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Foulcois d'Este

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Lineage Este
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Foulcois d'Este
Other given names Folco

w Albert-Azzo II van Este [Obertenghi] b. 997 d. between 1096 and 1097

Garsende of Maine [Hugonid] b. 1025


child birth: Obizzo Ier d'Este [Este]


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Bertha van Este
birth: estimated 990
marriage: Manfred II Olderich of Turin
death: after 4 November 1037
Adalbert-Azzo I van Luni
birth: estimated 980
marriage: Adela
death: after 1026
birth: estimated 975
marriage: Adalbert-Azzo I van Luni
death: after 1012
Herbert I von Maine
birth: estimated 990
death: 1036
Kunigunde van Altdorf
birth: estimated 1020
marriage: w Albert-Azzo II van Este
death: before 1050, datum is 31 maart
burial: het Vangadizza klooster in Legnagno
Albert-Azzo II van Este
birth: 997
marriage: Kunigunde van Altdorf
death: between 1096 and 1097
burial: Legnago, Abbey of Vangadizza
Hugo IV von Maine
birth: about 1018
marriage: Bertha de Blois
death: 26 March 1051
Thibault III de Blois
birth: about 1019
title: 15 November 1037
marriage: Garsende of Maine
other: Garsende of Maine , Répudiation
marriage: Adela von Crépy
title: 1066, Épernay, Comte de Champagne, de Troyes, de Meaux et de Vitry
death: 30 September 1089, Épernay
Garsende of Maine
birth: 1025
marriage: Thibault III de Blois
title: 1044, Comtesse de Blois, de Tours, de Châteaudun, de Chartres, de Sancerre, de Provins, de Saint-Florentin et de Château-Thierry
other: Thibault III de Blois , Répudiation
== 3 ==
Вельф IV
birth: estimated 1030
marriage: Юдифь Фландрская (Вельфая)
death: 9 November 1101, Пафос, Кипр
burial: Альтдорф, аббатство Вайнгартен
Stephen II Henri (de Blois)
birth: about 1045
marriage: Adela FitzWilliam , Breteuil
title: 30 September 1089, Graf von Blois
death: 19 May 1102, Ramleh
== 3 ==

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