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Nn Guelph (de Altdorf) b. estimated 1015

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Lineage Guelph
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Nn Guelph
Other last names de Altdorf

Kuno I Guelph (van Altdorf) [Guelph] b. estimated 980 d. after 1020


estimated 1015 birth:

marriage: Hendrik II van Schweinfurt [Luitpolding] b. estimated 995 d. 1043

estimated 1020 child birth: Frederik van Burg Lengenfeld [van Burg Lengenfeld] b. estimated 1020

estimated 1030 child birth: Otto I van Scheyern [Wittelsbach] b. estimated 1030 d. 4 December 1072

estimated 1030 child birth: Kuno I van Lechsgemünd [Lechsgemünd] b. estimated 1030 d. before 1094


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Rudolf II Guelph (van Altdorf)
birth: 927
marriage: Itha van Öhningen
death: about 992, datum ongeveer 10 maart
burial: Weingarten
Hermann II von Schwaben
birth: about 950
marriage: Gerberga d'Arles (of Burgandy)
title: from 20 August 997 - 4 May 1003, Herzog von Schwaben
marriage: 998
death: 4 May 1003
Judith van Öhningen
marriage: Adalbert II. von Metz
birth: estimated 985
death: between 1033 and 1038, datum is 27 juli
Nn van Öhningen
birth: estimated 965
marriage: Frederik
Liutold van de Sundgau
birth: estimated 980
death: before 1044
Itha van Öhningen
birth: estimated 940
marriage: Rudolf II Guelph (van Altdorf)
death: after 1000, datum is 16 oktober
Welf II van Lechrain
birth: estimated 965
marriage: Ermengarde de Luxembourg
death: 10 March 1030
burial: klooster Weingarten
Kuno I Guelph (van Altdorf)
birth: estimated 980
death: after 1020
== 3 ==
== 3 ==
Haziga von Diessen
birth: estimated 1040
marriage: Otto I van Scheyern
death: 17 October 1100
Otto I van Scheyern
birth: estimated 1030
marriage: Haziga von Diessen
death: 4 December 1072
burial: abdij van Scheyern
Sigena van Groß-Leinungen
birth: estimated 1030
birth: 24 February 1110
marriage: Frederik van Burg Lengenfeld
burial: Vitzenburg
Mathilde van Horburg
birth: estimated 1040
death: between 1092 and 1094, datum is 30 september
Kuno I van Lechsgemünd
birth: estimated 1030
death: before 1094
Richardis von Weimar-Orlamünde
birth: estimated 1070
marriage: Ekkehard I von Scheyern
death: 16 May 1120
burial: after 16 May 1120, Eisenhofen
Ekkehard I von Scheyern
birth: about 1052
marriage: Richardis von Weimar-Orlamünde
death: after 1101, Kleinasien
Adelheid van Lechsgemünd
birth: estimated 1065
death: 24 February 1108
Otto II von Scheyern
death: 31 October 1120

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