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Rurik Lachyn (Ulafsson) b. before 850 d. 879

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Lineage Rurikid
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Rurik Lachyn
Other last names Ulafsson
Other given names Рюрик
Wiki-page wikipedia:Rurik


before 850 birth: Birka, Malaren, Roselagen

child birth: Ephanda Ruriksdotter [Rurikid]

879 death: Holmgaard, Novgorod (Nova-Gurdjarod)

about 887 child birth: Igor (Ingvar) Lachini (of Kiev) [Rurikid] b. about 887 d. 945

[edit] Sources

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  6. - Internecine conflict splits Bulgarian possessions into Bulgarian and Rus fractions. Rus under Lachyn (Rurik) separates from Bulgarian possessions. Rus establishes a separate dynastic line of the clan Dulo.
  7. -
  8. - Location of Birka, Malaren, Sweden
  9. - Location of Novgorod (Called by the Varangian Rus as Holmgaard, Old Norse term Nýgarðr, or the Old High German term Naugard, and by the Slavs as (Nova-Gurdjarod, Rurikovo Gorodische, Veliky Novgorod) The Varangian name of the city Holmgård/Holmgard (Holmgarðr or Holmgarðir) is mentioned in Norse Sagas as existing as the stronghold southeast of the present-day city, Rurikovo Gorodische (named in comparatively modern times after the Varangian chieftain Rurik, who supposedly made it his "capital" around 860).

From grandparents to grandchildren

== 1 ==
Rurik Lachyn (Ulafsson)
birth: before 850, Birka, Malaren, Roselagen
death: 879, Holmgaard, Novgorod (Nova-Gurdjarod)
== 1 ==
Olga of Kiev -
birth: 903
marriage: Igor (Ingvar) Lachini (of Kiev)
title: from 945 - 957, Grand Prince of Kiev
death: 11 July 969
burial: after 12 July 969, Vyshhorod
Igor (Ingvar) Lachini (of Kiev)
birth: about 887
marriage: Olga of Kiev -
title: from 912 - 945, Grand Duke of Kiev
death: 945, near Iskorosten
Oleg (Yolyg) Salahbi
birth: about 850
marriage: Ephanda Ruriksdotter
residence: between 862 and 864, Ladoga
title: from 879 - 912, Князь Новгородський
title: from 882 - 912, Великий князь Київський
death: between 912 and 922
birth: about 944, Kiev, Ukraine
marriage: Sviatoslav
death: about 1002
birth: 942
title: Кіеў, Великий князь Киевский
marriage: Malusha
title: 964, Prince of Novgorod
death: March 972
Олег Олегович
title: "Последний король Моравии"
title: from 940 - 949, Князь Моравии

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