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Gisela de Frioul b. 880 d. 13 June 910

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Lineage Unruoching
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Gisela de Frioul

Berengar I of Friuli [Unruoching] b. 845 d. 7 April 924

Bertila Spoleto [Supponid] b. estimated 860 d. before December 915



880 birth:

about 899 marriage: Adabert I d'Ivrea [Ivrea] b. 880 d. between 17 July 923 and 8 October 924

estimated 900 child birth: Turin, Italy, Berengar II of Ivrea [Ivrea] b. estimated 900 d. 6 August 966

13 June 910 death:


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[edit] Sources

  1. - citée sur la page de son père Bérenger Ier de Frioul Wikipédia

From grandparents to grandchildren

Charles II of Francia
birth: 13 June 823, Frankfort
title: 840, King of West Francia
military service: 25 June 841, battle of Fontenoy-en-Puisaye against [[Person:8631|Lothair]] and Pepin II
marriage: w Эрментруда Орлеанская Агилульфин , Quierzy, {{Anselme Caille|Edition=3|Tome=1|Permalien=|Page=33}}
other: August 843, Verdun, Treaty of Verdun
other: 844, execution of [[Person:262964|Bernard]], Count of the Hispanic March
other: 848, Orléans, coronation
title: October 854, Limoges, King of Aquitaine
other: 859, repulsed his brother Louis
title: 869, King of Middle Francia
other: 9 September 869, Metz, coronation
marriage: w Richilde d'Ardennes , Aix-la-Chapelle, {{Anselme Caille|Edition=3|Tome=1|Permalien=|Page=34}}
title: 875, Pavia, King of Italy
title: 25 December 875, Rome, Western Roman emperor
death: 6 October 877
burial: estimated November 877, abbey Saint-Pierre de Nantua
burial: 884, Saint-Denis-en-France, Abbey of Saint-Denis
Lothar I of France
birth: 795, Prüm
title: 818, Roi d'Italie et de Lotharingie
marriage: w Irmingard von Tours
title: 840, Empereur d'Occident
title: 843, Prüm
death: 29 September 855, Prüm, Prüm abbey
burial: Prüm, Prüm abbey
Pépin d'Aquitaine (Pépin Ier)
birth: 797
title: 817, Roi d'Aquitaine
marriage: Ringardis de Madrie
death: 13 December 838, Poitiers (86)
Louis II
birth: 806
marriage: Емма Баварська Вельф , Regensburg
title: 840, Германське королівство, Святе Римське царство, король Германії
death: 28 August 876, Frankfurt
Hildegarde de France (Religieuse)
birth: 803
caste: Laon (02), abbesse de Saint-Jean de Laon
death: after 842, {{Anselme Caille|Edition=3|Tome=1|Permalien=|Page=32}}
Arnulf de Sens
birth: about 794
death: about 841
Gisela of the Franks
birth: between 819 and 822
marriage: w Eberhard of Friuli
death: after 1 July 874, Cysoing
Eberhard of Friuli
birth: estimated 810
religion: Saint de l'Église catholique romaine
title: February 828, Marquis de Frioul
marriage: Gisela of the Franks
will: 867, Франковское королевство, Святое Римское царство, {{Anselme Caille|Edition=3|Tome=1|Permalien|Page=32}}
death: before 14 April 868, Italy
birth: estimated 835
marriage: Louis II d'Italie - (dit : Louis le Jeune)
title: 851, Königin von Italien und Kaiserin des Westens
death: 896
Suppo II Spoleto
birth: estimated 835
Helwise Friaul
birth: 860
Unruoch III van Friuli
birth: estimated 840
marriage: Ava van Monza
death: 874, datum is na 1 juli
Judith van Friuli
birth: estimated 835
death: about 855
Юдит Фриульская Унрошевич
birth: Франковское королевство, Святое Римское царство
marriage: Conrad III Guelph (d' Auxerre)
Berengar I of Friuli
birth: 845, Cividale del Friuli
title: Marquis de Frioul
marriage: Bertila Spoleto
title: 6 January 888, Roi des Lombards
title: from 915 - 924, Empereur des Romains
death: 7 April 924
Bertila Spoleto
birth: estimated 860
marriage: Berengar I of Friuli
death: before December 915
== 3 ==
Adabert I d'Ivrea
birth: 880, Turin, Piedmont, Italy
title: marquis margrave d'Ivrée
title: comte d'Aoste
title: comte de Lombardie
marriage: Gisela de Frioul
death: between 17 July 923 and 8 October 924, Ivrea, Piedmont, Italy
Gisela de Frioul
birth: 880
marriage: Adabert I d'Ivrea
death: 13 June 910
== 3 ==
Berengar II of Ivrea
birth: estimated 900, Turin, Italy
title: from 930 - 966, Margrave of Ivrea
title: from 930 - 952, Margrave of Friuli
marriage: Willa III of Tuscany
title: from 950 - 961, King of Italy
death: 6 August 966, Bamberg, Germany
burial: Regensburg, Bayern, Germany
Gerberga van Mâcon
birth: estimated 940
marriage: w Adalbert of Ivrea
marriage: Odo-Henrique, Duque da Borgonha
death: between 986 and 991, datum is 11 december
Adalbert of Ivrea
birth: 936
title: comte d'Aoste
title: comte de Lombardie
title: marquis margrave d'Ivrée
marriage: Gerberga van Mâcon
death: 30 April 971
Arnulf II Flanders
birth: 961
marriage: Rosalie Lombard (d'Ivrea)
title: 962, Graf von Flandern, Mitregent
death: 30 March 987
Robert II Capet
birth: about 972, Orléans, France
title: from 25 December 987 - 24 October 996, Co-roi des Francs
marriage: Rosalie Lombard (d'Ivrea)
title: from 24 October 996 - 20 July 1031, Roi des Francs
other: Rosalie Lombard (d'Ivrea) , Répudiation
marriage: Bertha Bourgogne
other: Bertha Bourgogne , Séparation
marriage: Constance d’Arles
death: 20 July 1031, Melun, France
burial: Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis), Basilica of St Denis
Rosalie Lombard (d'Ivrea)
birth: estimated 950, Italy
marriage: Arnulf II Flanders
marriage: Robert II Capet
other: Robert II Capet , Répudiation
death: 7 February 1003, Compiègne, France
burial: Ghent (Belgium)
Waleram (Alérame) de Montferrat
birth: 904, Sezzadio, royaume d'Italie du Saint-Empire
title: marquis de Montferrat
title: marquis de Savone
marriage: Gerberga d'Ivrée
death: 991, Grazzano Badoglio, royaume d'Italie du Saint-Empire

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