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Mabel Talvace (d'Alencon) b. estimated 1030 d. 2 December 1079

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Lineage Corbonaise
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Mabel Talvace
Other last names d'Alencon

William I Talvas (de Belesme) [Corbonaise] b. estimated 995 d. after 1050

Hildeberg de Chev [Chev] b. estimated 1005


estimated 1030 birth: Alençon

child birth: Robert II de Bellême [Montgomery]

child birth: Robert II de Bellême [Montgomery-Bellême] d. 1113

child birth: Sybil Montgomery [Montgomery]

estimated 1045 child birth: Montgomery (Powys), Maude de Montgomery [Montgomery] b. estimated 1045 d. about 1085

2 December 1079 death: Castle Bures

5 December 1079 burial: Troarn


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  • Castle Bures

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From grandparents to grandchildren

Hildeberg Belesme (De Creili)
birth: estimated 980
death: 27 October
William Talvas (de Belesme)
birth: estimated 970
death: 1038
Matilde ? (Conde Noireau)
birth: estimated 975
Arnold de Chev
birth: estimated 970
William I Talvas (de Belesme)
birth: estimated 995
death: after 1050
Hildeberg de Chev
birth: estimated 1005
== 3 ==
Roger de Montgomery
birth: estimated 1010, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England
death: 1094
burial: Shrewsbury, in abbey
Mabel Talvace (d'Alencon)
birth: estimated 1030, Alençon
death: 2 December 1079, Castle Bures
burial: 5 December 1079, Troarn
== 3 ==
Robert de Burgh (Le Bello Campo)
birth: 1031, Conteville (Calvados), France
title: Count de Mortain
death: 8 December 1090, Roches, France
burial: Fatouville-Grestain, Abbaye de Grestain
Maude de Montgomery
birth: estimated 1045, Montgomery (Powys)
death: about 1085
burial: Fatouville-Grestain, Grestain Abbey
Robert FitzHamon
birth: between 1045 and 1055
title: Sieur de Creully
marriage: Sybil Montgomery
death: March 1107, Falaise (Calvados)
William IV Toulouse
birth: about 1040
marriage: Emmalina Mortain
death: 1094, Huéscar
Emmalina Mortain
birth: 1040, France, Pas de Calais, Normandy
birth: 1094, France, Pas De Calais
marriage: William IV Toulouse
Елена Бургундская Капетова
birth: 1080
marriage: Гийом I де Понтье
marriage: Бертран де Сен-Жиль Триполийский Тулузский , Франковское королевство
title: June 1095, Comtesse héritière de Toulouse
title: 28 February 1105, Comtesse de Toulouse, de Rouergue, d’Agen, d’Albi, du Quercy, Marquise de Gothie, de Provence et Duchesse de Narbonne
title: 1109, Comtesse de Tripoli
death: 1142
Robert, 1st Earl of Gloucester -
birth: about 1090, Caen
marriage: w Mabel ? (Lady Gloucester)
title: from 1122 - 31 October 1147, Earl Gloucester, 1st
death: 31 October 1147

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