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Aulus Didius (Audin) Gallus

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Lineage Aula
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Aulus Didius (Audin) Gallus
Other given names Eylúðr Darradr

Aulus Plautius (Pileatus) (Victor) [Aula] b. -1

Lucia ? (Daughter of Cunobelinus) [?]

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birth: Dacio-Sarmatia

child birth: Aulus Didius Gallus Fabricius ? (of Heimdall, (Othinn Magnus), Veiento, Aula) [?] d. about 80

title: God of the NORSE

title: Proconsul of Asia

fact 1: member of the XVviri Legion, XV Viri Legionaire

other: Imperial legate of Bosporus

title: Proconsul of Africa

marriage: w Pomponia Graecina (Galla) [Gens Pomponia]

19 title: Questore de Roma

about 35 child birth: Aula Caesius Nasicus (Pudens) [Aula] b. about 35

between 38 and 49 title: Curator Aquarum (Superintendent of Aqueducts)

between 52 and 57 title: Governor of Britain

65 child birth: Aulus Gallus (Geatus) [Getae] b. 65 d. 155



ATTENTION RESEARCHERS. The identification of Aulus Didius Gallus as a candidate for the Historical Odin is based on new research cross referencing Roman Records with Scandinavian and Gaelic records. Much of it is based on understanding of naming conventions.

Eyludr Darradr as Aulus Didius Gawr

In the sagas Odin is referred to Eylúðr Darradr (meaning Quaking Eyes, a symptom of Anaridia called Nystigmus) and elsewhere as Audun Langbarðr (The Langobard indicating a connection to the eastern cult of the Nazarines). Again in the Gylfaginning, Skáldskaparmál, and Grímnismál, he is called "Þriði (Thridi or the Third) which corresponds to the Roman Tertio/Tertius or Gallic "Tres" Welsh Tirs/Tyrs (meaning The Third).

Based on the naming conventions, biographical details, geographic dispersion, and genealogies of the "sons of Odin" lead me to believe that the mythic Odin is actually a composite God whose nature reflects the combined histories and atributes of several historic men from the same Gens/Family. The male members of the family of Aulus [the Roman conquestedore] should be considered together as providing the most likely candidate for an historical Odin.

Aulus Audius and the fortification of Cardiff

"The town of Cardiff was originally founded by Aulus Oedius about A. D. 53, Audius was known to the Welsh as Didi Gawr. This town was for many years the seat of his successors. The Britons named the town for one Caeridi, the successor of Aulus. The town's name was corrupted over time into the Gaelic form Caerdydd, Caerdyf, and Cardiff. The Pronomen Caesius used by some of the later members of the Aula family is a the name of a color and was used to describe an individual with Blue/Green Eyes.The family/gens name of Aula, means I see (Aulus I am seeing). - Almoustine

The Diefication of a Warlord

The belief in Odin gradually worked to replace the more dominant worship of Tyr throughout the Germanic world shortly before the Crisis of the Third Century. The more advanced nature of Odin as a god of poetry, war, knowledge, and leadership in comparison with the previous belief in the very simple god of war and will (Tyr) implies that worship of Odin began to replace the earlier cult of Tyr only shortly before the Christianization of Germania. Odin is historically more so worshiped in Scandinavia than elsewhere although his worship was also observed in Germany and England as far as evidence is available today. The fact that the Asartro became largely institutionalized in Scandinavia is due to the effects of cultural isolation in the wake of Rome's collapse. While the Christianization of the early German kingdoms (Gothic, Saxon, and Frankish), occurred from the 5th century under Chlodwig to the 9th under Karl the Great (Charlemagne), it wasn't until the missionary efforts of Adam of Bremen and his fellows in 1050 that the conversion of the Scandinavian people was attempted in any sort of organized way.

That Odin is credited with having formulated the Runic alphabet, which appeared in inscriptions from the 2nd century onward, indicates that he was highly literate and probably civilized as well. There are many ancient wooden sculptures and statues of a one-eyed god in Germany, England, and Scandinavia that predate the advent of the Roman Republic, the mythological belief in a one-eyed, yet all-seeing god may or may not have been imported into the worship of the new historical chieftain Odin as an embodiment of this god of the sky. - James Mayfield, Chairman of the European Heritage Library)


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Epaticcus Epillus (Secundus)
other: King of the Cantiacci
death: 35
Verica ? (Bericus)
title: 15, King of the Atrebates, Fishbourne Roman Palace, Fishbourne
Aulus Plautius (Pileatus) (Victor)
birth: -1
fact 1: Invasion of Brittania in Support of Bericus (Vericus)
marriage: Lucia ? (Daughter of Cunobelinus)
fact 1: 24, Apulia, Suppression of the Slave Revolt
title: 29, Suffect Consul of Pannonia
title: between 43 and 47, Governor of Britannia
Lucius Prasutagus Pankratiastus (Esuprastus, Esico)
birth: 10
marriage: Boudicca (Budvuocj)
title: Venta Icenorum, Norfolk (England), Dux Icenorum - Subrex
death: before 59
Caracticus (Sandarcottas) Commius (Arivargus)
birth: before -25, Colchester (Essex)
marriage count: 43
death: 74, Colchester (Essex), Camulodunum
== 3 ==
Pomponia Graecina (Galla)
marriage: Aulus Didius (Audin) Gallus
residence: between -43 and -47, Colchester (Essex), Britannia
Aulus Didius (Audin) Gallus
birth: Dacio-Sarmatia
title: God of the NORSE
title: Proconsul of Asia
fact 1: member of the XVviri Legion, XV Viri Legionaire
other: Imperial legate of Bosporus
title: Proconsul of Africa
marriage: Pomponia Graecina (Galla)
title: 19, Questore de Roma
title: between 38 and 49, Curator Aquarum (Superintendent of Aqueducts)
title: between 52 and 57, Governor of Britain
== 3 ==
Aulus Didius Gallus Fabricius ? (of Heimdall, (Othinn Magnus), Veiento, Aula)
birth: Marseilles en Provence in South France
occupation: Imperial Delator (informer/spy) stationed in Germania
other: Author of Codicilli, mock wills which libelled priests and senators
occupation: Priest of Nematona (Celtic Diety), 'Goddess of the Sacred Grove' This mode of worship was key to the Druidic cults. Central to these cults was the reverence held for Twin Dieties There is a temple to Nemeton near Aqui Sulis at Bath
occupation: Sodalis Atticae (Greek Temple)
occupation: (Sodalis Titialis ) Priest of Apollo
other: 62, Impeached while serving as Preator
death: about 80
Aulus Gallus (Geatus)
birth: 65
death: 155, Tara Dania, Sea of Azov, Swithiod
Claudia Rufina
birth: after 50
physical description: Red Hair
marriage: Aula Caesius Nasicus (Pudens)
Aula Caesius Nasicus (Pudens)
birth: about 35
marriage: Claudia Rufina
other: 56, Commanded the Spanish Legion VIIII Hispana in Britain
Godwulf Geatweol (King Gylfi)
birth: 80, Asfard, Sea of Azov, Swithiod
death: 163
Quintus Petilius Cerialis Caesius Rufus Caesere
other: Commander of the XIIII Gemina, stationed in the difficult province of Germania Inferior.
other: 69, As a relative of Vespasian, Cerialis was made a hostage by Vitellius during 69
occupation: 71, Governor of Britain
Audenius Aula (Gellus, Angoulus)
birth: about 95, Brittania Minorus
residence: Athens (Greece)
residence: Dacia

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