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Clementia de Bourgogne

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Lineage Burgundy-Ivrea
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Clementia de Bourgogne

William I FitzReynold (of Burgundy) [Burgundy-Ivrea] b. 1020 d. 12 November 1087

Stephanie von Lothringen [Lothringen] b. estimated 1035 d. after 1088


child birth: Josceline FitzGodfrey (Louvain) [Hainaut]

From grandparents to grandchildren

Agnes van Macon
birth: 990
marriage: William V Poitiers
title: 1019, Comtesse de Poitou
title: 1032, Duchesse d'Aquitaine
marriage: Geoffrey II Martel
title: 21 June 1040, Comtesse d'Anjou
title: 1044, Saintes (Charente-Maritime), Comtesse de Tours
annulment: Geoffrey II Martel
death: 10 November 1068
burial: Poitiers, Saint Nicolas abbey
Maud de Bourgogne
birth: 976
death: 1005
Reginald I Ivrea (of Burgundy)
birth: 986
marriage: w Alice of Normandy
title: from 1026 - 4 September 1057, comte de Bourgogne
death: 4 September 1057
burial: Besançon, cathedral
Robert I FitzRichard (Evereaux)
birth: between 1002 and 1010, Normandy, France
engagement: w Estrid Sweynsdotter (Knytling)
title: from 6 August 1027 - 22 June 1035, Duke of Normandy
death: 22 July 1035, İznik, Bithynia, Anatolia, (Nicaea)
burial: 1088, reburied in Italy
Eleanora van Normandië
birth: 1010
marriage: Baldwin IV Barbatus (of Flanders)
title: 1031, Comtesse de Flandre
death: 1071
Richard III Norman
birth: about 1008, Normandie
title: from 28 August 1026 - 6 August 1027, герцог Нормандии
marriage: Adele Capet (of France)
death: 6 August 1027, Normandie
Guillaume - (Moine)
birth: estimated 1015
title: moine à Fécamp
birth: estimated 1015
death: 1033
Mauger de Rouen
birth: after 1017
title: from 1037 - 1055, Archevêque de Rouen
death: before 1060, Guernesey
Guillaume d'Arques
title: comte de Talou, augmenté d'Arques
children count: au moins un fils, peut-être une fille.
death: after 1054
Alice of Normandy
birth: about 1002
children count: 5
marriage: Reginald I Ivrea (of Burgundy)
death: after 7 July 1037
Alberada von Buonalbergo
birth: about 1033
marriage: w Robert Guiscard de Hauteville
annulment: w Robert Guiscard de Hauteville
death: July 1122
burial: Abtei Santissima Trinità di Venosa, Venosa, Grab der Familie Hauteville
William I FitzReynold (of Burgundy)
birth: 1020
title: comte de Bourgogne
title: comte de Mâcon
marriage: Stephanie von Lothringen
death: 12 November 1087, Besançon
burial: Besançon, Saint-Étienne
burial: Besançon, St-Jean
Stephanie von Lothringen
birth: estimated 1035
marriage: William I FitzReynold (of Burgundy)
death: after 1088, datum is 19 oktober
== 3 ==
Раймонд ? (Бургундский)
birth: 1050, Безансон
title: граф Амеруа
marriage: Уррака I Леонская и Кастильская , Toledo
title: from 1092 - 24 May 1107, граф Галисии
title: from 1092 - 24 May 1107, граф Коимбры
title: between 1096 and 24 May 1107, король Леона
death: 24 May 1107, Грахаль-де-Кампос
Étienne I le Hardi de Bourgogne
birth: 1065
title: comte de Mâcon
title: comte de Vienne
marriage: Béatrix von Lothringen
title: between 1097 and 1102, Conde de Mâcon
death: 18 May 1102
Ermentrude de Bourgogne (Mömpelgard, van Montbéliard)
birth: about 1050
marriage: w Theodoric I de Montbéliard
death: after 8 March 1105
burial: Autun, Cathédrale
Sybille van Bourgondie
birth: 1065
marriage: Эд I Боррель (Рыжий) Бургундский
title: 1080, Duchesse de Bourgogne
death: 1103
Gui de Bourgogne (Calixte II)
birth: about 1050, Quingey (25)
title: from 1088 - 1119, Vienne (38), Archevêque de Vienne
caste: from 1119 - 1124, Pape
other: 11 February 1119, Cluny (71), élu pape.
death: 12 December 1124, Rome
Berthe de Bourgogne
title: 1093, Reine de Castille, de Leon, de Galice et de Tolède
marriage: (дубль) Альфонсо VI Храбрый
death: 1098
Clémence de Bourgogne
birth: 1078
title: 1091, Comtesse héritière de Flandre
marriage: Robert de Flandre (Robert II)
title: 13 October 1093, Torhout, Comtesse de Flandre
title: about 1120, Comtesse de Louvain, de Bruxelles, Landgravine de Brabant, Duchesse de Basse-Lotharingie et Marquise d'Anvers
death: 1133
Gottfried VI von Löwen
birth: about 1063
title: Comte de Louvain
marriage: w Ida van Chiny
title: between 1095 and 1139, Löwen, Duc de Lorraine
title: between 1095 and 1139, Stadt Brüssel, Comte de Bruxelles
title: between 1095 and 1139, Comte de landgrave de Brabant
title: between 1106 and 1139, Marquis d'Anvers
title: between 1106 and 1125, Duc de Basse-Lotharingie
title: between 1106 and 1139, Marquis d'Anvers
death: 25 January 1139, datum is 25 januari
burial: Abtei Affligem
== 3 ==
Godefroid II de Louvain
birth: about 1110
marriage: Lutgardis von Sulzbach
death: 13 June 1142
burial: Louvain, St Pieter,
Adelheid van Louvain
birth: 1106
death: 23 April 1157
Ida van Louvain
birth: 1100
marriage: Arnold I, of Cleves
title: 1128, Comtesse de Clèves
death: 27 July 1162, datum is 27 juli
Adeliza Brabant
birth: 1103, Leuven
marriage: Henry I of England (Beauclerc)
title: 24 January 1121, Windsor (Berkshire), Queen Consort von England
death: 23 April 1151, Affligem, Affligem Abbey
Henry Percy
birth: 1160
marriage: Isabel Bruce
death: 1196

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