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Grasulf de Frioul b. about 540 d. after 581

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Lineage Frioul
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Grasulf de Frioul

Audoin (Owen) Desposyni (Taliesin) [Desposyni] b. 488

Rodalinda (Rosalinda) Thuringia [Thuringia]

Wiki-page wikipedia:Grasulf I of Friuli
Reference numbers GEDCOM::ComteLeBeux-b.ged::INDI @I1258@::SylvainComte


about 540 birth:

child birth: Gisulfus I ? (Nephew of Alboin) [?]

to 581 title: Dux Forumjulii

after 581 death:


This person is given by some authors as a "make believe" person

Please do not modify this record without special precautions.

[edit] Sources

  1. Bachrach, Bernard S. The Anatomy of a Little War: A Diplomatic and Military History of the Gundovald Affair (568–586). Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 1994 -

From grandparents to grandchildren

Unichus (Erichus) (Henricus) ? (de Lombard)
birth: about 460
occupation: Prince Lombard
title: Brittany, Emyr Llydaw
marriage: Gwyar v. Anlawdd (Lanzelot)
title: Duke of Friuli
title: from 534 - 536, король остготов
death: December 536, Died at the order of Witiges who succeeded him as King
Badéric de Thuringe
occupation: co-Roi de Thuringe
death: about 529
Hermanafrid ?
other: 507, King of the Thuringia
Wacchon de Lombard
birth: estimated 480
other: Salinga Heruli
marriage: Radegund de Thuringi
marriage: Austricuse Gepidus
death: 540
title: before 540, Roi des Lombards
Audoin (Owen) Desposyni (Taliesin)
birth: 488
title: King of Lombardia
== 3 ==
Grasulf de Frioul
birth: about 540
title: to 581, Dux Forumjulii
death: after 581
== 3 ==
Gisulfus I ? (Nephew of Alboin)
title: between 584 and 590, Dux Forumjulii
birth: about 570
other: Gisulf II de Frioul
death: 610
Gisulf II de Frioul
birth: about 565
other: Romilde
title: from 590 - 610, Dux Forumjulii
death: 610

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