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Hildouin IV van Montdidier b. estimated 1015 d. about 1063

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Lineage Montdidier-Roucy
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Hildouin IV van Montdidier

Hildouin III van Montdidier [Montdidier] b. before 970 d. 1033

Lesceline Harcourt [Harcourt] b. estimated 985 d. 26 January 1078


estimated 1015 birth:

child birth: Ebles II de Roucy [Montdidier-Roucy] d. May 1103

child birth: Felicie of Roucy [Montdidier-Roucy] d. 3 May 1123

property: seigneur de Ramerupt

title: comte de Montdidier

1032 marriage: Alix de Roucy [Roucy] b. 1019 d. about 1063

1033 title: comte de Roucy

1043 child birth: André de Ramerupt [Montdidier-Roucy] b. 1043 d. 1105

estimated 1045 child birth: Adele van Montdidier [Montdidier-Roucy] b. estimated 1045

about 1050 child birth: Элизабет из Креси [из Креси] b. about 1050 d. 1104

estimated 1060 child birth: Ada van Ramerupt [Montdidier-Roucy] b. estimated 1060 d. after 1106

about 1063 death:

estimated 1090 child birth: Ada van Ramerupt [Montdidier-Roucy] b. estimated 1090


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Hilduin II de Montdidier
birth: about 951
title: comte de Montdider
title: comte d’Arcis
property: seigneur de Ramerupt
title: vicomte de Vexin
marriage: Helvide de Laon
other: 992, pèlerinage de Jérusalem
death: after 993
Manasses van Dammartin
title: graaf van Dammartin
Hildouin III van Montdidier
birth: before 970
title: Comte de Montdidier
property: Seigneur de Ramerupt
marriage: Lesceline Harcourt
death: 1033
William FitzRichard
birth: 978
marriage: Lesceline Harcourt
title: from 1040 - 1058, граф Э
death: 1058, 4 januari of 26 janauri
== 3 ==
William FitzWilliam
birth: estimated 1010
marriage: w Aelis van Soissons
death: 1080
Robert d'Eu
birth: 8 September 1089
Hildouin IV van Montdidier
birth: estimated 1015
property: seigneur de Ramerupt
title: comte de Montdidier
marriage: Alix de Roucy
title: 1033, comte de Roucy
death: about 1063
== 3 ==
Arnold I van Warq-Chiny
birth: estimated 1045
title: comte de Chiny
death: 16 April 1106
Adele van Montdidier
birth: estimated 1045
birth: about 1068
burial: Saint-Hubert (Belgium), Abbey of St. Hubert in the Ardennes
Godfried de Guise
birth: estimated 1070
property: seigneur de Guise
marriage: Ada van Ramerupt
death: 1121
Felicie of Roucy
marriage: Санчо I Рамирес Арагонский
title: 1076, Reine d'Aragon et de Pampelune
death: 3 May 1123
Wouter van Ath
birth: estimated 1060
Ada van Ramerupt
birth: estimated 1060
death: after 1106
burial: Abbaye de Liessies
Ebles II de Roucy
title: 1063, comte de Roucy
marriage: Сибилла
death: May 1103
Guy II de Montlhéry (Guy Ier de Rochefort, dit le Rouge)
birth: about 1055
title: Comte de Rochefort, seigneur de Chevreuse, de Châteaufort, de Gournay-sur-Marne et de Crécy-en-Brie, châtelain de Brétencourt
marriage: Adélaïde de Rochefort
marriage: Элизабет из Креси
death: 1108
Agnès de Poitiers
birth: July 1103, Poitiers (86)
marriage: Aimery V de Thouars
title: 13 November 1135, Jaca, Reine d'Aragon
marriage: Ramiro II van Aragon , Jaca
death: 1159, Fontevraud-l'Abbaye (49)
Ramiro II van Aragon
birth: 24 April 1086, Pamplona
title: 29 September 1134, Huesca, Roi d'Aragon
marriage: Agnès de Poitiers , Jaca
death: 16 August 1157, Huesca
Louis VI of France
birth: 1 December 1081, Paris
marriage: Люсьен из Рошефор
annulment: Люсьен из Рошефор
title: from 30 July 1108 - 1 August 1137, Melun, Roi de France
other: 3 August 1108, Reims, Sacre
marriage: w Adelheid van Maurienne (van Savoye) , Paris
death: 1 August 1137, Béthisy-Saint-Pierre, France
burial: after 1 August 1137, Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis), France, Basilica of St Denis
Guichard III de Beaujeu
birth: about 1080
title: Seigneur de Beaujeu
marriage: Люсьен из Рошефор
death: 1137
Уррака I Леонская и Кастильская
birth: 24 June 1081
marriage: Pedro Gonzalez de Lara
marriage: Раймонд ? (Бургундский) , Toledo
title: 1109, королева Галиссии
marriage: Alfonso I of Aragon , Burgos
annulment: Alfonso I of Aragon
death: 11 March 1126, Saldana, Palencia, España
Otton II de Chiny
birth: estimated 1065
title: comte de Chiny
marriage: Adelheid van Namen
death: 28 March 1123
Gouye de Guise
birth: about 1088
Gui van Guise
birth: estimated 1105
property: seigneur de Guise et de Lesquielles
marriage: Adeline van Montmorency
death: 1141
Ada van Ath
birth: estimated 1085
death: after 1126
Beatrix van Ath
birth: estimated 1095
Erard Brienne
birth: about 1070
title: 1090, Comte de Brienne
marriage: Agnes of Ramerupt
death: 1114
Agnes of Ramerupt
birth: 1070
marriage: Erard Brienne
title: 1110, Comtesse de Brienne
death: 1143
Hugues de Roucy (Cholet)
title: 1104, comte de Roucy
marriage: Рихильда Швабская
death: about 1160
Fernando d'Aragon
birth: 1071
death: 1094
Inès de Poitiers
marriage: w Pierre d'Aragon (Pierre Ier)
title: 1086, Comtesse de Ribagorce et de Sobrarbe
title: 1094, Reine d'Aragon et de Navarre
death: 1097
title: 16 August 1097, Huesca, Reine d'Aragon et de Navarre
marriage: w Pierre d'Aragon (Pierre Ier) , Huesca
Pierre d'Aragon (Pierre Ier)
birth: 1074
title: 1085, Comte de Ribagorce et de Sobrarbe
marriage: Inès de Poitiers
title: 1094, Roi d'Aragon et de Navarre
marriage: Berta , Huesca
death: 1104, Huesca
Ida van Ath
birth: 1080
marriage: Goswin II de Mons
death: 1127
Anselm II d'Ostrevant
birth: 1063
marriage: Agnes de Roucy
death: 26 February 1099

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