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Gilduin de Breteuil (Clermont de Chartre) b. estimated 980 d. about 18 May 1060

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Lineage Breteuil
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Gilduin de Breteuil
Other last names Clermont de Chartre
Wiki-page wikipedia:fr:Maison_de_Breteuil


estimated 980 birth:

child birth: Evrard Ier de Breteuil [Breteuil]

estimated 1005 child birth: Adèle Clermont (de Breteuil) [Breteuil] b. estimated 1005 d. 11 September 1051

about 18 May 1060 death: Verdun, St Vanne parish

From grandparents to grandchildren

== 1 ==
Gilduin de Breteuil (Clermont de Chartre)
birth: estimated 980
death: about 18 May 1060, Verdun, St Vanne parish
== 1 ==
Adèle Clermont (de Breteuil)
birth: estimated 1005
marriage: Raoul III de Vexin
death: 11 September 1051
Anna Yaroslavna Rurikid
birth: about 1024, Kiev, Kievan Rus'
marriage: Henry I Capet , Reims
title: from 19 May 1051 - 4 August 1060, Reims, Quueen of France
title: 1061, Comtess of Valois
marriage: Raoul IV de Crepy
title: 1063, Comtess od Vexin and Amiens
death: between 1075 and 1079, France
Raoul IV de Crepy
birth: about 1021
title: Count of Valois
annulment: Алиенора Хакенеза
marriage: Anna Yaroslavna Rurikid
death: 23 February 1074, Péronne (Somme), Montdidier (Somme), Péronne or Montdidier (contradictory sources).
burial: Montdidier (Somme)
Riwallon Ier de Dol
birth: 1015
title: Combourg (35), seigneur de Combourg
marriage: Aremburge du Breteuil (de Puiset)
death: 1065

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