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Margaret of Wessex (of Scotland) b. about 1045 d. 16 November 1093

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Lineage Atheling
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Margaret of Wessex
Other last names of Scotland
Other given names St Margaret

Agatha (Algithe) ? (Von Brunswick of Hungary) [?] b. before 1030 d. after 1070

Edward Aetheling ("The Exile") [Atheling] b. 1016 d. 19 April 1057

Wiki-page wikipedia:Saint Margaret of Scotland


about 1045 birth: Budapest, Hungary

child birth: Mary Canmore (Dunkeld) [Dunkeld]

child birth: Edmund Dunkeld [Dunkeld]

1070 marriage: Dunfermline, Dunfermline Abbey, Malcolm III of Scotland (Canmore) [Dunkeld] b. 26 March 1031 d. 13 November 1093

1074 child birth: Edgar Canmore [Dunkeld] b. 1074 d. 8 January 1107

1078 child birth: w Alexander I Dunkeld (of Scotland) [Dunkeld] b. 1078 d. 23 April 1124

estimated 1080 child birth: Maria van Schotland [Dunkeld] b. estimated 1080 d. 31 May 1116

1080 child birth: Dunfermline, Scotland, Edith Canmore (of Scotland) [Dunkeld] b. 1080 d. 1 May 1118

1084 child birth: Edinburgh (Scotland), Mid, Lothian, , w David I of Scotland (Caenmor, Canmore) [Dunkeld] b. 1084 d. 24 May 1153

16 November 1093 death: Edinburgh (Scotland), Edinburgh Castle

burial: Dunfermline, Dunfermline Abbey


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It was he who was granted a crest to his coat of arms by Richard St. George, Norroy King of Arms, in 1612. And it was to him that Humphrey Lowndes, stationer of the City of London, and son of Hugh Lowndes, had left his gold ring. He married Alice Rode, daughter of Randle Rode who, according to a pedigree produced for Robert Lowndes by the College of Arms in 1810, traced her descent from the Lady Margaret, commonly called St. Margaret, the last heir of the ancient Saxon kings of, England, and great-grandmother of King Henry 11. The family of Rode was ancient and well respected, and had long been prominent in Cheshire's history, John Lowndes must certainly have been considered to have made a good match. And if Alice's descent from the Lady Margaret is correct, the members of the family who stemmed from these two could legitamately claim to have royal blood in their veins.

