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Alexios IV Angelos b. about 1182 d. 8 February 1204

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Lineage Angelos
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Alexios IV Angelos

Isaac II Angelos [Angelos] b. September 1156 d. 28 January 1204

Irene van Byzantium [Byzantium] b. 1168 d. 1185

Wiki-page wikipedia:Alexios IV Angelos


about 1182 birth:

marriage: Евфимия Глебовна Рюрикович [Рюриковичи Черниговские]

from 1203 - 1204 title: Emperor of Byzantium

8 February 1204 death:


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Johannes Dukas (Sebastokratōr)
birth: about 1126
death: about 1200
Andronikos Doukas Angelos
birth: between 1120 and 1133
marriage: Euphrosyne Kastamonitissa
death: after 12 December 1185
Теодор Кастамонитес
other: византийский аристократ и всемогущий главный министр на протяжении большей части первого правления его племянника, императора Исаака II Ангелоса
Andronic Ier Comnène
birth: about 1118, Constantinople, Empire byzantin
marriage: Ирина Айнейадисса ?
caste: 1151, thémarque de Cilicie
caste: 1153, thémarque de Naissos
other: Феодора Комнина , maitresse
marriage: Agnes van Frankrijk
title: from 1183 - 12 September 1185, empereur byzantin
death: 12 September 1185, Constantinople, tué
Marie Komnenos
birth: before 1144
marriage: Stefan IV
death: 1190
Alexios III Angelos
birth: about 1153
marriage: Euphrosyne Doukaina Kamatera
title: from 1195 - 1203, Byzantine Emperor
death: after 1210
Isaac II Angelos
birth: September 1156
marriage: Irene van Byzantium
marriage: Маргарита Венгерская
title: from 12 September 1185 - 8 April 1195, Emperor of Byzantium
title: from 1 August 1203 - 25 January 1204, Emperor of Byzantium
death: 28 January 1204, Constantinople, Byzantium
Manuel Comnène
birth: about 1145
marriage: Русудан
death: 1185
== 3 ==
Teodora Angela Comnène
title: 1203, Duchesse d'Autriche et de Styrie
marriage: Leopold d'Autriche (Leopold VI)
death: 23 June 1246, Klosterneuburg, Kahlenberg
Irene Angelina
birth: 1181, Constatinople, Byzantium
marriage: Roger D'Apulia
marriage: Philip Von Hohenstauffen , Bari
death: 27 August 1208, Göppingen, County of Württemberg, Holy Roman Empire, Hohenstaufen Castle
Alexios IV Angelos
birth: about 1182
marriage: Евфимия Глебовна Рюрикович
title: from 1203 - 1204, Emperor of Byzantium
death: 8 February 1204
== 3 ==

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