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Zlady Ingvar ? (Father of Sveneld and Malfrida) d. 971

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Lineage Salahbi
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Zlady Ingvar ?
Other last names Father of Sveneld and Malfrida
Other given names Sluda, Sludi, Sphangel

Oleg (Yolyg) Salahbi [?] b. about 850 d. between 912 and 922

Uma Vendel (of Roselag) [Munso] d. estimated 890



child birth: w Sveneld [Salahbi]

971 death: Dorostolon


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  • Dorostolon

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nephew of JaroslavWho is Jaroslav?

The following people are mentioned as his nephewsRef needed !:

  • Sludy (Slawdi, Slode)
  • Prasten Akun (Hakon Fresten)

[edit] Sources

  1. Arnoldi Chronica Slavorum By Arnold (of Lübeck), Johann Martin Lappenberg - Page number?
  2. Slownik jẹzyka polskiego, Volume 5 By Samuel Bogumił Linde p550 -
  3. Ivan Kuzych-Berezovsʹkyĭ. 1980. Suvereny Ukraïny. Edwards Bros. p 38-52 - Sveneld has a brother Ingvar who arrived to the aid of Ivor with 30 ships and 6000 men. Sviatoslav was the cousin of Sveneld. Svenedl had a son Malcom Magnus
  4. wikipedia:ru:Мал (князь) - Mal was the leader of the Develjans who were defeated by Sveneld
  5. turkicworld - Salahbi Yolyg (aka Oleg, Oleg the Seer, Olaf, 882-912), Kyiv Ilchibek (regent) for Igor (Ugyr Lachini, 912-945, aka Igor I the Old, Ingvar) took Lübech, the seat of ruling Khan Alabuga of Baryn line of Suvars. One of captured Khan Alabuga's daughters became household slave in Salahbi Yolyg household, Malusha intendant (keyholder) of Lübech.

From grandparents to grandchildren

Auda Ragnarsdotter
birth: estimated 780
Bjorn Ragnarsson (Not Ironside)
birth: 800, Husaby on Munso, Malaren
death: after 860
burial: Jarnsida Barrow, Upland, Þorgautr (Thorgaut......)
Malamir (Balamir) Kubratos
birth: after 815
title: between 831 and 836, Khan of Bulgaria
death: 836
Alabuga (Elynas) (Elinus) ? (of Biljar, of Albania)
title: Prince of Albany (Albania)
other: 882, Founding of Biljar
Oleg (Yolyg) Salahbi
birth: about 850
marriage: Ephanda Ruriksdotter
residence: between 862 and 864, Ladoga
title: from 879 - 912, Князь Новгородський
title: from 882 - 912, Великий князь Київський
death: between 912 and 922
Uma Vendel (of Roselag)
death: estimated 890
== 3 ==
Олег Олегович
title: "Последний король Моравии"
title: from 940 - 949, Князь Моравии
== 3 ==
title: Regent of Kiev
other: 944, Battle of Berdaa
other: 971, Battle of Preslav

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