From grandparents to grandchildren

Vysheslav ?
birth: about 977
christening: 988
title: from 989 - 1010, Prince of Novgorod
death: after 1010, Novgorod
Izyaslav Volodimirovich
birth: from 978 - 979
title: from 987 -, Prince Izyaslav
christening: 988
title: from 989 - 1001, Prince of Polotsk
death: 1001, Polotsk
birth: between 983 and 984
title: from 987 - 995, Prince Vladimir-Volynsky
death: before 1013
Mstislaw von Tschernigow
birth: about 983, Kiew
marriage: Anastasia
title: from 990 - 1036, Тмутаракань, Князь Тмутараканский
title: from 1024 - 1036, Чернигов, Князь Черниговский
death: 1036, Чернигов
birth: about 982, Kiew
title: from 988 - 1015, Князь Древлянский
death: 1015, Карпаты
birth: about 986, Kiew
title: from 1010 - 1015, Rostow, Залесская земля, Князь Ростовский
death: 6 August 1015, Киевская земля
birth: about 987
title: from 1013 - 1015, Князь Муромский
death: 22 September 1015
Станіслав Володимирович Рюриківський
birth: between 984 and 987
title: from 988 - 1015, Князь Смоленский
death: about 1015
Позвизд Владимирович
birth: before 988
title: княжич
Судислав Владимирович Рюрикович
birth: Киев, Великое княжество Русское
title: from 1014 - 1036, Псков, Великое княжество Русское, Князь Псковский
death: 1063, Псков, Великое княжество Русское
Святополк Владимирович Окаянный
birth: about 979, Киев, Великое княжество Русское
title: from 988 - 1016, Князь Туровский
title: 1015, Киев, Великое княжество Русское, Великий князь Киевский
title: from 1017 - 1019, Киев, Великое княжество Русское, Великий князь Киевский
death: 1019, Великое княжество Русское
marriage: Yaroslav I Vladimirovich
death: between 1018 and 1019
Yaroslav I Vladimirovich
birth: about 978, Kievan Rus
title: Киев, Великий князь Киевский
marriage: Anna
marriage: Ingrid Olofsdotter
death: 20 February 1054, Kiev, Kievan Rus
burial: Kiev, Kievan Rus, [[wk:en:Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kiev|Saint Sophia Cathedral]]
Astrid Olofsdotter
birth: estimated 1010
marriage: Olaf Haraldsson (Norway)
death: 1035
birth: 1001
Anund Jakob ? (Kolbrenner, Olofsson, Skioldung)
birth: about 25 July 1008
death: 1050
Emund van Zweden
birth: estimated 1000
death: 1060
Ingrid Olofsdotter
birth: 1001, Sigtuna, Sweden
marriage: Yaroslav I Vladimirovich
death: 10 February 1050
burial: after 10 February 1050, Veliky Novgorod, Saint Sophia Cathedral
Sarolta Arpad
birth: 997
marriage: Csaba
death: 1053
Maria of Hungary
birth: 982, Esztergom, Hungary
marriage: Otto Orseolo
Stephen I of Hungary
birth: 969, Esztergom, Hungary
marriage: Gisela Liudolf (von Bavaria)
title: from 997 - 1000, Grand Prince of the Magyars
title: from 1000 - 1038, King of Hungary
death: 15 August 1038, Esztergom, Hungary
burial: Székesfehérvár, Hungary, (Stuhlweissenburg)
Henri II ? (Holy Roman Emperor)
birth: between 6 May 973 and 978
marriage: Cunegonde de Luxembourg
title: 1002, Römisch-deutscher König
burial: 1024, Bamberg, Allemagne
death: 13 July 1024, Göttingen, Allemagne
Gisela Liudolf (von Bavaria)
birth: about 985, Bavaria, Germany
marriage: Stephen I of Hungary
death: 7 May 1060
Ældgifu (Godifu) of Wessex
birth: 1002
death: 1057
Edward III of Wessex ("The Confessor")
birth: about 1004
marriage: w Edith von Wessex
title: from 8 June 1042 - 5 January 1066, King of England
death: 5 January 1066
Edmund II Atheling ("Ironside", Wessex)
birth: about 981, Wessex, England
marriage: Ealdgyth ? (Morcarsdotter)
death: 30 November 1016, London, England, Murdered by supporters of Canute the Great
burial: Glastonbury (England), Glastonbury Abbey
Svyatoslav II Yaroslavich
birth: 1027
title: between 1054 and 1073, Prince of Chernigov
marriage: Oda Leopoldovna
title: from 22 March 1073 - 27 December 1076, Grand Prince of Kyiv
death: 27 December 1076
Isjaslaw I Jaroslawitsch von Kiew
