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Heilwich van Dagsburg b. estimated 980 d. 1046

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Lineage Dagsburg
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Heilwich van Dagsburg

Ludwig van Dagsburg [Dagsburg] b. estimated 950 d. about 1015


estimated 980 birth:

estimated 990 child birth: Hedwig [?] b. estimated 990 d. after 1035

about 992 marriage: Hugo VI van Eguisheim [Etichonen] b. estimated 970 d. 1049

estimated 995 child birth: Hildegard van Egisheim [Etichonid] b. estimated 995

estimated 1000 child birth: Hughes VII of Dagsburg [Etichonid] b. estimated 1000 d. between 1046 and 18 November 1049

21 June 1002 child birth: Eguisheim (68), Bruno d'Eguisheim-Dabo (Léon IX) [Étichonide] b. 21 June 1002 d. 19 April 1054

estimated 1010 child birth: van Egisheim [Etichonid] b. estimated 1010

estimated 1015 child birth: Gertrud [Этихониды] b. estimated 1015 d. 21 July 1077

1046 death:


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Erfdochter van Dagsburg en Eguisheim

From grandparents to grandchildren

Ludwig van Dagsburg
birth: estimated 950
death: about 1015
== 2 ==
== 2 ==
Richwin de Bar (de Scarpone)
birth: estimated 985
title: comte de Scarpone
marriage: Hildegard van Egisheim
Hughes VII of Dagsburg
birth: estimated 1000
marriage: Mathilda
death: between 1046 and 18 November 1049
Liudolf van Brunswijk-Billung
birth: estimated 1005
title: Count of Derlingau
title: Count of Godingau
title: Margrave of Frisia
title: Count of Brunswick
marriage: Gertrud
death: 23 April 1038, Italy
birth: estimated 1015
marriage: Liudolf van Brunswijk-Billung
death: 21 July 1077
Otto van Bliesgau-Deutz
birth: estimated 1000
marriage: van Egisheim
death: 7 September 1047, Tomburg
burial: Brauweiler
Eberhard V van Nellenburg
birth: estimated 980
marriage: Hedwig
death: between 1034 and 1035
burial: Laurentiuskapel te Reichenau
birth: estimated 990
marriage: Eberhard V van Nellenburg
death: after 1035
Bruno d'Eguisheim-Dabo (Léon IX)
birth: 21 June 1002, Eguisheim (68)
title: 12 February 1049, Pape de l’Église catholique
death: 19 April 1054, Rome, Latium, Italie
Sophie ? (de Bar)
birth: estimated 1020
title: comtesse de Bar
marriage: w Louis de Scarpone (de Montbéliard, de Mousson)
death: 1093
Louis de Scarpone (de Montbéliard, de Mousson)
birth: 1019
title: comte de Montbéliard
title: comte d'Altkirch
title: comte de Ferrette
marriage: Sophie ? (de Bar)
death: between 1073 and 1076
Gerard IV van Eguisheim
birth: estimated 1030
marriage: Richgardis
death: after 1074
Henry I of Egisheim
birth: estimated 1030
children count: 4
marriage: NN van Moha
death: 28 June 1063
Ita van Altdorf
birth: estimated 1025
marriage: w Eberhard VI van Nellenburg
death: about 1105, datum is 2 maart
Eberhard VI van Nellenburg
birth: estimated 1015
marriage: Ita van Altdorf
death: 26 March 1078, Schaffhausen
Egbert I van Brunswijk-Billung
birth: about 1036
marriage: Irmingard van Susa
death: 11 January 1068
Otto van Northeim
birth: about 1020
marriage: Richenza ? (van Lotharingen)
death: 11 January 1083
burial: Northeim, Nicolaaskapel
Richenza ? (van Lotharingen)
birth: estimated 1030
marriage: Otto van Northeim
death: about 1060
Henry I Capet
birth: 4 May 1008
other: 14 May 1027, Reims, Sacre
title: from 10 July 1031 - 4 August 1060, Melun, Roi de France
marriage: Матильда з Фризії
marriage: Anna Yaroslavna Rurikid , Reims
death: 4 August 1060, Vitry-aux-Loges
Матильда з Фризії
birth: 1024, Фризьке герцогство, Святе Римське царство
marriage: Henry I Capet
title: 1034, Франківське королівство, королева франків
death: 1044, Франківське королівство
Liutgard van Nellenburg
birth: estimated 1010
Ida von Elsdorf
birth: about 1020
death: after 1085

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