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William FitzWilliam b. estimated 1010 d. 1080

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Lineage Normandy
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) William FitzWilliam

William FitzRichard [Normandy] b. 978 d. 1058

Lesceline Harcourt [Harcourt] b. estimated 985 d. 26 January 1078



estimated 1010 birth:

child birth: Lithuise de Troyes [?]

marriage: w Aelis van Soissons [Soissons] b. estimated 1020 d. 18 September 1166

estimated 1045 child birth: Agnes d'Eu [Normandy] b. estimated 1045 d. before 1074

1058 child birth: Ada van Soissons [Soissons] b. 1058

1070 child birth: Jan I van Soissons [Soissons] b. 1070 d. 1118

1080 death:


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Graaf van Eu

[edit] Sources

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From grandparents to grandchildren

Emma Capet
birth: about 943
children count: pas de descendance
marriage: Richard I of Normandy ("The Fearless")
death: 18 March 968
Gunnora Crepon (Herbastusdotter)
birth: about 933, Normandy, France
marriage: Richard I of Normandy ("The Fearless")
death: 4 January 1031, Fécamp, Normandy, France
Richard I of Normandy ("The Fearless")
birth: 933, Normandy, France
title: 3e duc de Normandie
title: from 17 December 942 - 20 November 996, Count of Rouen
marriage: Emma Capet
marriage: Gunnora Crepon (Herbastusdotter)
death: 20 November 996, Fécamp, France
burial: Fécamp
Richard II FitzRichard (Evereaux)
birth: 23 August 963, Rouen, Normandy
marriage: w Papia of Envermeu
marriage: Judithe Bretanha (Bretagne)
title: between 20 November 996 and 28 August 1026, Duque da Normandia
death: 23 August 1026, Fécamp, France
Mauger Le Jeune
birth: about
title: about, Count of Saint Clair
marriage: Germaine de Corbeil
title: from 996 - 1032, Count of Mortain
title: from 1012 - 1032, Count of Corbeil
death: 1032
Hawise of Normandy
birth: 977, Rouen, France
title: 996, Rennes, France, Duchess of Normandy
marriage: w Geoffrey I Beranger of Brittany ,
death: 22 February 1034
Emma I of Normandy
birth: 980
title: from 1002 - 1013, Queen Consort of England
marriage: Æthelred II of Wessex ("The Unready")
title: from 1014 - 1016, reine consort d'Angleterre
marriage: Knut le Grand ? (Knud II)
title: from 1018 - 1035
title: from 1018 - 12 November 1035, Queen Consort of England
death: 7 March 1052, Winchester (England)
Robert d'Évreux
birth: estimated 965
caste: from 989 - 1037, archevêque de Rouen
title: from 996 - 1037, Comte d'Évreux
death: 1037
Beatrice of Normandy (FitzRichard)
birth: 980
ordination: as widow abbess of Montvilliers
marriage: Ebles I de Turenne (de Comborn)
death: 18 January 1035
Geoffrey de Bec (Crispin d'Eaux)
birth: estimated 960
title: estimated 1000, граф де Брион
title: estimated 1000, граф д'Э
death: after 1023
Mathilde de Normandie
marriage: Eudes II de Blois
title: 1003, Dame de Blois
title: 1004, Comtesse de Blois, de Châteaudun, de Chartres, de Reims, de Tours, de Beauvais, de Provins et de Sancerre
death: about 1006
William FitzRichard
birth: 978
marriage: Lesceline Harcourt
title: from 1040 - 1058, граф Э
death: 1058, 4 januari of 26 janauri
Hildouin III van Montdidier
birth: before 970
title: Comte de Montdidier
property: Seigneur de Ramerupt
marriage: Lesceline Harcourt
death: 1033
== 3 ==
Hildouin IV van Montdidier
birth: estimated 1015
property: seigneur de Ramerupt
title: comte de Montdidier
marriage: Alix de Roucy
title: 1033, comte de Roucy
death: about 1063
Robert d'Eu
birth: 8 September 1089
Aelis van Soissons
birth: estimated 1020
marriage: William FitzWilliam
death: 18 September 1166
William FitzWilliam
birth: estimated 1010
marriage: Aelis van Soissons
death: 1080
== 3 ==
Hervé de Montmorency
birth: estimated 1035
title: seigneur de Montmorency et de Marly
occupation: bouteiller de France
marriage: Agnes d'Eu
death: 1094
Agnes d'Eu
birth: estimated 1045
marriage: Hervé de Montmorency
death: before 1074
Milo I (Miles) de Monthiery
title: between 1095 and 1102, Loord Monthlery
death: 1102
Jan I van Soissons
birth: 1070
death: 1118
Hugo de Braine
birth: 1030
Ada van Soissons
birth: 1058
Agnes Beaumont
birth: estimated 1080
marriage: w Bouchard IV de Montmorency
death: before 1105
Bouchard IV de Montmorency
birth: estimated 1070
children count: 6
marriage count: 2
marriage: Agnes Beaumont
death: 2 January 1131, Jérusalem
birth: 1077
death: 1137
Gautier de Brienne
birth: after 1095, Brienne-le-Château, France
title: 1114, Comte de Brienne et Seigneur de Ramerupt
marriage: Humbelina de Soissons
marriage: Adélaïde de Vaudémont
death: before 1156
Humbelina de Soissons
birth: 1100
marriage: Gautier de Brienne
title: 1124, Comtesse de Brienne et Dame de Ramerupt
death: 1137

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