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Stephan Etienne II d'Auxonne b. 1130 d. 21 January 1173

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Lineage Burgundy-Ivrea
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Stephan Etienne II d'Auxonne

William de Auxonne (Count of Macon and Auxonne) [Burgundy-Ivrea] b. 1088 d. 27 September 1155

Poncetta de Trave [?]

Reference numbers GEDCOM::AdriaenAlbout.ged::INDI @I176655@::Kjansen


1130 birth:

child birth: Agnès de Bourgogne [Burgund-Ivrea]

1170 child birth: w Étienne II d'Auxonne (Étienne III de Bourgogne) [Bourgogne-Ivrée] b. 1170 d. 16 March 1241

1170 marriage: Judith de Lorraine [Lorraine] b. 1140 d. 1173

21 January 1173 death: Clairfontaine


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Graaf van Auxonne

From grandparents to grandchildren

Раймонд ? (Бургундский)
birth: 1050, Безансон
title: граф Амеруа
marriage: Уррака I Леонская и Кастильская , Toledo
title: from 1092 - 24 May 1107, граф Галисии
title: from 1092 - 24 May 1107, граф Коимбры
title: between 1096 and 24 May 1107, король Леона
death: 24 May 1107, Грахаль-де-Кампос
Ermentrude de Bourgogne (Mömpelgard, van Montbéliard)
birth: about 1050
marriage: w Theodoric I de Montbéliard
death: after 8 March 1105
burial: Autun, Cathédrale
Sybille van Bourgondie
birth: 1065
marriage: Эд I Боррель (Рыжий) Бургундский
title: 1080, Duchesse de Bourgogne
death: 1103
Gui de Bourgogne (Calixte II)
birth: about 1050, Quingey (25)
title: from 1088 - 1119, Vienne (38), Archevêque de Vienne
caste: from 1119 - 1124, Pape
other: 11 February 1119, Cluny (71), élu pape.
death: 12 December 1124, Rome
Berthe de Bourgogne
title: 1093, Reine de Castille, de Leon, de Galice et de Tolède
marriage: (дубль) Альфонсо VI Храбрый
death: 1098
Clémence de Bourgogne
birth: 1078
title: 1091, Comtesse héritière de Flandre
marriage: Robert de Flandre (Robert II)
title: 13 October 1093, Torhout, Comtesse de Flandre
title: about 1120, Comtesse de Louvain, de Bruxelles, Landgravine de Brabant, Duchesse de Basse-Lotharingie et Marquise d'Anvers
death: 1133
Étienne I le Hardi de Bourgogne
birth: 1065
title: comte de Mâcon
title: comte de Vienne
marriage: Béatrix von Lothringen
title: between 1097 and 1102, Conde de Mâcon
death: 18 May 1102
Gerard I van Vaudémont
birth: 1057
title: comte de Vaudémont
marriage: Hedwig van Dagsburg
death: 1108
Theoderic I Alsace (de Lovain)
birth: between 1040 and 1050
title: 11 August 1070, Duke of Lorraine
marriage: Hedwig von Formbach
marriage: Gertrudis van Vlaanderen , Châtenois (Bas-Rhin)
death: 30 December 1115
Рено III Бургундский
birth: about 1093
marriage: Agathe de Lorraine
title: from 1102 - 1148, граф Макона
title: from 1102 - 1148, граф Вьенна
title: from 1127 - 1148, пфальцграф Бургундии
death: 1148
William de Auxonne (Count of Macon and Auxonne)
birth: 1088
title: Comte de Mâcon et d'Auxonne
marriage: Poncetta de Trave
death: 27 September 1155
== 3 ==
Géraud Ier de Mâcon
birth: about 1120
title: Comte de Bourgogne
marriage: Maurette de Salins
death: 15 September 1180
Judith de Lorraine
birth: 1140
christening: 1155
marriage: Stephan Etienne II d'Auxonne
death: 1173
Stephan Etienne II d'Auxonne
birth: 1130
marriage: Judith de Lorraine
death: 21 January 1173, Clairfontaine
== 3 ==
Beatrice of Chalon
birth: 1174
title: Chalon-sur-Saône (71), comtesse de Chalon
marriage: w Étienne II d'Auxonne (Étienne III de Bourgogne)
divorce: w Étienne II d'Auxonne (Étienne III de Bourgogne)
marriage: w Guillaume III des Barres
death: 7 April 1227, Tournus (71)
burial: Saint-Ambreuil (71), Abbaye de la Ferté-sur-Grosne
Simon de Joinville
birth: 1180
property: seigneur de Joinville
marriage: Beatrix ? (van Bourgondie)
death: 1233
Aymon II de Faucigny
birth: 1180
title: Sire de Faucigny
marriage: Beatrix ? (van Bourgondie)
annulment: Beatrix ? (van Bourgondie)
death: after October 1253
John Count of Chalon (Jean Ier de Chalon)
birth: 1190
title: Count of Auxonne
title: Charolles, seigneur de Charolais
property: Seigneur de Salins
marriage: Mahaut van Bourgondië
title: 1227, Count of Chalon
marriage: Isabelle de Courtenay
marriage: Laure de Commercy
death: 30 August 1267
burial: Bourguignon-lès-la-Charité (70), Abbaye de Bourguignon-lès-la Charité
Amédée de Montfaucon
death: 15 January 1280

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