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Mathilde of Tuscany b. 1045 d. 24 July 1115

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Lineage Canossa
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Mathilde of Tuscany

w Bonifacio de Canossa [Canossa]

w Beatrice of Bar [Ardennes-Bar]

Wiki-page wikipedia:Matilda_of_Tuscany
Reference numbers GEDCOM::IdavanBoulogne.ged::INDI @I86495@::Kjansen


1045 birth:

child birth: Beatrice ? (of Bavaria) [Guelph]

1 April 1070 marriage: Gottfried IV von Niederlothringen [Wigeriche] b. 1040 d. 27 February 1076

24 July 1115 death: Bondono de Roncovi


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Friedrich II de Bar (of Upper Lotheringen)
birth: 986
title: comte de Bar
title: duc de Haute-Lotharingie
marriage: Mathilde of Swabia
death: between 13 May 1026 and 1027, datum is 13 mei
Bernhard II von Werl
birth: about 1010
death: about 1070
Hermann II. von Werl
birth: estimated 980
title: Graf im Lochtropgau (997); Vogt des Klosters Werden (bis 1019), Graf im Dreingau (1019), Graf im Lerigau (1020), Graf von Werl (1024), Graf im Bistum Osnabrück; Vogt der Stifte Liesborn, Meschede und Oedingen.
death: after 1025
Gisela von Schwaben
birth: between 11 November 989 and 13 November 990, lt. Grabplatte 999
marriage: Bruno I van Brunswijk-Billung
marriage: w Ernst von Schwaben
marriage: Konrad II
death: 15 February 1042, Goslar, Ruhr
burial: Speyerer Dom
Hermann III von Schwaben
birth: before October 995
title: 1003, Herzog von Schwaben
death: 1 April 1012
Konrad I von Kärnten
birth: about 975
marriage: Mathilde of Swabia
death: 12 December 1011
burial: Wormser Dom
Beatrice Ottonia (of Lothringen)
birth: estimated 1017
death: 18 April 1076
Sophie ? (de Bar)
birth: estimated 1020
title: comtesse de Bar
marriage: w Louis de Scarpone (de Montbéliard, de Mousson)
death: 1093
Konrad II von Kärnten
birth: 1003
death: 20 July 1039
Bruno von Würzburg
birth: about 1005
title: from 1034 - 1045, Bischof von Würzburg
death: 27 May 1045, Schloss Persenbeug
== 3 ==
Mathilde of Tuscany
birth: 1045
marriage: Gottfried IV von Niederlothringen
death: 24 July 1115, Bondono de Roncovi
== 3 ==

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