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Heinrich von Babenburg b. estimated 820 d. 28 August 886

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Lineage Babenburg
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Heinrich von Babenburg

w Poppo I van Grabfeld [Babenburg] b. estimated 790 d. after 839


estimated 820 birth:

marriage: Ingeltrude de Friuli [Unruoching] b. 836 d. 870

estimated 850 child birth: w Berengar de Bayeux [Rennes] b. estimated 850 d. 896

estimated 855 child birth: Adelinde van Babenberg [Babenburg] b. estimated 855 d. after 915

before 856 child birth: Hedwig of Babenburg [Babenburg] b. before 856 d. 24 December 903

28 August 886 death:

burial: Soissons, Abbey of St. Medard


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Person:929554 (Hattonide, b. estimated 790)
birth: estimated 790
marriage: w Poppo I van Grabfeld
Poppo I van Grabfeld
birth: estimated 790
marriage: Person:929554 (Hattonide, b. estimated 790)
death: after 839
== 3 ==
Poppo II de Babenberg
title: Duc de Thuringie
death: after 906
Egino de Babenberg
title: Duc de Thuringie
death: 3 August 908
Heinrich von Babenburg
birth: estimated 820
marriage: Ingeltrude de Friuli
death: 28 August 886
burial: Soissons, Abbey of St. Medard
== 3 ==
Otto I Liudolf
birth: about 851
marriage: Hedwig of Babenburg
title: estimated 880, Eichsfeld, count
title: estimated 880, dux
title: after 2 February 880, head of the Liudolfinger
title: 888, count, Südthüringau
title: from 902 - 912, Bad Hersfeld, layman abbot (german: Laienabt)
death: 30 November 912
burial: Bad Gandersheim, church of the monastry
Hedwig of Babenburg
birth: before 856
marriage: Otto I Liudolf
death: 24 December 903
Judith Gurvand (de Rennes)
birth: estimated 850
marriage: w Berengar de Bayeux
death: about 870
Ethicho I van de Ammergau
birth: estimated 850
marriage: Adelinde van Babenberg
death: after 911
Adelinde van Babenberg
birth: estimated 855
marriage: Ethicho I van de Ammergau
death: after 915
burial: Abdij Buchau, het klooster
birth: estimated 860
death: before 30 December 912
Mathilda of Ringelheim
birth: between 894 and 897, Enger
marriage: Henry I the Fowler
death: 14 March 968, Quedlinburg
burial: Quedlinburg
Henry I the Fowler
birth: about 876
marriage: Mathilda of Ringelheim
marriage: Hatheburg
title: from 912 - 936, Sachsen, Herzog von Sachsen
title: from May 919 - 936, roi de Germanie
death: 2 July 936
burial: Quedlinburg, Collegiate Church in Quedlinburg (the altar)
Gerhard van de Metzgau
birth: estimated 875
birth: between 890 and 910, comte de Metz
marriage: Uda of Saxony
death: 22 June 910
Zwentibold of Lothringen (Arnulfsson)
birth: between 870 and 871, unehelicher Sohn von Arnulf von Kärnten
title: from 895 - 900, König, Lothringen
marriage: Uda of Saxony
death: 13 August 900
Hendrik I van Altdorf
birth: estimated 870
marriage: Atha van Ellinrath
death: about 934
birth: 907
death: 30 November 912

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