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Family: Бернхард II Саксонии + Elika von Schweinfurt

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Бернхард II Саксонии [Биллунги] b. estimated 990 d. 29 June 1059

Elika von Schweinfurt [Schweinfurt] b. estimated 1005 d. after 1055


Бернхард II Саксонии + Elika von Schweinfurt

Ordulph (Otto) [Billung] b. 1022 d. 28 March 1072

Гертруда Саксонская [Биллунги] b. from 1028 - 1030 d. 3 August 1113

Ida Billung (van La Roche) [Billung] b. estimated 1035 d. 31 July 1101

Hedwig van Saksen [Billung] b. between 1030 and 1035 d. about 17 July 1112

Бернхард II Саксонии

Ψ Bernard Billung (of Saxony) [Billung]

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