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Joan Plantagenet b. 1188 d. 2 February 1237

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Lineage Plantagenet
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Joan Plantagenet
Other given names Lady of Wales

John Plantagenet ("Lackland") [Plantagenet] b. 24 December 1166 d. 18 October 1216

Agatha de Ferrers [Ferrars] b. 1170 d. 4 September 1210

Wiki-page wikipedia:Joan, Lady of Wales


1188 birth:

child birth: Angharad ap Llewellyn [Gwynedd]

child birth: w Elen Ferch Llywelyn [Gwynedd]

child birth: Margaret vch Llewellyn [Gwynedd]

about 1194 child birth: Caernarfonshire, Wales, Gwladys Ferch Llewelyn (Ddu ("The Dark"), Mortimer) [Gwynedd] b. about 1194 d. about 1251

2 February 1237 death:

From grandparents to grandchildren

William van Poiton
birth: 22 July 1136
death: 30 January 1164
Geoffrey VI van Anjou
birth: 3 June 1134
title: 1156, comte d'Anjou
title: 1156, Le Mans (72), comte du Maine
title: 1156, comte de Nantes
death: 27 July 1158
Hameline de Warrene FitzGeoffrey (Plantagenet)
birth: 1130, Normandy, France
title: vicomte van Touraine, titel is onzeker
title: earl van Surrey, uit rechte van zijn vrouw
title: graaf van Warenne
marriage: Isabel Warenne
death: 7 May 1202, Lewes (England)
burial: Lewes (England), Chapter House
Marie d'Anjou
title: abdis van Shaftesbury
death: 1216
Henry II Plantagenet ("Curtmantle")
birth: 5 March 1133, Le Mans, Sarthe, France
other: Ida de Tosny (Countess of Norfolk)
title: from 1150 - 1189, Château-du-Loir, France, Duc de Normandie et Comte d'Anjou, du Maine et de Touraine
other: Ikenai , maîtresse
title: from 1152 - 1172, Roi d'Angleterre et Seigneur d'Irlande
marriage: Eleanor Aquitaine , Bordeaux, (or Poitiers)
title: from 1154 - 1189, London, Sacre
other: Alix/maîtresse Nr.2 de Porhoët , maîtresse
other: Rosamund Clifford
death: 6 July 1189, Chinon, France
burial: Fontevraud-l'Abbaye, France, Fontevraud Abbey
Louis VII de France (Le Jeune)
birth: 1120
other: 25 October 1131, Reims (51), Sacre
marriage: Eleanor Aquitaine , Bordeaux
title: 8 August 1137, Poitiers (86), Duc d'Aquitaine
annulment: Eleanor Aquitaine , Beaugency
marriage: Constance van Castilie
title: 18 November 1154, Paris (75), Roi de France
marriage: Adela of Champagne (du Blois)
death: 18 September 1180, Paris (75)
burial: Fontainebleau (77)
burial: 30 June 1817, Saint-Denis (93)
Eleanor Aquitaine
birth: 1122, Poitiers, France, or [[Place:Bordeaux]], or [[Place:Nieul-sur-l'Autise]]
title: 9 April 1137, Duchesse d'Aquitaine
title: 9 April 1137, Santiago de Compostela, Duchesse d'Aquitaine
marriage: Louis VII de France (Le Jeune) , Bordeaux
title: 25 July 1137, Reine de France
other: 25 December 1137, Bourges, Sacre
annulment: Louis VII de France (Le Jeune) , Beaugency
marriage: Henry II Plantagenet ("Curtmantle") , Bordeaux, (or Poitiers)
title: 18 May 1152, Queen of England
title: 18 May 1152, Poitiers, Comtesse d'Anjou
title: 18 May 1152, Poitiers, Comtesse du Maine
title: 18 May 1152, Poitiers, Comtesse de Touraine
title: 25 October 1154, Reine d'Angleterre et Dame d'Irlande
other: 19 December 1154, London, Sacre
death: 1 April 1204, Poitiers
William de Braose (of Brecknock)
title: Lord of Bramber, Gower, and Abergavenny
death: 9 August 1211
Adam de Port
birth: about 1151, Old Basing, Hampshire (England)
title: Lord of Basing
marriage: Mabel de Aurevalle (Aureval, Orval, Port)
marriage: Sybil Braose
death: 25 June 1213, Old Basing, Hampshire (England)
William Ferrars
birth: 1136, Stowe-by-Chartley, Staffordshire, England, Chartley castle
Geoffrey Plantagenet
birth: 23 September 1158
marriage: Constance de Bretagne
death: 19 August 1186
Joan Plantagenet
birth: October 1165, Angers, Château d'Angers
marriage: w William (Guillaume) II "the Good" de Hauteville (of Sicily)
marriage: Raimund VI von Toulouse
death: 6 April 1199, Rouen
Матильда Английская
birth: about August 1156, Виндзор (Беркшир), Виндзорский замок
adoption: Braunschweiger Dom, Braunschweig
engagement: Heinrich "the Lion" von Bayern
marriage: Heinrich "the Lion" von Bayern , Minden (North Rhine-Westphalia), cathedral
death: 28 June 1189, Брауншвейг, Саксонское герцогство, Виндзорский замок
William Plantagenet
birth: 17 August 1153
death: December 1156
Marie of France (de Champagne)
birth: 1145
marriage: w Henry I (Henri) ? (The Liberal)
title: 1164, Регент графства Шампань
death: 11 March 1198
burial: Meaux, cathédrale Saint-Étienne
Richard I Plantagenet "Lionheart"
birth: 8 September 1157, Oxford (England)
title: seigneur d'Irlande
title: duc de Normandie
title: from 1172 - 1196, Herzog von Aquitanien
marriage bann: Гизелла?
title: 1183, Comte du Maine
