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Edward Mortimer b. 1261 d. 17 September 1304

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Lineage Mortimer
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Edward Mortimer

Roger de Mortimer [Mortimer] b. 14 May 1231 d. 27 October 1282

Maude de Braose [Bruce]


1261 birth: Wigmore (Herefordshire), Herefordshire, England

child birth: Isolda FitzEdward (Mortimer) [Mortimer]

title: 7th Baron Wigmore

17 September 1304 death:


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Joan Mortimer
birth: Wigmore (Herefordshire), Herefordshire, England
Ralph De Mortimer
birth: 1190, Wigmore (Herefordshire), England
marriage: Gwladys Ferch Llewelyn (Ddu ("The Dark"), Mortimer) , England
death: 6 August 1246, Wigmore (Herefordshire), England
burial: Wigmore (Herefordshire), England
Daffyd ap Llywelyn (de Gwynedd)
birth: 1215
death: 1246
Gwladys Ferch Llewelyn (Ddu ("The Dark"), Mortimer)
birth: about 1194, Caernarfonshire, Wales
title: Princess of Wales
marriage: Ralph De Mortimer , England
death: about 1251, Windsor (Berkshire), England
William FitzReynold (de Braose)
birth: 1204
marriage: Eve Marshal
death: 2 May 1230, Pembroke (Pembrokeshire)
Isabel Marshall van Pembroke
birth: 9 October 1200, Pembroke (Pembrokeshire), Wales, Pembroke Castle
marriage: Gilbert FitzRichard (de Clare)
death: 17 January 1240, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, England, Berkhamstead Castle
William Marshall
birth: 1210
marriage: Eleonore Plantagenet
death: 24 April 1231
Maude Marshall
birth: 1192, Pembroke (Pembrokeshire), Wales
marriage: Hugh Bigod
marriage: w William de Warrenne FitzHameline
death: 27 March 1248, Tintern, Monmouthshire, England, Tintern Abbey, Chapel Hill
Joane Marshall
birth: Pembroke (Pembrokeshire), Wales
marriage: Warine FitzHugh (de Munchensi)
Isolda De Mortimer
birth: about 1239, Wigmore (Kent), England
John De Mortimer
birth: about 1235, Wigmore (Herefordshire), England
Roger de Mortimer
birth: 14 May 1231, Radnorshire, Wales, Cwmaron Castle
death: 27 October 1282, Kingsland (Herefordshire), England
Eve FitzWilliam (Brouze)
birth: before 1230
marriage: William de St.Maur
birth: between 20 July 1255 and 28 July 1255
Isabella Braose
birth: 1222
== 3 ==
Edmund Mortimer (2nd Baron Mortimer)
birth: 1251
death: 17 July 1304
Edward Mortimer
birth: 1261, Wigmore (Herefordshire), Herefordshire, England
title: 7th Baron Wigmore
death: 17 September 1304
== 3 ==
Roger Mortimer (1st Earl of March)
birth: 25 April 1287
death: 29 November 1330
Isolda FitzEdward (Mortimer)
birth: Wigmore (Herefordshire), Herefordshire, England

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