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Оттон III Швабский b. about 995 d. 28 September 1057

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Lineage Луитпольдинги
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Оттон III Швабский

Hendrik van Schweinfurt [Luitpolding] b. estimated 950 d. 8 September 1017

Gerberge van Gleiberg [Konradijnen] b. estimated 970 d. after 1036

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about 995 birth:

marriage: Irmingard van Susa [Arduinici] b. estimated 1020 d. 21 January 1078

from 1024 - 1031 title: маркграф Нордгау, под именем Оттон

estimated 1035 child birth: Judith van Schweinfurt [Schweinfurt] b. estimated 1035 d. 1104

1035 marriage: Матильда [Пясты] b. 1017 d. after 1035

about 22 February 1035 child birth: Sophie van Schweinfurt [Schweinfurt] b. about 22 February 1035

from 1048 - 28 September 1057 title: герцог Швабии

28 September 1057 death: Швайнфурт


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Juditha von Babenburg
birth: 925
marriage: Henry I Liudolf
death: after 29 June 985
Arnulf II van Beieren
birth: about 913
marriage: Judith de Beieren
death: 22 July 954, Regensburg
Eberhard van Beieren
birth: about 912
marriage: Liutgart de Lorraine-Verdun
title: 14 July 937, duc de Bavière
death: 940
Luitpold de Babenberg
birth: 940
marriage: Richwarda d'Eppenstein
title: 976, Margrave de la Marche de l'Est
death: 994, Wurtzbourg
Berthold van Beieren
birth: estimated 915
title: Margrave de Nordgau
marriage: Heliksuinda van Waldbeck
death: 16 January 980, Schweinfurt
Lothar III van Stade van Waldbeck
birth: estimated 950
marriage: Godilla van Rothenburg , her first marriage. The marriage was arranged by Emperor Otto II himself.
death: 25 January 1003, Cologne
burial: Cologne, Church
Siegfried I van Waldbeck
birth: estimated 955
marriage: Kunigunde van Stade
death: 15 March 991
Nn van Waldbeck
birth: estimated 950
Heliksuinda van Waldbeck
birth: estimated 940
marriage: Berthold van Beieren
death: 19 August 1015
burial: dom van Schweinfurt
Konrad 1er de Rheinfelden
birth: before 922
death: 20 August 997
Herbert I van Wetterau
birth: estimated 930
death: 992
Irmtrud van Avalgau
birth: 957
death: 1020
Hendrik van Schweinfurt
birth: estimated 950
title: margrave de Nordgau
marriage: Gerberge van Gleiberg
death: 8 September 1017
burial: bij de kloosterkerk van Schweinfurt
Otto I van Hammerstein
birth: estimated 975
death: 5 June 1036
Gerberge van Gleiberg
birth: estimated 970
marriage: Hendrik van Schweinfurt
death: after 1036
== 3 ==
Elika van Schweinfurt
birth: estimated 1005
marriage: w Bernhard II van Saksen
death: after 1055, datum is 10 december
Jutta Schweinfurt
birth: 1003, Schweinfurt
marriage: Peter Orseolo (of Hungary)
title: 1030, Princesse de Bohême
marriage: Bretislav I Achilles
title: 1034, Duchesse de Bohême
death: 2 August 1058
Оттон III Швабский
birth: about 995
marriage: Irmingard van Susa
title: from 1024 - 1031, маркграф Нордгау, под именем Оттон
marriage: Матильда
title: from 1048 - 28 September 1057, герцог Швабии
death: 28 September 1057, Швайнфурт
== 3 ==
Gertrud von Braunschweig
birth: about 1060
marriage: w Hendrik van Northeim
death: 9 December 1117, Braunschweig
burial: Braunschweiger Dom
Арнольд фон Диссен
birth: about 1040
title: граф Диссена
title: граф в Роттгау
death: after 8 February 1091
Sophie van Schweinfurt
birth: about 22 February 1035
Botho van Bottenstein
birth: 1028
marriage: Judith van Schweinfurt
death: 1 March 1104, bij Regensburg
burial: Theres klooster bij Schweinfurt
Konrad I von Bayern
birth: about 1020
marriage: Judith van Schweinfurt
death: 5 December 1055
Englebert von Schwarzenburg
birth: 1075
death: 1125
Otto II van Diessen
birth: estimated 1055
marriage: Adelheid van Regensburg
death: 24 April 1120
burial: St Stefan te Diessen
Hendrik I van Limburg
birth: about 1059
marriage: Adelheid van Bottenstein
title: about 1092, Comte d'Arlon et de Limbourg
title: 1101, Duc de Basse-Lotharingie, jusqu'en 1106
title: 1106, Duc de Limbourg
death: about 1119
Burkhard van Moosburg
birth: estimated 1015
marriage: Nn van Diessen
death: after 1060
Berthold III of Diessen
birth: between 1090 and 1098
title: Gf von Plassenberg und von Stein
marriage: Sophie of Istria (Weimar-Orlamünde)
death: 27 June 1151

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