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Wacchon de Lombard b. estimated 480 d. 540

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Lineage Liething
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Wacchon de Lombard
Other given names Waco, Wacco, Wacho

Unichus (Erichus) (Henricus) ? (de Lombard) [Liething] b. about 460

? (Daughter of Budoj (Bors)) [?]

Wiki-page wikipedia:Wacho


estimated 480 birth:

child birth: Wisagarde de Lombard [Liething]

child birth: Waltari Heruli [Liething]

other: union, Salinga Heruli [Heruli]

marriage: Radegund de Thuringi [Thuringia] b. calculated 520 d. 13 August 586

marriage: Austricuse Gepidus [-] b. estimated 510 d. before 540

estimated 530 child birth: w Waldrada de Lombard [Liething] b. estimated 530

540 death:

before 540 title: Roi des Lombards


This person is given by some authors as a "make believe" person

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From grandparents to grandchildren

Helena Thalassia
birth: about 396
Unichus (Erichus) (Henricus) ? (de Lombard)
birth: about 460
occupation: Prince Lombard
title: Brittany, Emyr Llydaw
marriage: Gwyar v. Anlawdd (Lanzelot)
title: Duke of Friuli
== 3 ==
Audoin (Owen) Desposyni (Taliesin)
birth: 488
title: King of Lombardia
Austricuse Gepidus
birth: estimated 510
marriage: Wacchon de Lombard
death: before 540, (Oui)
Radegund de Thuringi
birth: calculated 520, Erfurt, Thuringia
marriage: Wacchon de Lombard
marriage: Chlothar I
fact 1: 25 October 552, Poitiers, Found Convent of Our Lady of Poitiers
death: 13 August 586, Poitiers
Wacchon de Lombard
birth: estimated 480
other: Salinga Heruli
marriage: Radegund de Thuringi
marriage: Austricuse Gepidus
death: 540
title: before 540, Roi des Lombards
== 3 ==
Garibald of Bavaria
birth: estimated 530
title: Duke of Lower Bavaria
marriage: w Waldrada de Lombard
death: about 593
Chlothar I
birth: about 497
title: from - 561, Roi de Paris
title: from - 561, Roi des Burgondes
marriage: Chunsine
title: from 511 - 561, Roi de Soissons
marriage: w Ingonda
marriage: w Ingonda
title: from 524 - 561, Roi d'Orléans
marriage: Gondioque ? (Guntheuca, Gondioque de Burgondie)
marriage: w Aregonda
title: from 534 - 558, Co-roi de Burgondie
marriage: Radegund de Thuringi
marriage: w Waldrada de Lombard
title: from 555 - 558, Roi de Metz
title: from 555 - 561, Roi d'Austrasie
title: from 558 - 561, Roi des Francs
death: 30 November 561
burial: about, Soissons, Saint-Médard Abbey
Théodebert 1 d'Austrasie
birth: between 495 and 500
marriage: w Deoteria
engagement: Wisagarde de Lombard
title: from 534 - 547, King of Austrasia
title: from 534 - 548, Co-roi de Burgondie
other: w Deoteria , Répudiation
marriage: Wisagarde de Lombard
death: between 547 and 548
Waltari Heruli
title: King of the Heruli
Agilulf ? (the Thuringian, Anawa)
birth: after 555
title: Duc de Turin
title: from 590 - 616, Roi des Lombards
marriage: w Theodelinda of Bavaria
death: 616
Authari ? (Beleos)
birth: about 540
title: between 585 and 590, King of the Lombards
marriage: w Theodelinda of Bavaria
death: 5 September 590
birth: about 605
Théodebald d'Austrasie
birth: about 536
title: King of Austrasia
marriage: Waldrada de Lombard
death: 555
Гарабальд I
birth: about 530
marriage: Валдерада
death: about 573

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