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Alexander III of Scotland b. 4 September 1241 d. 19 March 1286

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Lineage Dunkeld
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Alexander III of Scotland

Alexander van Schotland [Dunkeld] b. 24 August 1198 d. 8 July 1249

Мarie de Coucy [Coucy] b. about 1218 d. 1285

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4 September 1241 birth: Scotland, Roxburgh, Berwickshire, Scotland

from 1249 - 1286 title: King of Scots

1251 marriage: York (England), w Margaret Plantagenet (of England) [Plantagenet] b. 29 September 1240 d. 26 February 1274

28 February 1261 child birth: London, Windsor Castle, Margaret [Dunkeld] b. 28 February 1261 d. 9 April 1283

19 March 1286 death:


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  • Roxburgh, Berwickshire, Scotland

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From grandparents to grandchildren

Margaret of Huntingdon
birth: 1145, England, Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, England
marriage: Gilchrist Angus
marriage: w Conan IV de Bretagne
title: 1160, Duchesse de Bretagne et Comtesse de Richmond
death: 1201, Forfar, Angus, Scotland
David Dunkeld of Huntingdon (of Scotland)
birth: 1144
other: 1180, Lagny-sur-Marne, Participe au grand tournois de Lagny
title: from 1184 - 1219, Earl of Huntingdon
marriage: Maud de Kevelioc of Chester (Mabel de Mechines, Maude of Chester)
death: 17 June 1219
Ada of Huntingdon (of Scotland)
birth: estimated 1145
marriage: Floris III of Holland
death: 1204
burial: Middelburg
William I Huntingdon (of Scotland)
birth: about 1143
title: from 1152 - 1157, Earl of Northumbria
title: from 1165 - 1174, Earl of Huntingdon
title: from 1165 - 1214, King of Scots
death: 4 December 1214, Stirling (Scotland), Stirling Caslte
Constance de Beaumont-au-Maine
birth: 1178, Flamstead, Hertfordshire, England
marriage: Roger IV de Tosny
Ermengarde de Beaumont
birth: about 1170
death: 11 February 1233
Yolande de Coucy
birth: 1161
marriage: Robert II de Dreux
title: 1184, Comtesse héritière de Dreux
title: 11 October 1188, Comtesse de Dreux, de Brie et de Braine
death: 18 March 1222
Thomas II Coucy
birth: 1191
death: 1253
Ada de Coucy
birth: 1166
death: 1195
Agnès de Coucy
birth: 1175
death: 1214
Mathilde van Saksen
birth: 1172
marriage: Enguerrand de Coucy (Enguerrand III)
title: 1204, Dame de Coucy, de Condé, de Marle, de La Fère, de Crécy, de Vervins, de Crépy
death: 1209
Enguerrand de Coucy (Enguerrand III)
birth: 1182, Coucy-le-Château (02), Château de Coucy
marriage: Béatrice de Vignory
title: 1191, Sire de Coucy, de Condé, de Marle, de La Fère, de Crécy, de Vervins, de Crépy
marriage: Mathilde van Saksen
marriage: Maria van Oisy
death: 1242
Maria van Oisy
birth: 1192
title: 1213, Dame de Coucy, de Condé, de Marle, de La Fère, de Crécy, de Vervins, de Crépy
marriage: Enguerrand de Coucy (Enguerrand III)
death: 1273
Johanna van Engeland
birth: 22 July 1210
marriage: Alexander van Schotland
death: 4 March 1238
Alexander van Schotland
birth: 24 August 1198
marriage: Johanna van Engeland
marriage: Мarie de Coucy
death: 8 July 1249
burial: Мелроуз, Шотландия, Melrose Abbey
Raoul de Coucy (Raoul II)
marriage: Elizabeth van Chatillon
marriage: Philippa von Dammartin
title: 1242, Sire de Coucy, de Condé, de Marle, de La Fère, de Crécy, de Vervins, de Crépy
death: 1250, Mansourah (Égypte)
Enguerrand de Coucy (Enguerrand IV)
birth: 1228
title: 1250, Sire de Coucy, de Condé, de Marle, de La Fère, de Crécy, de Vervins, de Crépy
marriage: Irmingard (Ermingardis) van Geldre
marriage: Margarethe de Gueldre
marriage: Jeanne de Flandre
death: 1310
Мarie de Coucy
birth: about 1218
marriage: Alexander van Schotland
title: 15 May 1239, Roxburgh, Reine d'Ecosse
death: 1285
== 3 ==
Dernell Canmore
birth: 1215, Haddington (East Lothian), Scotland
death: 1238, Temple (Midlothian), Scotland
Margaret Plantagenet (of England)
birth: 29 September 1240
marriage: Alexander III of Scotland , York (England)
title: 26 December 1251, York (England), Reine d'Ecosse, Yorkshire, Angleterre
death: 26 February 1274
Alexander III of Scotland
birth: 4 September 1241, Scotland, Roxburgh, Berwickshire, Scotland
title: from 1249 - 1286, King of Scots
marriage: Margaret Plantagenet (of England) , York (England)
death: 19 March 1286
== 3 ==
Eirik Magnusson
birth: 4 October 1268
marriage: w Isabel Bruce
title: from 9 May 1280 - 15 July 1299, King of Norway
marriage: Margaret
death: 15 July 1299, Bergen
birth: 28 February 1261, London, Windsor Castle
title: from 28 February 1261 - 25 July 1281, Принцесса Шотландии
title: from 25 July 1281 - 9 April 1283, Королева-консорт Норвегии
marriage: Eirik Magnusson
death: 9 April 1283
burial: Kristkirken på Holmen, Bergen (?)

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