title: from 6 July 1189 - 6 April 1199, King of England
other: from 3 September 1189 - 6 April 1199, Duke of Normandy
marriage: Berengaria van Navarre , Limassol, Cyprus
title: from 1198 - 1199, Comte de Poitiers et Duc d'Aquitaine
death: 6 April 1199
burial: Fontevraud-l'Abbaye, Abbaye Notre-Dame de Fontevraud
Alienor d'Angleterre
birth: September 1161, Domfront (61)
marriage: Alfonso VIII of Castilla , Burgos
title: 1 September 1177, Burgos, Reine de Castille et de Tolède
death: October 1214, Burgos
Alix van Frankrijk
birth: 1151
title: 1164
marriage: Thibaud V de Blois
death: 1196
William Longespée, 3rd Earl of Salisbury Longespée
birth: about 1176
marriage: Ela of Salisbury, 3rd Countess of Salisbury
title: 1198, Earl of Salisbury, 3rd
death: 7 March 1226
Henry Plantagenet
birth: 28 February 1155, Londres
marriage: Margarita de Francia , Le Neubourg
title: 14 June 1170, Londres, Roi d'Angleterre et Seigneur d'Irlande
other: 14 July 1170, Londres, Sacre
death: 11 June 1183, Martel (Lot)
Geoffrey Plantagenêt
birth: about 1151
title: 1171, archidiacre de Lincoln
caste: 1175, évêque élu de Lincoln
title: 1181, Lord Chancelier d'Angleterre
caste: 1189, archevêque d'York
death: 12 December 1212, Monastère de l'Ordre de Grandmont, près de Rouen (???).
Isabelle de Gloucester
birth: estimated 1160
marriage: John Plantagenet ("Lackland") , Marlborough (Wiltshire)
title: 29 August 1189, Marlborough (Angleterre), Princesse d'Angleterre
title: September 1189, Chinon (37), Comtesse de Mortain
annulment: John Plantagenet ("Lackland")
death: 14 October 1217
burial: after 14 October 1217, Canterbury, Cathédrale de Canterbury
Isabelle Taillefer (van Angouleme)
birth: 26 May 1189, Angoulême, France
marriage: John Plantagenet ("Lackland")
title: 24 August 1200, Bordeaux, Reine d'Angleterre, Dame d'Irlande et Duchesse d'Aquitaine et de Normandie
other: 8 October 1200, London, Sacre
marriage: Hugh X Le Brun de Lusignan
death: 31 May 1246, Fontevraud-l'Abbaye, France, Fontevraud Abbey
John Plantagenet ("Lackland")
birth: 24 December 1166, Oxford (England)
marriage: Isabelle de Gloucester , Marlborough (Wiltshire)
marriage: Agatha de Ferrers
annulment: Isabelle de Gloucester
title: from 6 April 1199 - 19 October 1216, King of England
other: 27 May 1199, Count of Maine
title: from September 1199 - 1216, Chinon, Count of Mortain
marriage: Isabelle Taillefer (van Angouleme)
death: 18 October 1216, Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire, England, Newark Castle
Milicent Ferrars
birth: Stowe-by-Chartley, Staffordshire, England, Chartley Castle
Agatha de Ferrers
birth: 1170
marriage: John Plantagenet ("Lackland")
death: 4 September 1210
== 3 ==
Richard van Engeland
birth: 5 January 1209
marriage: Sancha van Aragon Provence
marriage: Sancha van Aragon Provence , Westminster (England), Westminster Abbey
marriage: Beatrix von Falkenburg
death: 2 April 1272, Berkhemstead
Henry III Plantagenet
birth: 1 October 1207, Winchester (England)
title: from 18 October 1216 - 16 November 1272, King of England
other: 28 October 1216, Londres, Sacre
marriage: Eleanor Berenger (de Provence) , Canterbury (Kent)
death: 16 November 1272, Westminster (England)
Isabella of England
birth: 1214
marriage: Frederick II Roger Hohenstaufen , Worms (Germany)
death: 1 December 1241, Foggia
Eleonore Plantagenet
birth: about 1215
marriage: William Marshall
marriage: Simon V de Montfort (6. Earl of Leicester) , Westminster (England)
death: 13 April 1275
Joan of England
birth: 22 July 1210
death: 4 March 1238
Richard FitzRoy (Chilham)
birth: 1186
death: June 1247
Llywelyn ab Iorwerth (Drwyndwn)
birth: 1173, Dolwyddelan, Wales
title: 1200, King of Gwynedd
death: 11 April 1240, Conwy, Wales, Aberconwy Abbey
Joan Plantagenet
birth: 1188
death: 2 February 1237
== 3 ==
Daffyd ap Llywelyn (de Gwynedd)
birth: 1215
death: 1246
Ralph De Mortimer
birth: 1190, Wigmore (Herefordshire), England
marriage: Gwladys Ferch Llewelyn (Ddu ("The Dark"), Mortimer) , England
death: 6 August 1246, Wigmore (Herefordshire), England
burial: Wigmore (Herefordshire), England
Gwladys Ferch Llewelyn (Ddu ("The Dark"), Mortimer)
birth: about 1194, Caernarfonshire, Wales
title: Princess of Wales
marriage: Ralph De Mortimer , England
death: about 1251, Windsor (Berkshire), England
Malgwn Fychan
death: 1257
Isolda De Mortimer
birth: about 1239, Wigmore (Kent), England
John De Mortimer
birth: about 1235, Wigmore (Herefordshire), England
Roger de Mortimer
birth: 14 May 1231, Radnorshire, Wales, Cwmaron Castle
death: 27 October 1282, Kingsland (Herefordshire), England
Maud Clifford
title: Lady Stretton
death: 1237

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