birth: 1024, Weliki Nowgorod, Kiewer Rus
marriage: Гертруда Мешковна Пяст
death: 3 October 1078, Nezhatinaia Niva, погиб в битве на Нежатиной Ниве
burial: Kiew, kerk van de Heilige Maagd
Вячеслав Ярославич
birth: 1036, Kiew
death: 1057
Всеволод Андрій Ярославич
birth: 1030
marriage: Anna Monomach
title: from 1054 - 1073, Переяславль-Южный, Киевская Русь, Князь Переяславський
marriage: Анна Половецкая Читеевич
title: from 1073 - 1078, Князь Чернігівський
title: from 1 January 1077 - July 1077, Великий Князь Київський
title: from October 1078 - 13 April 1093, Великий Князь Київський
death: 13 April 1093
burial: 14 April 1093, St Sofia, Kiev, Софийский собор
Игорь Ярославич
birth: 1036, Великий Новгород
death: 1060, Смоленск
Elizabeth Yaroslavna
birth: 1032
marriage: Harald Sigurdsson (Hardrada) , Møre og Romsdal, Norway
death: 1076
Anna Yaroslavna Rurikid
birth: about 1024, Kiev, Kievan Rus'
marriage: Henry I Capet , Reims
title: from 19 May 1051 - 4 August 1060, Reims, Quueen of France
title: 1061, Comtess of Valois
marriage: Raoul IV de Crepy
title: 1063, Comtess od Vexin and Amiens
death: between 1075 and 1079, France
Anastasia Yaroslavna
birth: about 1023
marriage: Andrew I of Hungary
death: between 1074 and 1096
burial: Штирия, Stift Admont
Vladimir Yaroslavski
birth: 1020
title: from 1034 - 1052, Князь Новгородский
death: 4 October 1052
Илья Ярославич
birth: before 1018, Киев, Великое княжество Русское
marriage: w Estrid Sweynsdotter (Knytling)
title: from August 1018 - 1019, Великий Новгород, Великое княжество Русское, Князь Новгородский
death: between 1019 and 1020, Великий Новгород, Великое княжество Русское
Agatha (Algithe) ? (Von Brunswick of Hungary)
birth: before 1030, Braunschweig, Prussia
marriage: Edward Aetheling ("The Exile")
death: after 1070
Edward Aetheling ("The Exile")
birth: 1016, Wessex, England
marriage: Agatha (Algithe) ? (Von Brunswick of Hungary)
death: 19 April 1057, London, England
burial: London, St Paul's
== 3 ==
Edgar Aetheling ("The Outlaw")
birth: about 1051
title: from 15 October 1066 - 10 December 1066, King of England
death: about 1126
Malcolm III of Scotland (Canmore)
birth: 26 March 1031, Atholl, Scotland
marriage: Margaret of Wessex (of Scotland) , Dunfermline, Dunfermline Abbey
death: 13 November 1093, Alnwick, England
burial: Tynemouth, Tynemouth Priory
Margaret of Wessex (of Scotland)
birth: about 1045, Budapest, Hungary
marriage: Malcolm III of Scotland (Canmore) , Dunfermline, Dunfermline Abbey
death: 16 November 1093, Edinburgh (Scotland), Edinburgh Castle
burial: Dunfermline, Dunfermline Abbey
== 3 ==
Duncan II of Scotland ? (Donnchad mac Maíl Coluim)
birth: before 1060
marriage: Athelreda of Dunbar ? (Dunbar)
title: 1094, King of Alba
death: 12 November 1094
Eustache III van Boulogne
birth: about 1058
marriage: Maria van Schotland
death: after 1125, Rumilly
ordination: 1125, Rumilly (62)
Maria van Schotland
birth: estimated 1080
marriage: Eustache III van Boulogne
death: 31 May 1116
burial: priorij Bermondsey
Henry I of England (Beauclerc)
birth: 1068, Selby (England), Yorkshire (England)
children count: 9 fils et de 12 à 15 filles selon les sources.
title: from 2 August 1100 - 1135, Roi d'Angleterre, New Forest
marriage: Edith Canmore (of Scotland) , Westminster (England)
title: from 1105 - 1135, Tinchebray, Duc de Normandie
marriage: Adeliza Brabant
death: 1 December 1135, Lyons-la-Forêt, France, then called : Saint-Denis-en-Lyons
burial: 4 January 1136, Reading (Berkshire), England
Edith Canmore (of Scotland)
birth: 1080, Dunfermline, Scotland
marriage: Henry I of England (Beauclerc) , Westminster (England)
title: 11 November 1100, Queen Consort of England
title: 15 October 1106, Tinchebray, Duchesse de Normandie
death: 1 May 1118, London, England, Westminster Palace
