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Adelaide Capet b. about 973 d. 1068

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Lineage Capet
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Adelaide Capet

Hugh Capet [Robertian] b. between 939 and 941 d. 24 October 996

Adélaïde de Poitiers [Ramnulfids] b. about 945 d. after 1004


about 973 birth:

1068 death:

From grandparents to grandchildren

Adelheid Aelis van Capet
birth: 887
title: 906, Comtesse de Vermandois, de Soissons et de Meaux
marriage: Heribert II van Vermandois
death: after 943
birth: estimated 885
title: 926, Comtesse de Paris, Marquise de Neustrie
marriage: w Hugh Capet
death: 937
Hugh Capet
birth: about 898
marriage: - du Maine (Fille de Roger)
title: 923, marquis de Neustrie
title: 923, comte de Paris
marriage: Eadhild
title: 25 July 936, Laon, duc de France
marriage: Hadwig FitzHenry (Fowler)
title: 954, comte d'Auxerre
death: 16 June 956
burial: Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis), Abbaye de Saint-Denis
Otto I ? (Saint-Empire)
birth: 23 November 912, Wallhausen (Saxony-Anhalt), Germany
marriage: Eadgyth ? (of Wessex)
title: from 2 July 936 - 7 May 973, Roi des Francs, orientaux (Germanie)
title: from 7 August 936 - 973, King of Saxony
title: 7 August 936, Aachen, East Francia, East Frankish king, Palatine Chapel
marriage: Адельгейда фон Лёвен
marriage: w Адельгейда Бургундская , Pavia, Kingdom of the Lombards
title: from 15 October 951 - 973, Italien, King of Italy
title: 2 February 962, Emperor of the Romans
death: 7 May 973, Memleben, Germany
burial: Magdeburg, Germany
Henry I Liudolf
birth: between 919 and 922
title: from 940 - 940, Лотарингское герцогство, Святое Римское царство, лотарингский герцог
title: from 947 - 1 November 955, Баварское герцогство, Святое Римское царство, баварский герцог, 27-й
marriage: w Juditha von Babenburg
death: 1 November 955
Gerberga of Saxony
birth: 913
marriage: Gislebert de Lotharingie
title: 928, Duchesse de Lotharingie
marriage: Людовик IV Заморский
title: 939, Reine des Francs
death: 5 May 984
birth: between 900 and 906
death: 28 July 938, Eresburg, Er wurde von den Männern des Markgrafen Hermann Billung in der Burgkapelle der Eresburg angegriffen und hinterrücks mit einem Speer durchbohrt
Hadwig FitzHenry (Fowler)
birth: about 910
marriage: Hugh Capet
title: 938, Comtesse de Paris, Marquise de Neustrie et Duchesse des Francs
title: 954, Comtesse d'Auxerre
death: 10 May 959
Guillaume III de Poitiers
birth: estimated 910, Poitiers
marriage: w Gerloc de Normandie
death: 3 April 963, Saint-Maixent-l'École, France
burial: Saint-Cyprien abbey
William I of Normandy ("Longsword")
birth: 893, Rouen, Bayeux, Rouen or Bayeux (Wikipedia.en) or overseas (
title: Count of Rouen, Jarl of the Seine Normans
title: 933, Lord of Coutances
title: 933, Lord of Avranches
marriage: Espriota (Sprota) ? (de Senlis)
marriage: Liutgarde van Vermandois
death: 16 December 942, Picquigny
burial: Rouen, Rouen Cathedral
Beatrix Capet
birth: about 938
marriage license: w Friedrich I von Oberlothringen
marriage: w Friedrich I von Oberlothringen
death: 23 September 1003, datum is 19 januari
Emma Capet
birth: about 943
children count: pas de descendance
marriage: Richard I of Normandy ("The Fearless")
death: 18 March 968
Otão de França
birth: about 945
marriage: Lietgarde de Chalon
death: 23 February 965
birth: estimated 935
title: January 971, Évêque d'Auxerre
death: 23 August 996, Toucy (89)
Hugh Capet
birth: between 939 and 941, Paris, France
title: from 16 June 956 - 24 October 996, Count of París, Poitou, Orléans u.a.
title: 960, Duke of France (lat.: dux Francorum)
marriage: Adélaïde de Poitiers
title: June 987, Senlis (Oise), King of France
title: July 987, Laienabt von Saint-Martin de Tours, Saint-Germain d'Auxerre, Saint-Aignan in Orléans, Saint-Quentin, Saint-Vaast usw.
other: 3 July 987, sacre
death: 24 October 996, Paris, France
burial: Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis), Basilica of St Denis
William IV of Aquitaine
birth: Poitiers (86), comte de Poitiers
birth: 937
title: Poitiers (86), duc d'Aquitaine
marriage: Emma du Blois
death: 3 February 995
burial: Poitiers (86), l'Abbaye de Saint Maixent
Adélaïde de Poitiers
birth: about 945
marriage: Hugh Capet
title: 968, Duchesse des Francs
title: 987
death: after 1004, datum is 16 april
== 3 ==
Robert II Capet
birth: about 972, Orléans, France
title: from 25 December 987 - 24 October 996, Co-roi des Francs
marriage: Rosalie Lombard (d'Ivrea)
title: from 24 October 996 - 20 July 1031, Roi des Francs
other: Rosalie Lombard (d'Ivrea) , Répudiation
marriage: Bertha Bourgogne
other: Bertha Bourgogne , Séparation
marriage: Constance d’Arles
death: 20 July 1031, Melun, France
burial: Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis), Basilica of St Denis
Edith Capet (Gennegau, Hainaut, Dagsburg)
birth: about 974
marriage: Hugo Iii. von Dachsburg
marriage: Regnier IV de Hainault
title: 996, Princess
title: 998, Comtesse de Mons
death: after 1013
Gisela Capet (of France)
birth: about 969
title: Abbeville/Somme, Hauts-de-France, Dame von Abbeville
death: about 1000
Adelaide Capet
birth: about 973
death: 1068
== 3 ==

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