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The surname Desposyni is applied to purported descendants of Jesus and his immediate family, all of whom were of the House of David. This is a controversial claim in certain circles because it directly threatens the Roman Church’s claim of rule through an Apostolic Succession and the doctrine of original sin (Mortality). Furthermore it presents a picture of a very human Jesus with a wife/consort and children who could well be spiritually a son of God but perhaps not physically.

The name is simply figurative or allegorical nickname based on wordplay of the original family name DePoher Son of Power. Desposyni is a corruption of the original Plouguer or Ploukers. The family was centered in the Gallic territory near Leon. The name of their capital city is Ploukerkarahes or as in French Carhaix-Plouguer. In the Frankish territory of Carmeliarde.

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  1. * Person:1084558 (Poher, ?)
  2. (Lupo) Lupochis Desposyni
  3. Arichis Lopez Desposyni
  4. Audoin (Owen) Desposyni (Taliesin) b. 488
  5. Budic II
  6. Budic II ? (deBors)
  7. Nominoe I de Bretagne b. estimated 805 d. 12 November 857
  8. Erispoe Frodaldus Desposyni (deBors) b. 750 d. 812
  9. Hoel
  10. Iudicael Poçhaer
  11. Judicaël de Poher
  12. * Katel Poherz b. estimated 1553
  13. w Malhuedoc I (Mathuedoi I) de Poher (Pou Kaer / Pagus Kaer) (deBors) b. 875 d. 930
  14. Riswallon III de Poher (de Bretagne)
  15. Mathuédol de Poher
  16. Miriamne de Bretaigne b. estimated 835
  17. * Nevenoe b. 780 d. 7 March 851
  18. Prostlon de Bretagne b. 850 d. 875
  19. Riuallon Breis
  20. Riwallon Poc'hêr
  21. Riwallon III
  22. Salomon III de Poher b. about 820 d. 26 June 874
  23. * Sally Breis
  24. Uigon Breis
  25. * Zucchilo (Zambior) ? (Ausonius) d. after 440

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