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Archimbauld IX van Dampierre Bourbon b. 1197 d. 23 July 1242

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Lineage Bourbon-Dampierre
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Archimbauld IX van Dampierre Bourbon

Mathilde I de Bourbon [Bourbon] b. 1165 d. 18 June 1228

w Guy II de Dampierre [Dampierre] b. 1155 d. 18 January 1216

Reference numbers GEDCOM::AdriaenAlbout.ged::INDI @I830@::Kjansen


1197 birth:

1205 marriage: Guigone de Forez [Forez] b. 1180 d. 1215

1210 marriage: Beatrix van Montluchon [Montluchon] b. 1195 d. 1250

23 July 1242 death: Taillebourg


Heer van Bourbon

From grandparents to grandchildren

Archambaud de Bourbon
birth: 29 June 1140
marriage: Alix de Bourgogne
death: 26 July 1169
Hugues III de Bourgogne
birth: 1148
title: 27 June 1162, Duc de Bourgogne
marriage: Adelheid van Lotharingen
other: Adelheid van Lotharingen , Répudiation
marriage: Beatrix van Albon (Vienne) , St. Gilles en Languedoc
death: 25 August 1192, Tyr
Alix de Bourgogne
birth: 1146
title: 1164, Dame héritière de Bourbon
marriage: Archambaud de Bourbon
death: 1192
Ermengarde de Mouchy
birth: 1130
marriage: Guillaume de Dampierre (Guillaume Ier)
title: 1150, Dame héritière de Dampierre
title: 1151, Dame de Dampierre
death: 1190
Mathilde I de Bourbon
birth: 1165
title: 1171, Dame de Bourbon
marriage: Gautier IV de Bourgogne
divorce: Gautier IV de Bourgogne
marriage: w Guy II de Dampierre
title: 9 September 1196, Dame de Dampierre
death: 18 June 1228
Guy II de Dampierre
birth: 1155
title: 1161, Seigneur de Dampierre
marriage: Mathilde I de Bourbon
death: 18 January 1216
== 3 ==
Wilhelm II. von Dampierre
birth: 1196
title: 18 September 1216, Connétable der Champagne
title: 1223, Herr (Seigneur) von Bourbon und von Montlucon
marriage: Margarete II von Flandern , City of Westminster
death: 3 September 1231
Archembaud Viii Bourbon
birth: 1189
marriage: Alix de Forez
other: Alix de Forez , Répudiation
title: 1216, Sire de Bourbon
marriage: Béatrice de Montluçon
death: 1242
== 3 ==

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