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The lineage Aula is a Getae tribal clan with origins in the region of Dacia. Their ancestral line migrated south into the Caucusus from the Baltic regions of Scandinavia. Many of their decendents maintained ties and returned to Scandinavia. As Feoderati tribe of Rome, the Dacians were soon spread to other areas such as Britania and the Iberian Peninsula where they served in the Imperial Armies. They took with them the names of their homeland wherever they settled. Consequently there is a Dacia Anciens which became the homeland of the Gepidae (a mix of Sarmatian and Gothic peoples) and Novus Dacia in Southern France/Spain near the Langedoc. The town of Avallon in France was settled by emigrees from Dacia. Avallus (Avfallach) the legendary king of the Fae and Sidhe was the son of the Priest Kings of Dacia.

The surname Aula (Aulus) means "I am seeing" and indicates one of the enlightened from the Priest/King lineage of Dacia.

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Lineage "Aula" contains 22 people

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  1. Audenius Aula (Gellus, Angoulus) b. about 95
  2. Aula Caesius Nasicus (Pudens) b. about 35
  3. Aulus Plautius (Pileatus) (Victor) b. -1
  4. Aulus Gallus (Geatus) b. 65 d. 155
  5. Aulus Gabinius (Trinius Atra)
  6. * Aulus Didius Gallus ? (Auden)
  7. Aulus Didius Gallus Fabricius ? (of Heimdall, (Othinn Magnus), Veiento, Aula) d. about 80
  8. * w Gefjun Aula Veienti (the Frisian)
  9. Godwulf Geatweol (King Gylfi) b. 80 d. 163
  10. w Plautia Urgulanilla (Aula)
  11. Quintus Petilius Cerialis Caesius Rufus Caesere
  12. Rig-Jarl Rigsson (Heimdahl)
  13. Rig-Karl Afisson (Heimdall, Alusson)
  14. Rig-Thrael Aisson (Heimdall, Alusson)
  15. Titus (Taetman) Caesius (of Anglia)
  16. Yterman
  17. Балдер
  18. Бедвиг
  19. Бронд
  20. Geremond
  21. Фрейдигар
  22. Хвала

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