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Oleg Svyatoslavich (of Drelinia) d. 977

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Lineage Rurikid
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Oleg Svyatoslavich
Other last names of Drelinia
Other given names Олег Древлянский

Sviatoslav [Rurikid] b. 942 d. March 972

Wiki-page wikipedia:Oleg_of_Drelinia


977 death: Ovruch


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Guilty of the death of his cousin Lyut the son of Sveneld

[edit] Sources

  1. Dvornik, Francis. Les Slaves, Histoire et civilisation de l'Antiquité aux débuts de l'Époque contemporaine. La Russie de Kiev, pages 171 à 228. Éditions DU SEUIL Paris (1970) -

From grandparents to grandchildren

Igor (Ingvar) Lachini (of Kiev)
birth: about 877
marriage: Olga of Kiev -
title: from 912 - 945, Grand Duke of Kiev
death: 945, near Iskorosten
Olga of Kiev -
birth: 903
marriage: Igor (Ingvar) Lachini (of Kiev)
title: from 945 - 957, Grand Prince of Kiev
death: 11 July 969
burial: after 12 July 969, Vyshhorod
birth: about 944, Kiev, Ukraine
marriage: Sviatoslav
death: about 1002
birth: 942
title: Кіеў, Великий князь Киевский
marriage: Malusha
title: 964, Prince of Novgorod
death: March 972
== 3 ==
birth: between 958 and 960
marriage: Юлия
title: 972, Great Prince of Kiev
death: 980
burial: 1044, Киев, Перезахоронен Ярославом Мудрым в киевском Софийском соборе.
birth: 958
marriage: Malfrida
marriage: Milolika Militsa Anna Bulgarian
title: 972, Князь Новгородський
marriage: Rogneda of Polotsk
title: 11 June 978, Великий князь Київський
marriage: Olova
baptism: February 988, хрещення Русі, Київ
marriage: w Anna Porphyrogenita , Киев
death: 15 July 1015
== 3 ==

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