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Mal / Mstislav / Lyuty Drevlyansky (Древлянские) d. 946

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Lineage Drevlyansky
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Mal / Mstislav / Lyuty Drevlyansky
Other last names Древлянские

Oleg (Yolyg) Salahbi [?] b. about 850 d. between 912 and 922


birth: Dereva

child birth: w Добриня Низкинич Деревський [Деревські]

title: рrince of Dereva

marriage: Dereva, East of West, Eurasia, Амальфія Тимофіївна ? (Деревська) [?]

about 944 child birth: Liubech, Malusha of Dereva [Dereva] b. about 944 d. about 1002

946 death: Kiev, Rus killed by queen Olga


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  • Dereva

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The main versions of Malka's origin:

1) Malko Lyubechanin, resident of Lyubech

2) Little prince Drevly

3) Malko from Lübeck - V.N. Tatishchev considered Malko Lubchanin as a buyer from the Baltic Sea. This assumption was supported by T. Bershtam [13]. She noted the news of V. Tatishchev about the existence of the ancient coat of arms of Novgorod with the image of an ox head - "similar to Mecklenburg".

4) Malko from Lubica - I. Mytsko believes that Malko Lubchanyn came to Russia in the early 1960s. in the company of the mission of Bishop Wojciech, who came to Kiev at the request of Princess Olga. Wojciech's path ran through the Czech city of Libice (Liubuz, Lubik, Liubycz, Lubic), from where, in his opinion, he was accompanied by the Slavic bishop.

From grandparents to grandchildren

Auda Ragnarsdotter
birth: estimated 780
Bjorn Ragnarsson (Not Ironside)
birth: 800, Husaby on Munso, Malaren
death: after 860
burial: Jarnsida Barrow, Upland, Þorgautr (Thorgaut......)
Malamir (Balamir) Kubratos
birth: after 815
title: between 831 and 836, Khan of Bulgaria
death: 836
title: from 855 - 859, Bulgar Khan
title: from 865 - 882, Khan of Itil Bulgaria
death: 882
title: from 859 - 863, Bulgar Khan
Ефанда Норманська
birth: Ладога, Руське князівство
Alabuga (Elynas) (Elinus) ? (of Biljar, of Albania)
title: Prince of Albany (Albania)
other: 882, Founding of Biljar
Oleg (Yolyg) Salahbi
birth: about 850
marriage: Ephanda Ruriksdotter
residence: between 862 and 864, Ladoga
title: from 879 - 912, Князь Новгородський
title: from 882 - 912, Великий князь Київський
death: between 912 and 922
== 3 ==
Олег Олегович
title: "Последний король Моравии"
title: from 940 - 949, Князь Моравии
Амальфія Тимофіївна ? (Деревська)
birth: Деревське князівство
marriage: Mal / Mstislav / Lyuty Drevlyansky (Древлянские)
death: Деревське князівство
== 3 ==
birth: 942, Kyiv, Russian kingdom
marriage: Malusha of Dereva
title: from 962 - 972, Kyiv, Russian kingdom, Grand Prince of Kyiv and Rus
title: from 962 - 969, Veliky Novgorod, Russian kingdom, Prince of Novgorod
death: March 972, Kyiv, Russian kingdom
Malusha of Dereva
birth: about 944, Liubech
marriage: Sviatoslav
death: about 1002, Kyiv, Russian kingdom
Анастасія Микулишна
birth: Полянське князівство
marriage: w Добриня Низкинич Деревський
death: Руське і Київське велике князівство
Добриня Низкинич Деревський
birth: Деревське князівство
marriage: Анастасія Микулишна
death: Новгород, Руське і Київське велике князівство
birth: between 958 and 960
marriage: Юлия
title: 972, Great Prince of Kiev
death: 980
burial: 1044, Київ, Руське і Київське велике князівство, Перезахоронен Ярославом Мудрым в киевском Софийском соборе.
Oleg Svyatoslavich (of Drelinia)
birth: Київ, Руське князівство
death: 977, Ovruch
Anna Porphyrogenita
birth: 13 March 963
marriage: Vladimir the Great , Киев
death: 1011
Rogneda of Polotsk Polotska
birth: about 962, Polotsk kingdom
marriage: Vladimir the Great
death: about 1002, Polotsk kingdom
birth: Руське і Київське велике князівство
marriage: Vladimir the Great
death: 1000
Милолика Милиця Анна Болгарська
birth: Болгарське князівство, Християнське царство
marriage: Vladimir the Great
Vladimir the Great
birth: 958, Budutyno, Pskov kingdom, king of Rus
marriage: Malfrida
marriage: Милолика Милиця Анна Болгарська
title: 972, Veliky Novgorod, king of Novgorod, Novgorod, Novgorod kingdom
marriage: Rogneda of Polotsk Polotska
title: 11 June 978, Kyiv, king of Kyiv and Rus, Russian kingdom
marriage: Olova
baptism: February 988, Kyiv, baptism of Kyiv and Rus, Russian kingdom
marriage: Anna Porphyrogenita , Киев
death: 15 July 1015, Berestove, Russian kingdom

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