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Regnier III de Hainault b. 920 d. between 971 and 997

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Lineage Hainaut
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Regnier III de Hainault

Reginar II von Hennegau [Hennegau] b. estimated 880 d. after 932

Alice de Bourgogne [Bivinid] d. after 920

Wiki-page wikipedia:Reginar_III,_Count_of_Hainaut


920 birth:

marriage: Adela (Adelbreda) de3 Eguisheim [Etichonid] b. 930 d. 961

after 947 child birth: Regnier IV de Hainault [Hainaut] b. after 947 d. 1013

about 950 child birth: Lambert I met de Baard (van Louvain) [Hainaut] b. about 950 d. 12 September 1015

between 971 and 997 death:


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[edit] Sources

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From grandparents to grandchildren

Richwin van Verdun
birth: about 849
marriage: Kunegonde
death: 923
Régnier Ier de Hainaut (dit : Régnier au Long Col)
birth: about 850, Francie
marriage: Alberada van Lotharingen
death: between 25 August 915 and 19 January 916, Meerssen
Richilde d'Ardennes - (Richilde de Provence)
birth: 845
marriage: Карл II Лысый , Aix-la-Chapelle, {{Anselme Caille|Edition=3|Tome=1|Permalien=|Page=34}}
title: 22 June 870, Reine des Francs
title: 25 December 875, Impératrice d'Occident,
other: about August 877, Tortone, Lombardie, Sacrée Impératrice d'Occident par le pape Jean VIII {{Anselme Caille|Edition=3|Tome=1|Permalien=|Page=34}}
death: 2 June 910
Boson V ? (de Provence, Bivinide)
birth: 844
title: Roi de Bourgogne Cisjurane
marriage: Irmgard der Karolingen
death: 10 January 887, Vienne (Isère)
burial: Vienne (Isère), Cathédrale Saint-Maurice de Vienne
Richard d'Autun (Justicier)
birth: about 855
title: from 880 - 921, Herzog von Burgund
marriage: Adelaide Guelph (d'Auxerre)
death: 1 September 921
Rudolf II of Haute-Burgogne
birth: 880
title: 25 October 912, King of Haute-Bourgogne
marriage: w Berthe de Souabe
title: 922, King of Italy
title: 933
death: 937
burial: Saint-Maurice (Switzerland), Saint-Maurice d'Agaune
Gislebert de Lotharingie
birth: between 885 and 900
title: between 925 and 939, Duc de Lotharingie
marriage: Gerberga of Saxony
death: 2 October 939, Andernach, noyé dans le Rhin, pendant la bataille d'Andernach
Nn van de Maasgau
birth: estimated 890
marriage: w Berengar van Namen
death: 952
Reginar II von Hennegau
birth: estimated 880
death: after 932
Rudolf van Metz
birth: about 890
marriage: Emma Capet
title: from 1 September 921 - 13 July 923, Герцог Бургундии
other: 15 June 923, Élu régent et administrateur de la couronne de france, pendant la prison de [[Personne:8642|Charles]] le Simple
title: from 13 July 923 - 15 January 936, Король Западно-Франкского королевства, 9-й, под именем Рауль I
other: 13 July 923, Soissons (02), Sacré et couronné roi en l'abbaye de Saint-Medard-les-Soissons, par Seulfe, archevêque de Reims (ou par Abbon, Archevêque de Soissons)
death: 15 January 936, Auxerre
Hugh d'Autun
title: Comte Mâcon
title: Comte d'Autun
title: from 923 - 952, Duc de Bourgogne
title: from 936 - 952, Marquis de Provence
death: 952
Alice de Bourgogne
death: after 920
== 3 ==
Nn van Henegouwen
birth: estimated 920
== 3 ==
Lambert I met de Baard (van Louvain)
birth: about 950
marriage: Gerberga van Neder-Lotharingen
death: 12 September 1015, Florennes
burial: Nivelles
Edith Capet (Gennegau, Hainaut, Dagsburg)
birth: about 974
marriage: Hugo Iii. von Dachsburg
marriage: Regnier IV de Hainault
title: 996, Princess
title: 998, Comtesse de Mons
death: after 1013
Eustache Ier de Boulogne
birth: after 1010
marriage: Mathilde van Louvain
title: from 1033 - 1049, Comte de Boulogne
death: 1047, Samer
burial: 1047, Samer
Ода Вердунская
birth: 990
marriage: Lambert II van Louvain
death: after 1054
burial: Nivelles
Lambert II van Louvain
birth: 992, alternatief 995
children count: au moins 3
marriage: Ода Вердунская
title: from 1040 - 1054, Graaf van Leuven
title: from 1040 - 1054, Comte de Bruxelles
death: 19 June 1054, Nivelles, alternatief 1054 Doornik
burial: Nivelles, abbey
Ebles 1er de Roucy
birth: 988
title: 1000, comte de Roucy
divorce: Beatrix van Henegouwen
marriage: Beatrix van Henegouwen
religion: from 1021 - 1033, Reims (51), Archevêque de Reims
death: 11 March 1033, Reims (51)
Regnier V de Hainault
birth: about 995
death: after 1039
Hendrik I van Leuven
birth: 994
death: 1038

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