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Agnes van Bourbon b. 1237 d. 1287

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Lineage Bourbon-Dampierre
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Agnes van Bourbon

Archambaud IX de Bourbon [Dampierre] b. 1205 d. 22 January 1249

Yolande de Châtillon [Châtillon] b. 1215 d. 1254

Reference numbers GEDCOM::AdriaenAlbout.ged::INDI @I808@::Kjansen


1237 birth: Bourbon, France

1248 title: France

1248 marriage: Jean Bourgogne (van Bourgondië) [Capet-Burgundy] b. 1231 d. 29 September 1268

1257 child birth: Bourbon-Lancy, France, Beatrice Bourgogne [Capet-Burgundy] b. 1257 d. 1 October 1310

1277 marriage: w Robert II von Artois [Artois] b. September 1250 d. 11 July 1302

1277 title: Comtesse d'Artois

1287 death:


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  • Bourbon, France

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[edit] Sources

  1. - Location of Bourbon, France

From grandparents to grandchildren

Wilhelm II. von Dampierre
birth: 1196
title: 18 September 1216, Connétable der Champagne
title: 1223, Herr (Seigneur) von Bourbon und von Montlucon
marriage: Margarete II von Flandern , City of Westminster
death: 3 September 1231
Archembaud Viii Bourbon
birth: 1189
marriage: Alix de Forez
other: Alix de Forez , Répudiation
title: 1216, Sire de Bourbon
marriage: Béatrice de Montluçon
death: 1242
Филипп Капетович
birth: 1209, Франковское княжество
marriage: Agnes de Donzy
title: 8 September 1217, Неверское графство, Франковское княжество, Comte de Nevers, d'Auxerre et de Tonnerre
death: 1218, Франковское княжество
Hughes V de Chatillon (Hughes I de Blois, Hughes I de St Pol)
birth: 1196
marriage: Marie d'Avensnes (du Blois)
marriage: Marie d'Avensnes (du Blois)
title: 1219, Châtillon-sur-Marne, seigneur de Châtillon
title: 1226, Saint-Pol-sur-Ternoise, comte de Saint-Pol
title: 1230, Blois, comte de Blois
death: 9 April 1248
Hugo I von Châtillon
birth: after 1197
death: 9 April 1248, Avignon
Guy II de Saint-Pol de Châtillon (Guy III de Châtillon)
birth: about 1196
title: 1221, Comte de Nevers, d'Auxerre et de Tonnerre
marriage: Agnes de Donzy
death: 1226, Avignon (84)
Marie de Bourbon
birth: 1220
title: 1240, Comtesse de Dreux et de Braine
marriage: Jean van Dreux Braine (Braine)
death: 24 August 1274
Margaret Bourbon
birth: 1211
marriage: Theobald (Thibaut) le Chansonnier (Theobald I , Thibaut IV , Theobald IV)
title: 1232, Comtesse de Champagne
title: 7 April 1234, Tudela (Navarre), Reine de Navarre
death: 12 April 1256
Archambaud IX de Bourbon
birth: 1205
marriage: Yolande de Châtillon
title: 1249, Seigneur de Bourbon
death: 22 January 1249, Chypre
Gaucher de Châtillon
title: Auxerre (89), comte d'Auxerre
title: Tonnerre (89), comte de Tonnerre
marriage: Jeanne de France
title: 1225, Nevers (58), comte de Nevers
death: 1250
Yolande de Châtillon
birth: 1215
marriage: Archambaud IX de Bourbon
title: 1249, Dame de Bourbon
death: 1254
== 3 ==
Mathilde II von Bourbon
birth: 1234
title: Graf von Auxerre
title: Gräfin von Tonnerre
marriage: Odo van Bourgondie
title: February 1248, Comtesse héritière de Bourgogne
title: 1254, Comtesse de Nevers
death: 1262
Jean Bourgogne (van Bourgondië)
birth: 1231, Dijon, France
marriage: Agnes van Bourbon
death: 29 September 1268, Moulins (Allier)
Robert II von Artois
birth: September 1250
title: September 1250, Graf von Artois
marriage: Amicie de Courtenay
marriage: Agnes van Bourbon
marriage: Margarete von Avesnes
death: 11 July 1302, Kortrijk, in der Sporenschlacht
Agnes van Bourbon
birth: 1237, Bourbon, France
title: 1248, France
marriage: Jean Bourgogne (van Bourgondië)
marriage: Robert II von Artois
title: 1277, Comtesse d'Artois
death: 1287
== 3 ==
Robert Capet (de Clermont)
birth: 1256, Paris, France
title: January 1257, Paris, France, Count of Clermont
marriage: Beatrice Bourgogne , Clermont (Oise), France
burial: after 7 February 1317, Paris (75), Cloître Saint-Jacques
death: 1318
Beatrice Bourgogne
birth: 1257, Bourbon-Lancy, France
marriage: Robert Capet (de Clermont) , Clermont (Oise), France
death: 1 October 1310, Murat (Allier), France, Murat Castle
Johann I von Dampierre
birth: 1267
title: from 1305 - 31 January 1330, Comte de Namur
marriage: Marguerite von Bourbon
marriage: w Marie von Artois
death: 31 January 1330
Marguerite von Bourbon
birth: 1290
marriage: Johann I von Dampierre
title: 1308, Comtesse de Namur
death: 4 February 1309
Marie Hainault
birth: 1290, Valenciennes, France
title: 22 September 1310, Murat (Allier), France, Murat Castle
marriage: Louis I de Bourbon , Pontoise
title: 1 October 1310, Paris, Dame de Bourbon
title: 27 December 1327, Paris, Duchesse de Bourbon et Comtesse de La Marche
death: 1 September 1354, Murat (Allier)
Louis I de Bourbon
birth: 1279, Clermont (Oise), France
title: comte de la Marche
marriage: Marie Hainault , Pontoise
title: 1 October 1310, Paris (75), Sire de Bourbon
title: 27 December 1327, Paris (75), Duc de Bourbon et Comte de La Marche
death: 29 January 1342, Paris, France, St Jacques
Jeanne D'Argie (Picard)
birth: 1290, Argies, Picardie, France
marriage: Jean Clermont (Capet)
death: 1348
Jean Clermont (Capet)
birth: 1283, Clermont, France
marriage: Jeanne D'Argie (Picard)
death: 17 July 1316, Paris, France
Robert d'Auvergne (Robert VII)
birth: 1282
marriage: Blanche de Clermont , Paris (75)
title: 1314, Comte d'Auvergne et de Boulogne
marriage: Maria von Dampierre
death: 13 October 1325
Blanche de Clermont
birth: 1281
marriage: Robert d'Auvergne (Robert VII) , Paris (75)
title: 25 June 1303, Paris (75), Comtesse héritière d'Auvergne et de Boulogne
death: 1304
Маrie de Clermont
birth: 1285
death: 1372
Pierre de Clermont
birth: 1287
death: 1331

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