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Margaret b. 28 February 1261 d. 9 April 1283

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Lineage Dunkeld
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Margaret

w Margaret Plantagenet (of England) [Plantagenet] b. 29 September 1240 d. 26 February 1274

Alexander III of Scotland [Dunkeld] b. 4 September 1241 d. 19 March 1286

Wiki-page wikipedia:ru:Маргарет Шотландская (королева Норвегии)


28 February 1261 birth: London, Windsor Castle

child birth: Margaret ? (Maid of Norway) [Sverre]

from 28 February 1261 - 25 July 1281 title: Принцесса Шотландии

from 25 July 1281 - 9 April 1283 title: Королева-консорт Норвегии

25 July 1281 marriage: w Eirik Magnusson [Sverre] b. 4 October 1268 d. 15 July 1299

9 April 1283 death:

burial: Kristkirken på Holmen, Bergen (?)


If it happens that the king of Scotland dies without a lawful son, and any of his sons does not leave lawful issue [not sons] and Margaret has children [not sons] by the king of Norway, she and her children shall succeed to the king of Scotland ... or she, even if she is without children, according to Scottish law and custom

[edit] Sources

  1. Acts of the Parliament of Scotland, volume I, 422b. - Margaret the Maid of Norway is grandchild to Alexander III of Scotland
  2. Duncan, A.A.M., The Kingship of the Scots 842–1292: Succession and Independence. Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, 2002. ISBN 0-7486-1626-8 -

From grandparents to grandchildren

Richard van Engeland
birth: 5 January 1209
marriage: Sancha van Aragon Provence
marriage: Sancha van Aragon Provence , Westminster (England), Westminster Abbey
marriage: Beatrix von Falkenburg
death: 2 April 1272, Berkhemstead
Isabella of England
birth: 1214
marriage: Frederick II Roger Hohenstaufen , Worms (Germany)
death: 1 December 1241, Foggia
Eleonore Plantagenet
birth: about 1215
marriage: William Marshall
marriage: Simon V de Montfort , Westminster (England)
death: 13 April 1275
Joan of England
birth: 22 July 1210
death: 4 March 1238
Joan Plantagenet
birth: 1188
death: 2 February 1237
Hugh XI de Lusignan
birth: 1218
title: Comte de la Marche
title: Comte d'Angoulême
marriage: Yolanda Dreux
death: 1250
Richard FitzRoy (Chilham)
birth: 1186
death: June 1247
Isabelle de Lusignan
birth: 1224
title: Dame de Craon, Dame de Champtocé Sénéchale d'Anjou
marriage: Морис IV (V) де Краон
death: 14 January 1300
Geoffroi de Lusignan (de Jarnac)
title: Seigneur de Jarnac
death: between 1272 and 1274
William de Valance (Lord of Pembroke, Valence, Montignac, Bellac, Uterine Brother of King Henry III of England.)
birth: 1225
property: Lord of Pembroke, Valence, Montignac, Bellac
death: 18 May 1296
Henry III Plantagenet
birth: 1 October 1207, Winchester (England)
title: from 18 October 1216 - 16 November 1272, King of England
other: 28 October 1216, Londres, Sacre
marriage: Eleanor Berenger (de Provence) , Canterbury (Kent)
death: 16 November 1272, Westminster (England)
Béatrice de Provence
birth: 1234
title: 1246, Naples, Comtesse d'Anjou et du Maine
marriage: Charles I of Naples , Paris
title: 1266, Reine des Deux-Siciles
death: 23 September 1267, Nocera Inferiore
Sancha van Aragon Provence
birth: 1225, Aix-en-Provence, France
marriage: Richard van Engeland
marriage: Richard van Engeland , Westminster (England), Westminster Abbey
death: 9 November 1261, Berkhamsted
Marguerite de Provence
birth: 1221, Forcalquier
marriage: Louis IX Capet ("The Saint") , Sens
title: 27 May 1234, Queen of France
death: 20 December 1295, Paris, France
Eleanor Berenger (de Provence)
birth: 1223, Aix-en-Provence, France
marriage: Henry III Plantagenet , Canterbury (Kent)
title: 14 June 1236, Canterbury (Kent), Reine d'Angleterre, Dame d'Irlande et Duchesse d'Aquitaine
death: 26 June 1291, Amesbury (England), Wiltshire
Johanna van Engeland
birth: 22 July 1210
marriage: Alexander van Schotland
death: 4 March 1238
Alexander van Schotland
birth: 24 August 1198
marriage: Johanna van Engeland
marriage: Мarie de Coucy
death: 8 July 1249
burial: Мелроуз, Шотландия, Melrose Abbey
Raoul de Coucy (Raoul II)
marriage: Elizabeth van Chatillon
marriage: Philippa von Dammartin
title: 1242, Sire de Coucy, de Condé, de Marle, de La Fère, de Crécy, de Vervins, de Crépy
death: 1250, Mansourah (Égypte)
Enguerrand de Coucy (Enguerrand IV)
birth: 1228
title: 1250, Sire de Coucy, de Condé, de Marle, de La Fère, de Crécy, de Vervins, de Crépy
marriage: Irmingard (Ermingardis) van Geldre
marriage: Margarethe de Gueldre
marriage: Jeanne de Flandre
death: 1310
Мarie de Coucy
birth: about 1218
marriage: Alexander van Schotland
title: 15 May 1239, Roxburgh, Reine d'Ecosse
death: 1285
Beatrix d'Angleterre
birth: 25 June 1242, Bordeaux (33)
marriage: John II of Brittany
death: 25 April 1277, Londres
Edmund Plantagenet ("Crouchback", Lancaster)
birth: 16 January 1245
title: 16 January 1265, Earl of Leicester
marriage: Aveline van Forez Aumale
marriage: Blanche van Artois
death: 5 June 1296
Edward I Plantagenet (Longshanks)
birth: 17 June 1239, Westminster (England), London, England
marriage: Eleanor of Castile , Burgos, Spain, Abbey of Santa María la Real de Las Huelgas
title: from 1272 - 7 July 1307, King of England
title: 16 November 1272, Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports
marriage: Marguerite de France , Canterbury (Kent)
death: 7 July 1307, Burgh by Sands, Cumbria
Richard d'Angleterre
birth: 1247
death: 29 August 1250
Margaret Plantagenet (of England)
birth: 29 September 1240
marriage: Alexander III of Scotland , York (England)
title: 26 December 1251, York (England), Reine d'Ecosse, Yorkshire, Angleterre
death: 26 February 1274
Dernell Canmore
birth: 1215, Haddington (East Lothian), Scotland
death: 1238, Temple (Midlothian), Scotland
Alexander III of Scotland
birth: 4 September 1241, Scotland, Roxburgh, Berwickshire, Scotland
title: from 1249 - 1286, King of Scots
marriage: Margaret Plantagenet (of England) , York (England)
death: 19 March 1286
== 3 ==
Eirik Magnusson
birth: 4 October 1268
marriage: w Isabel Bruce
title: from 9 May 1280 - 15 July 1299, King of Norway
marriage: Margaret
death: 15 July 1299, Bergen
birth: 28 February 1261, London, Windsor Castle
title: from 28 February 1261 - 25 July 1281, Принцесса Шотландии
title: from 25 July 1281 - 9 April 1283, Королева-консорт Норвегии
marriage: Eirik Magnusson
death: 9 April 1283
burial: Kristkirken på Holmen, Bergen (?)
== 3 ==

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