burial: Westminster Abbey or Winchester
Matilda FitzWaltheof (of Northumberland)
birth: between 1071 and 1074
title: comtesse d'Huntingdon
marriage: w David I of Scotland (Caenmor, Canmore)
death: 23 April 1130, Scone (Perth and Kinross)
David I of Scotland (Caenmor, Canmore)
birth: 1084, Edinburgh (Scotland), Mid, Lothian,
marriage: Matilda FitzWaltheof (of Northumberland)
death: 24 May 1153, Carlisle (Cumbria), England, then in Cumberland
burial: Dunfermline, Scotland, Dunfermline Abbey
Edgar Canmore
birth: 1074
death: 8 January 1107
Alexander I Dunkeld (of Scotland)
birth: 1078
marriage: Sybilla Norman
title: from 8 January 1107 - 23 April 1124, король Шотландии
death: 23 April 1124
Edmund Dunkeld
title: Prince of Cumbria
Robert, 1st Earl of Gloucester -
birth: about 1090, Caen
marriage: w Mabel ? (Lady Gloucester)
title: from 1122 - 31 October 1147, Earl Gloucester, 1st
death: 31 October 1147
Reginald de Dunstanville
birth: about 1110, Dénestanville, Normandy, England
title: comte de Cornouailles
marriage: Mabel FitzRichard (Buckenhall)
death: 1 July 1175, Chertsey (Surrey), England
Henry FitzRoy
death: 1158
Sybilla Norman
birth: 1092
children count: pas de descendance.
marriage: Alexander I Dunkeld (of Scotland)
death: 12 July 1122
Robert FitzEdith (Lord Okehampton)
marriage: Maud d’Avranches du Sap (de Abrincis) , [[wk:fr:Henri Ier Beauclerc#Avec Edith FitzForne|Wikipédia]]
Matilda von Anjou
birth: 1106
title: 1119, Princesse héritière d'Angleterre
marriage: William Atheling
title: 1149, Fontevraud-l'Abbaye (49), Dame Abbesse
death: 31 May 1155
William Atheling
birth: 5 August 1103
title: 5 August 1103, hertog van Normandie
marriage: Matilda von Anjou
death: 25 November 1120
Geoffrey V of Anjou (First of the House Plantagenet)
birth: 24 August 1113, Anjou, France
other: Onbekende Voornamen/maîtresse Nr.2 Onbekende Afkomst
other: Onbekende Voornamen/maîtresse Nr.3 Onbekende Afkomst
marriage: Mathilde FitzHenry (Norman) , Le Mans
title: 17 June 1128, Count of Anjou
title: 7 April 1141, Lincoln (England), Duc de Normandie
death: 7 September 1151, Château-du-Loir, France
Heinrich V
birth: 11 August 1086
religion: christianisme
title: 1106, Römisch-deutscher König
title: 13 April 1111, Römisch-deutscher Kaiser
marriage: Mathilde FitzHenry (Norman) , Worms (Germany)
death: 23 May 1125, Utrecht, Niederlande
burial: Speyerer Dom
Mathilde FitzHenry (Norman)
birth: 7 February 1102, London, England
marriage: Heinrich V , Worms (Germany)
title: 25 November 1120, Barfleur, Princesse héritière d'Angleterre
title: 17 June 1128, Rouen, Seine-Maritime, France, Notre Dame
marriage: Geoffrey V of Anjou (First of the House Plantagenet) , Le Mans
title: 1141, Lincoln (England), Duchesse de Normandie
death: 10 September 1167, Rouen
Stephen of Blois
birth: about 1092
marriage: Mathilde de Boulogne
title: from 1125 - 1151, Faversham
title: from 1 December 1135 - 1141, Roi des anglais
death: 25 October 1154, Dover (Kent)
Mathilde de Boulogne
birth: 1103, Boulogne-sur-Mer (62)
title: 1122, Comtesse de Mortain
marriage: Stephen of Blois
title: 1125, Gräfin von Boulogne
title: 1 December 1135, Lyons-la-Forêt (27), Reine d'Angleterre
death: 3 May 1152
Ada de Warenne
birth: estimated 1123, Surrey (England)
marriage: Henry Huntingdon Dunkeld (of Scotland)
death: 1178, England, Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire
Henry Huntingdon Dunkeld (of Scotland)
birth: 1114, England, Huntington, Northumberland, England
marriage: Ada de Warenne
death: 12 June 1152, Kelso (Scottish Borders), Scotland, in Roxburgh, Ettrick and Lauderdale
Cailen "Maol Math" (bald Good) Campbell
marriage: Eaill Dunkeld
death: 1110, Dunstaffnage, Oban, Kilmore, Argyllshire, Scotland

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