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Unichus (Erichus) (Henricus) ? (de Lombard) b. about 460

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Lineage Liething
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Unichus (Erichus) (Henricus) ?
Other last names de Lombard
Other given names Enricus, Erichus, Ericus, Ehericus

Zucchilo (Zambior) ? (Ausonius) [?] d. after 440

Helena Thalassia [Taliesus] b. about 396

Reference numbers GEDCOM::ComteLeBeux-b.ged::INDI @I1270@::SylvainComte


about 460 birth:

occupation: Prince Lombard

title: Brittany, Emyr Llydaw

marriage: Gwyar v. Anlawdd (Lanzelot)

title: Duke of Friuli

estimated 480 child birth: Wacchon de Lombard [Liething] b. estimated 480 d. 540

488 child birth: Audoin (Owen) Desposyni (Taliesin) [Desposyni] b. 488

495 child birth: Leupichis (Lupo) Pucelinus Desposyni (deBors (Budoj II)) [Liething] b. 495 d. 544


Named in the Origo Gentis Langobardorum as brother of Tato

[edit] Sources

  1. Aloysius L. Kuhar. 1959. The conversion of the Slovenes:and the German-Slav ethnic boundary in the eastern Alps. League of C.S.A. - In command of the Southern Lombards and joined by the Slavic princes (Sons of Budocj) on his journey through Illyricum into Pannonia.
  2. Annales S. Petri erphesfurtenses By Erfurt (Germany). St. Peter (Benedictine monastery) -
  3. Origo Gentis Langobardorum -

From grandparents to grandchildren

Pellius Paulinus (Pellas, Thalassus)
birth: 376, Hadria, Africa
Helena Thalassia
birth: about 396
== 3 ==
Unichus (Erichus) (Henricus) ? (de Lombard)
birth: about 460
occupation: Prince Lombard
title: Brittany, Emyr Llydaw
marriage: Gwyar v. Anlawdd (Lanzelot)
title: Duke of Friuli
== 3 ==
Austricuse Gepidus
birth: estimated 510
marriage: Wacchon de Lombard
death: before 540, (Oui)
Radegund de Thuringi
birth: calculated 520, Erfurt, Thuringia
marriage: Wacchon de Lombard
marriage: Chlothar I
fact 1: 25 October 552, Poitiers, Found Convent of Our Lady of Poitiers
death: 13 August 586, Poitiers
Wacchon de Lombard
birth: estimated 480
other: Salinga Heruli
marriage: Radegund de Thuringi
marriage: Austricuse Gepidus
death: 540
title: before 540, Roi des Lombards
Audoin Heruli
birth: 525
death: Pannonia
Audoin (Owen) Desposyni (Taliesin)
birth: 488
title: King of Lombardia
Grasulf de Frioul
birth: about 540
title: to 581, Dux Forumjulii
death: after 581
Garibald of Bavaria
birth: estimated 530
title: Duke of Lower Bavaria
marriage: w Waldrada de Lombard
death: about 593
Chlothar I
birth: about 497
title: from - 561, Roi de Paris
title: from - 561, Roi des Burgondes
marriage: Chunsine
title: from 511 - 561, Roi de Soissons
marriage: w Ingonda
marriage: w Ingonda
title: from 524 - 561, Roi d'Orléans
marriage: Gondioque ? (Guntheuca, Gondioque de Burgondie)
marriage: w Aregonda
title: from 534 - 558, Co-roi de Burgondie
marriage: Radegund de Thuringi
marriage: w Waldrada de Lombard
title: from 555 - 558, Roi de Metz
title: from 555 - 561, Roi d'Austrasie
title: from 558 - 561, Roi des Francs
death: 30 November 561
burial: about, Soissons, Saint-Médard Abbey
Théodebald d'Austrasie
birth: about 536
title: King of Austrasia
marriage: w Waldrada de Lombard
death: 555
Théodebert 1 d'Austrasie
birth: between 495 and 500
marriage: w Deoteria
engagement: Wisagarde de Lombard
title: from 534 - 547, King of Austrasia
title: from 534 - 548, Co-roi de Burgondie
other: w Deoteria , Répudiation
marriage: Wisagarde de Lombard
death: between 547 and 548
Waltari Heruli
title: King of the Heruli
Lady deBors
birth: 515

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