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Raoul Vaudreuil (d'Ivry)

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Lineage Ivry
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Raoul Vaudreuil (d'Ivry)

Espriota (Sprota) ? (de Senlis) [?] b. estimated 910

Asperleng de Pîtres [Ivry]

Wiki-page wikipedia:Rodulf_of_Ivry


child birth: Aubrée d'Ivry [Ivry]

child birth: Raoul d'Ivry [Ivry]

child birth: Jean d'Ivry [Ivry]

child birth: Hugues d'Ivry [Ivry]

child birth: Emma d'Ivry [Ivry]


This person is given by some authors as a "make believe" person

Please do not modify this record without special precautions. He married Eremberga, who died before 1011, then Aubrée de Canville. His children were

   * Hugues, bishop of Bayeux (c. 1011-1049)
   * Jean d'Ivry, bishop of Avranches (1060-1067) then archbishop of Rouen (1067-1079)
   * Emma, who married Osbern de Crépon (Osbern the Steward), mother of William FitzOsbern
   * Raoul
   * Daughter of unknown name, who married Richard de Beaufou.

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[edit] Sources

  1. -
  2. - Ralph is confirmed by TCP (Hereford) as having been a half-brother, through his mother, of Richard I, Duke of Normandy. TCP (Lovel of Titchmarsh) identifies his wife as ...
  3. ‘The Complete Peerage’ (or ‘A History of the House of Lords and all its Members from the Earliest Times’); based on work by George Edward Cokayne (Clarenceux King of Arms, died 1911) and published in 12 volumes from 1910 to 1959 (volume XII in two parts) by The St. Catherine Press -

From grandparents to grandchildren

William I of Normandy ("Longsword")
birth: 893, Rouen, Bayeux, Rouen or Bayeux (Wikipedia.en) or overseas (
title: Count of Rouen, Jarl of the Seine Normans
title: 933, Lord of Coutances
title: 933, Lord of Avranches
marriage: Espriota (Sprota) ? (de Senlis)
marriage: Liutgarde van Vermandois
death: 16 December 942, Picquigny
burial: Rouen, Rouen Cathedral
Asperleng de Pîtres
occupation: fermier des moulins du Vaudreuil
== 2 ==
Richard I of Normandy ("The Fearless")
birth: 933, Normandy, France
title: 3e duc de Normandie
title: from 17 December 942 - 20 November 996, Count of Rouen
marriage: Emma Capet
marriage: Gunnora Crepon (Herbastusdotter)
death: 20 November 996, Fécamp, France
burial: Fécamp
Eremberga de Canouville
death: before 1011
== 2 ==
Osbern de Crépon
occupation: Seneschal of Normandie
marriage: Emma d'Ivry
death: about 1040, Le Vaudreuil, Normandie
Hugues d'Ivry
title: between 1011 and 1049, Bayeux, Bishop
Jean d'Ivry
title: between 1060 and 1067, Avranches, Bishop
title: between 1067 and 1079, Rouen, Archbishop
Richard de Beaufou
marriage: Aubrée d'Ivry
title: between 1134 and 1142, Avranches, Bishop
William FitzOsbern de Crépon
birth: about 1027
title: estimated 1050, Normandy, Lord of Breteuil
title: estimated 1050, Cormeilles (Eure), Lord of Cormeilles
title: between 1067 and 1071, Earl of Hereford, 1st
death: 20 February 1071

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