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Malcom Mac Madadh b. about 1126 d. before August 1198

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Lineage MacMadadh
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Malcom Mac Madadh

Margaret Haakonsdatter (Haronsdottir) [Haakonsdatter] b. about 1108

Madadh Mac Maelmore [MacMaelmore] b. about 1089

Reference numbers GEDCOM::gdecourcy.ged::INDI @I027523@::Hailey C. Shannon


about 1126 birth:

marriage: Hextilda Verch Unknown [Tynedale] b. about 1150

before August 1198 death:


Source: Garland Elizabeth Corse DeCourcy's database

Date of Import: Apr 21, 2005

[edit] Sources

  1. HenryEckardsAncestry2803654.ged -

From grandparents to grandchildren

Haakon Poulsson (Paulsson, of Orkney)
birth: about 1075, Orkney Islands, Scotland
marriage: Helga Moddansdottir
death: 1126, Orkney Islands, Scotland
Malcolm III of Scotland (Canmore)
birth: 26 March 1031, Atholl, Scotland
marriage: Margaret of Wessex (of Scotland) , Dunfermline, Dunfermline Abbey
death: 13 November 1093, Alnwick, England
burial: Tynemouth, Tynemouth Priory
Donald III Bane
birth: about 1033
title: from 1093 - 1097, King of Scots
death: 1099
Harald Haronsson Or Orkney
birth: about 1100
death: Y
== 3 ==
Bethoc Mac Madadh
birth: about 1132
Margaret Mac Madadh
birth: about 1136
Christina Mac Madadh
birth: about 1128
Malcom Mac Madadh
birth: about 1126
marriage: Hextilda Verch Unknown
death: before August 1198
== 3 ==

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