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Gisele van Guines b. estimated 1070 d. estimated 1140

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Lineage Guines
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Gisele van Guines

Boudewijn I van Guînes [Guines] b. estimated 1035 d. after 1091

Adelheid Christina van Holland [Gerulfing] b. estimated 1040 d. 1085


estimated 1070 birth:

marriage: Wenemar I van Gent [Gent] b. estimated 1065 d. after 1117

estimated 1090 child birth: Seger I van Gent [Gent] b. estimated 1090 d. 1122

estimated 1100 child birth: Arnoul de Gent (Gand) [Gent] b. estimated 1100 d. 1169

estimated 1140 death:


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Erfgename van Guînes

From grandparents to grandchildren

Eustachius van Guines
birth: about 1016
marriage: Susanne van Grammene
death: before 1065
Susanne van Grammene
birth: estimated 1015
marriage: Eustachius van Guines
death: after 1052
birth: estimated 1015
marriage: Liudolf van Brunswijk-Billung
death: 21 July 1077
Dirk IV van Holland
birth: after 1000
birth: 13 January 1049, Dordrecht, ZH, NLD, gesneuveld
Florens I of Holland
birth: 1017
marriage: Gertrude de Saxe
death: 28 June 1061, Nederhemert
Ordulph (Otto)
birth: 1022
marriage: Ulfhild Olafsdatter
title: from 1059 - 28 March 1072, Herzog von Sachsen
death: 28 March 1072
burial: Lüneburg, St. Michael's chirch
Ida Billung (van La Roche)
birth: estimated 1035
marriage: Albert III de Namur
death: 31 July 1107
burial: Namur
Hedwig van Saksen
birth: between 1030 and 1035
death: about 17 July 1112
Роберт I Фландрский
birth: 1035
marriage: Gertrude de Saxe
title: 1071, граф Голландии
death: 13 October 1093
Gertrude de Saxe
birth: 1028, Schweinfurt
marriage: Florens I of Holland
marriage: Роберт I Фландрский
title: 1063, Comtesse héritière de Flandre
title: 1071, Comtesse de Flandre
death: 4 August 1113, Furnes
Boudewijn I van Guînes
birth: estimated 1035
marriage: Adelheid Christina van Holland
death: after 1091
burial: abdij van Andernes
Dirk V van Holland
birth: 1052
marriage: Othelhildis van Saksen-Billung
death: 17 June 1091, Egmond
Bertha of Holland
birth: about 1058
marriage: Philip I Capet
title: 1072
other: Philip I Capet , Répudiation
death: 30 July 1093
Gertrudis van Vlaanderen
birth: 1080
title: 1095, Duchesse de Lorraine
marriage: Theoderic I Alsace (de Lovain) , Châtenois (Bas-Rhin)
death: 1117
Robert de Flandre (Robert II)
birth: 1065
marriage: Clémence de Bourgogne
title: 13 October 1093, Torhout, Comte de Flandre
death: 1111
Adela von Flandern
birth: 1065
title: from 1080 - 1086, reine consort de Danemark
marriage: Knut IV de Danemark
marriage: w Roger d' Hauteville
title: from 1092 - 1111, duchesse d'Apulie
title: from 1092 - 1111, duchesse de Calabre
title: from 1092 - 1111, duchesse de Sicile
death: April 1115
Filips van Loo
death: 1127
Adelheid Christina van Holland
birth: estimated 1040
marriage: Boudewijn I van Guînes
death: 1085
burial: abdij van Andernes
== 3 ==
Wenemar I van Gent
birth: estimated 1065
marriage: Gisele van Guines
death: after 1117
Gisele van Guines
birth: estimated 1070
marriage: Wenemar I van Gent
death: estimated 1140
== 3 ==
Seger I van Gent
birth: estimated 1090
death: 1122
Maud de Saint-Omer
birth: estimated 1110
marriage: Arnoul de Gent (Gand)
death: after 1145
Arnoul de Gent (Gand)
birth: estimated 1100
marriage: Maud de Saint-Omer
death: 1169, London Borough of Southwark
burial: Saint-Inglevert
Aleidis van Gent
birth: estimated 1110
marriage: Steppo van Viggezele van Bornem
death: before 1154
Christine de Marck
birth: estimated 1140
marriage: Baudouin II van Gent
death: 2 July 1177
Baudouin II van Gent
birth: estimated 1130
marriage: Christine de Marck
death: 2 January 1205

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