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Варфоломей ? (Лесли) b. before 1067

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Lineage ?
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Варфоломей ?
Other last names Лесли


before 1067 birth:

marriage: Беатриса Шотландская Дункельд [Дункельды]


Род дворян Лесли имел многочисленные имения на Смоленщине, в том числе и на Духовщинской земле. Но родовые корни этого рода нисходят в далекую Шотландию, где родоначальником всех шотландских Лесли считается рыцарь Варфоломей, прибывший в Шотландию в 1067 году в свите венгерской принцессы Маргариты, супруги шотландского короля Малькольма III. Храбрый рыцарь был избран в мужья принцессой Беатрисой, родной сестрой шотландского короля и с тех пор, род Лесли, обосновавшись в Шотландии, занял видное место в кругах высшей аристократии.

The family name comes from the Leslie lands of Aberdeenshire and was to become famous in Germany, Poland, France and Russia. According to tradition, a Hungarian (or more likely by onomastics and typical of the times as well as later Leslie history, a Kievan of Varangian origins) nobleman, named Bartholomew arrived in the retinue of Agatha, wife of Edward the Exile. Bartholomew became Chamberlain to Saint Margaret of Scotland. Bartholomew later married Malcolm III sister, Princess Beatrix of Scotland. His brother inlaw Malcolm III made him Governor of Edinburgh Castle.No trace can be found in the Ragman Rolls of any members of the Leslie family-despite their strong connection to a number of claimants to the Scots crown.We can only surmise that they viewed the slaughter by Edward I at Berwick upon Tweed with disdain. The family sided with Robert the Bruce against firstly The Comyn in the Buchan and secondly Edward I and as a result were awarded large tracts of Aberdeenshire. They fought at the Battle of Bannockburn.

Sir Andrew de Lesly was one of the signatories when a letter, the Declaration of Arbroath, was sent to the Pope in 1320 asserting Scotland's independence.The first Leslie in Aberdeenshire was Alexander who was Constable of The Bass in Inverurie on behalf of the kings brother.His son Walter died at the Battle of Harlaw in 1411 together with six of his cousins from Balquhain.

There is a story that links the Leslie family to the "Holy Rood" (a piece of the cross of Christ.On a website speaking on the topic of the Knights Templar the Leslie Clan rode with Knights Templar in the times of Sinclair involvement with the Knights Templar.

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