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Maude Marshall b. 1192 d. 27 March 1248

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Lineage Marshall
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Maude Marshall

w Isabel FitzRichard (Clare) [Clare] d. 8 June 1220

William FitzJohn (Marshall) [Marshall] d. 14 May 1249


1192 birth: Pembroke (Pembrokeshire), Wales

child birth: John FitzWilliam (Warren) [Warren]

child birth: Ralph FitzHugh (Bigod) [Bigod]

marriage: Hugh Bigod [Bigod] b. 1186 d. 18 February 1225

1222 child birth: Thetford (Norfolk), England, Isabella FitzRalph (Bigod) [Bigod] b. 1222

13 October 1225 marriage: w William de Warrenne FitzHameline [Warren] b. 1166 d. 1240

27 March 1248 death: Tintern, Monmouthshire, England, Tintern Abbey, Chapel Hill


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Richard FitzGilbert (Strongbow)
birth: estimated, Tonbridge, Kent (England)
title: 2nd Earl Pembroke
title: 3rd Earl Buckingham
death: 20 April 1176, Dublin (Ireland)
Eva MacMurrough (O'Toole)
birth: 1135, Leinster (Ireland)
death: 1177
John FitzGilbert (Marshall)
death: 29 September 1165
Sybil Devereaux
birth: Salisbury (England)
death: 1172
Isabel FitzRichard (Clare)
birth: Pembroke (Pembrokeshire), Wales
marriage: William FitzJohn (Marshall)
death: 8 June 1220
== 3 ==
Isabel Marshall van Pembroke
birth: 9 October 1200, Pembroke (Pembrokeshire), Wales, Pembroke Castle
marriage: Gilbert FitzRichard (de Clare)
death: 17 January 1240, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, England, Berkhamstead Castle
William Marshall
birth: 1210
marriage: Eleonore Plantagenet
death: 24 April 1231
Joane Marshall
birth: Pembroke (Pembrokeshire), Wales
marriage: Warine FitzHugh (de Munchensi)
Hugh Bigod
birth: 1186, Thetford (Norfolk), England
marriage: Maude Marshall
title: from 1221 - 18 February 1225, граф Норфолк, 3-й
death: 18 February 1225, Thetford (Norfolk), England
William de Warrenne FitzHameline
birth: 1166
title: Earl of Surrey, 6th
marriage: Maude Marshall
death: 1240
Maude Marshall
birth: 1192, Pembroke (Pembrokeshire), Wales
marriage: Hugh Bigod
marriage: William de Warrenne FitzHameline
death: 27 March 1248, Tintern, Monmouthshire, England, Tintern Abbey, Chapel Hill
== 3 ==
Hugh Bigod
birth: about 1220
marriage: w Joan de Stuteville
death: before 7 November 1266
John FitzGeoffrey
birth: 1215, Shere, Surrey, Kingdom of England
death: 23 November 1258, Farmbridge, Essex, Kingdom of England
Isabella FitzRalph (Bigod)
birth: 1222, Thetford (Norfolk), England
birth: 1239, Ewyas Lacy, Herefordshire, England, Trim Weobley
marriage: Giselbert van Lacy
Geoffrey Geneville ((Lord Trim))
birth: about 1225
title: seigneur de Vaucouleurs
title: Baron de Trim
title: Baron de Geneville
marriage: Mathilde de Lacy (Pontefract)
death: 21 October 1314
burial: Trim (Comté de Meath)
Maud FitzJohn
birth: 1238, Shere, Surrey (England)
marriage: w William de Beauchamp
death: 18 April 1301, Worcester (England), Greyfriars (Worcester)
Walter de Burgh
birth: 1230, Connacht, Ireland
marriage: Aveline FitzJohn (Lutegareshale)
death: 28 July 1271, Galway, Ireland, Castle
Aveline FitzJohn (Lutegareshale)
birth: 1230, England, Shere, Surrey, England
title: of Essex
marriage: Walter de Burgh
death: 20 May 1274
burial: Dunmow Priory, Eire
Joanna FitzRobert (de Vere)
birth: Oxford (England)
marriage: William de Warenne
death: 21 November 1293
William de Warenne
birth: 1256, England
marriage: Joanna FitzRobert (de Vere)
death: 9 December 1286, England

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