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Arnulf II van Beieren b. about 913 d. 22 July 954

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Lineage Luitpolding
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Arnulf II van Beieren

w Arnulf I. der Böse von Bayern [Luitpoldinger] b. 886 d. 14 July 937

Judith in de Sulichgau [Unruoching] b. after 888

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about 913 birth:

marriage: Judith de Beieren [Beieren] b. estimated 925

estimated 925 child birth: Nn van Beieren [Luitpolding] b. estimated 925

about 930 child birth: w Berthold van Reisenburg [Luitpolding] b. about 930 d. about 999

22 July 954 death: Regensburg


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[edit] Sources

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From grandparents to grandchildren

Луитпольд ван Байерен (Каринитийский)
birth: estimated 855
title: 895, Comte de Carinthie
marriage: w Кунигунда вон Швабен
title: 898, Margrave de Bavière
title: 901, Братислава
title: 903, Duc de Bohême
title: 905, Margrave de Nordgau
death: 907
Кунигунда вон Швабен
birth: about 878
title: 895
marriage: Луитпольд ван Байерен (Каринитийский)
title: 898, Монастырь Лорш
title: 901, Duchesse de Bavière
title: 903, Duchesse de Bohême
title: 905, Margravine de Nordgau
death: 7 February 918, un 7 février, après 918
Eberhard im Sülichgau
birth: estimated 856
title: Graf Zulichgau
marriage: Gisela van Verona
death: after 889
Berthold van Beieren
birth: 900
marriage: w Bilitrud
death: 23 November 947
Arnulf I. der Böse von Bayern
birth: 886
title: 4 July 907, Markgraf von Nordgau
marriage: Judith in de Sulichgau
death: 14 July 937, Regensburg
Judith in de Sulichgau
birth: after 888
marriage: Arnulf I. der Böse von Bayern
title: from 910 - 915, Duchesse de Bavière et Margravine de Nordgau
== 3 ==
Juditha von Babenburg
birth: 925
marriage: Henry I Liudolf
death: after 29 June 985
Berthold van Beieren
birth: estimated 915
title: Margrave de Nordgau
marriage: Heliksuinda van Waldbeck
death: 16 January 980, Schweinfurt
Eberhard van Beieren
birth: about 912
marriage: Liutgard
title: 14 July 937, duc de Bavière
death: 940
Luitpold de Babenberg
birth: 940
marriage: Richwarda d'Eppenstein
title: 976, Margrave de la Marche de l'Est
death: 994, Wurtzbourg
Arnulf II van Beieren
birth: about 913
marriage: Judith de Beieren
death: 22 July 954, Regensburg
== 3 ==
Berthold van Reisenburg
birth: about 930
marriage: Nn Верхне-Лотарингская
death: about 999, datum is 26 augustus
Meginhard I aan de Mangfall
birth: estimated 915
marriage: Nn van Beieren
death: 987
burial: klooster van Benediktbeuern
Frederik II van Diessen
birth: estimated 965
marriage: Hemma van Ohningen
death: before 1020, Jeruzalem
burial: Jeruzalem
Arnold van Gilching
birth: estimated 975
marriage: Irmgard
death: about 1030, datum is 11 januari

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