavič of Kiev, his ... By Jukka Korpela -

From grandparents to grandchildren

Мал/Мстислав/ Лютый Древлянский
title: князь Древлянский
Малко Любечанин
other: боярин в Любече
== 2 ==
birth: 942
marriage: Malusha
title: Вел.князь Киевский
title: 964, Prince of Novgorod
death: March 972
birth: about 944, Kiev, Ukraine
marriage: Sviatoslav
death: about 1002
== 2 ==
birth: between 958 and 960
marriage: Юлия
title: 972, Great Prince of Kiev
death: 980
Владимир I Святославич
birth: 958, Будутино, Псковская земля, Великое княжество Русское
marriage: Милолика Милица Анна Болгарская
title: 972, Новгород, Новгородская земля, Великое княжество Русское, Князь Новгородский
marriage: Rogneda of Polotsk
title: 11 June 978, Киев, Великое княжество Русское, Великий князь Киевский
marriage: Olova
baptism: February 988, Киев, Великое княжество Русское, крещение Киева и всей Руси
marriage: Anna Porphyrogenita , Киев
death: 15 July 1015, Берестово, Киевская земля, Великое княжество Русское
Vysheslav ?
birth: about 977
christening: 988
title: from 989 - 1010, Prince of Novgorod
death: after 1010, Novgorod
Izyaslav Volodimirovich
birth: from 978 - 979
title: from 987 -, Prince Izyaslav
christening: 988
title: from 989 - 1001, Prince of Polotsk
death: 1001, Polotsk
Ingrid Olofsdotter
birth: 1001, Sigtuna, Sweden
marriage: Yaroslav I Vladimirovich
death: 10 February 1050
burial: after 10 February 1050, Veliky Novgorod, Saint Sophia Cathedral
marriage: Yaroslav I Vladimirovich
death: between 1018 and 1019
Yaroslav I Vladimirovich
birth: about 978, Kievan Rus
marriage: Anna
title: Вел.князь Киевский
marriage: Ingrid Olofsdotter
death: 20 February 1054, Kiev, Kievan Rus
burial: Kiev, Kievan Rus, [[wk:en:Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kiev|Saint Sophia Cathedral]]
birth: between 983 and 984
title: from 987 - 995, Prince Vladimir-Volynsky
death: before 1013
Mstislaw von Tschernigow
birth: about 983, Kiew
marriage: Anastasia
title: from 990 - 1036, Тмутаракань, Князь Тмутараканский
title: from 1024 - 1036, Чернигов, Князь Черниговский
death: 1036, Чернигов
birth: about 982, Kiew
title: from 988 - 1015, Князь Древлянский
death: 1015, Карпаты
Борис Владимирович
birth: about 986, Киев, Великое княжество Русское
title: from 1010 - 1015, Ростов, Залесская земля, Великое княжество Русское, Князь Ростовский
death: 6 August 1015, Киевская земля, Великое княжество Русское
birth: about 987
title: from 1013 - 1015, Князь Муромский
death: 22 September 1015
Станислав Владимирович
birth: between 984 and 987
title: from 988 - 1015, Князь Смоленский
death: about 1015
Позвизд Владимирович
birth: before 988
title: княжич
Судислав Владимирович Рюрикович
birth: Киев, Великое княжество Русское
title: from 1014 - 1036, Псков, Великое княжество Русское, Князь Псковский
death: 1063, Псков, Великое княжество Русское
Swjatopolk I von Kiew
birth: about 979, Kiew
title: Kiew, Великий князь.(1015-1015);(1017-1019)
death: 1019

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