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Adelaide van Opper-Lotharingen b. estimated 980

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Lineage Ardennes-Bar
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Adelaide van Opper-Lotharingen

w Dietrich I de Bar (Theodoric, Thierry, von Oberlothringen) [Ardennes-Bar] b. about 965 d. between 11 April 1026 and 2 January 1027

Richilde von Blieskastel [Bliesgau] b. estimated 965 d. 995


estimated 980 birth:

child birth: Foulques d'Arlon [Arlon] d. 1078

marriage: Walram I van Arlon [Arlon] b. 972 d. 1052

estimated 1030 child birth: w Walram I van Limburg [Limburg] b. estimated 1030 d. about 1082

From grandparents to grandchildren

Sigfried (Sigefroid) of Luxembourg
birth: between 918 and 929
title: Comte de Luxembourg
marriage: Hedwig van de Nordgau
death: 28 August 998
Gozelo Verdun (d'Ardenne)
birth: 911
marriage: Uda (Voda) van Metz
death: between 19 October 942 and 16 February 943
Luitgard van Lotharingen
birth: estimated 910
marriage: Eberhard IV van de Nordgau
death: after 8 April 960
Adalbero I von Bar
title: 929, Bischof von Metz
death: 962, Sint-Truiden
Friedrich I von Oberlothringen
birth: between 910 and 915
title: from 950 - 978, 1-й Граф де Бар-лё-Дюк
marriage license: Beatrix Capet
marriage: Beatrix Capet
title: from 959 - 978, Герцог Верхней Лотарингии
death: June 978
Hugh Capet
birth: between 939 and 941, Paris, France
title: from 16 June 956 - 24 October 996, Count of París, Poitou, Orléans u.a.
title: 960, Duke of France (lat.: dux Francorum)
marriage: Adélaïde de Poitiers
title: June 987, Senlis (Oise), King of France
title: July 987, Laienabt von Saint-Martin de Tours, Saint-Germain d'Auxerre, Saint-Aignan in Orléans, Saint-Quentin, Saint-Vaast usw.
other: 3 July 987, sacre
death: 24 October 996, Paris, France
burial: Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis), Basilica of St Denis
Emma Capet
birth: about 943
children count: pas de descendance
marriage: Richard I of Normandy ("The Fearless")
death: 18 March 968
Otão de França
birth: about 945
marriage: Lietgarde de Chalon
death: 23 February 965
birth: estimated 935
title: January 971, Évêque d'Auxerre
death: 23 August 996, Toucy (89)
Beatrix Capet
birth: about 938
marriage license: Friedrich I von Oberlothringen
marriage: Friedrich I von Oberlothringen
death: 23 September 1003, datum is 19 januari
Folmar I van Bliesgau
birth: estimated 920
death: before 996
birth: estimated 940
death: after 996
Ida van Opper-Lotharingen
birth: 970
death: 1026
Béatrice Béatrix de Lorraine
birth: 955, Nancy (54)
death: about 994
Dietrich I de Bar (Theodoric, Thierry, von Oberlothringen)
birth: about 965
marriage: Richilde von Blieskastel
death: between 11 April 1026 and 2 January 1027
== 3 ==
Friedrich II de Bar (of Upper Lotheringen)
birth: 986
title: comte de Bar
title: duc de Haute-Lotharingie
marriage: Mathilde of Swabia
death: between 13 May 1026 and 1027, datum is 13 mei
== 3 ==
Walram I van Limburg
birth: estimated 1030
marriage: Jutta von Niederlothringen
title: 1052, Comte d'Arlon
title: 1065, Comte de Limbourg
death: about 1082
Foulques d'Arlon
title: Comte d'Arlon
death: 1078
Hendrik I van Limburg
birth: about 1059
marriage: Adelheid van Bottenstein
title: about 1092, Comte d'Arlon et de Limbourg
title: 1101, Duc de Basse-Lotharingie, jusqu'en 1106
title: 1106, Duc de Limbourg
death: about 1119

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